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French Language Schools in France:

French Language Schools in France: Poitou-Charentes
Are you looking for a place to study French intensively abroad, perhaps looking for a total immersion course with native speakers? Or maybe you want to take a vacation in France, and while enjoying the sights, learn enough French to help you get by in your explorations. We have collected here a number of French language schools of various levels of intensity in a variety of areas in France, to help you find the destination of your choice.

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Schools in Poitou-Charentes

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L'Age Baston
Enjoying France and things French makes you a 'Francophile'. If you would like to learn French or be better at speaking French (to be ''Francophone') then the courses at L'Age Baston are just what you need. This is a French and French Culture Course suitable for all levels. The activities and topics are tailored to individual needs with the emphasis on speaking, understanding and personal interaction, with more talking than writing but with a sound structure of grammar, vocabulary and listening skills. All materials provided. Groups are restricted to a maximum of 6 people. Each student gets that essential personal attention and speaking time to make progress. Our tutors are professionals who are native French speakers. The formal teaching is mainly in the morning, with a negotiated programme of afternoon activities. These include practical exercises, guided visits, getting out and about to meet & talk to people. Of course it may be that you would like to go exploring, biking or simply relax in the garden - all possible, it is your course and your holiday after all.
Location: La Rochefoucauld

Study French at CAREL in Royan, located in the heart of the green Arvert peninsula between Bordeaux and La Rochelle is well-known for its long beaches of fine sand which separate the ocean from pine forests. Improve and develop two basic skills: oral expression and aural comprehension through existing methods and CAREL documents for more vocabulary, better grammar and a good insight into the France of today.
Location: Royan

Centre Universitaire de Français Langue Etrangère (CUFLE)
Classes are run by the Centre Universitaire de Français Langue Etrangere (CUFLE), part of the Faculte des Lettres, Langues, Arts et Sciences Humaines (FLASH), close to the new library and the center of La Rochelle. CUFLE teachers are all academics and experienced in teaching French as a foreign language. They use up to date and varied pedagogical methods emphasizing the students' oral and written expression. The class size limit (a maximum of 20 students per group) allows each student to play an active role. All students must be at least 18 years old. CUFLE teachers are very attentive to the needs of their students; they follow their progress individually and help them adjust to the French university.
Location: La Rochelle

CFLE de l'Université de Poitiers
University of Poiters Centre of French as a foreign language deparment, with many courses for foreign students.
Location: Poitiers

Le Choix des Mots
Established in January 2003, our school is specialized in teaching French to English-speakers. Our French native teacher is fluent in English and he holds weekly classes to learners living in South Vienne, South-West Indre & North-East Haute-Vienne - plus short courses for English-speakers who only stay here for a few days or weeks. We also offer private lessons at your home in the areas of Poitiers, Saint-Savin, Le Blanc, Chauvigny, La Roche-Posay and Montmorillon.
Location: Montmorillon

Eurocentres La Rochelle
Eurocentres La Rochelle will enthral you with its visionary architecture and its ideal location near the coast. The futuristic concept is continued inside the school with its twelve large, bright and friendly classrooms and a lecture room. The multimedia facilities are state of the art.
Location: La Rochelle

La Ferme
Learn French at your own rhythm, organize your own course, and choose your own method. La Ferme is a unique residential French language centre for adults established on the sunny south Atlantic coast of France since 1978. Your Head Teacher is Mireille Garnier Richardson, whose long experience has taught her to adapt the course to the student, not the student to the course. The standard course provides three hours of instruction per day in the morning on a one-to-one basis or in groups of two. Contact us for information on more intensive schedules. We deliver a structured course (with books and optional homework) in a relaxed learning environment.
Location: near Royan

Institut d'Etudes Françaises
La Rochelle, historical town located on the Atlantic coast, is an ideal setting to learn French. The beauty of its architecture, its proximity from famous resorts as Bordeaux, Cognac or Le Mont Saint-Michel, make La Rochelle a very attractive city (it welcomes more than 3 million visitors each year). The Institut d'Etudes Françaises is located within the La Rochelle Business School (Groupe Sup de Co) and close to the town center. It specializes in teaching French as a Foreign Language for more than 70 years (it was created in 1931 by the La Rochelle Chamber of Commerce). Our center is open all the year round and offers modern communication tools (unlimited and free access to internet, language laboratories, multimedia center, library). Our students are trained by dynamic and professional teachers. Different courses are offered to international students, professionals and groups: General and commercial French during the summer and the academic year, courses for international teachers of French as a Foreign Language, specialized French for students and groups. As part of the La Rochelle Business School, the IEF also offers a language and European management programme called Euro'Sup which combines French language and business classes.
Location: La Rochelle

SGF Lesson Plus
SGF Lesson Plus is a small personal business offering a wide range of services to both French and English speaking customers. From one-to-one French lessons or the translation of your promotional brochures to accompanying you to a meeting with french speaking people SGF Lesson Plus can provide an efficient and professional service. Each lesson or service must be booked two weeks in advance, if possible. If the lessons or the services are not cancelled within the 24 hours of the rendezvous, SGF Lesson Plus will have the right to payment of the lesson or service, except if the rendezvous has been postponed to a later date alongside the ongoing lessons.
Location: Bouin

The Tournesol Language School
Beginners, intermediate and advanced classes are available for those hoping to make real progress with their French language skills. Group lessons or 1:1, intensive or semi-intensive courses for both adults and children, all lessons are individually tailored to meet your requirements. Lessons take place in our specially-built classroom close to the Monkey Valley in Romagne. With a qualified and experienced teacher, you will discover both the science and the art of learning a language, giving you the confidence and enthusiasm to enjoy your contacts with French people, rather than dreading them. The Tournesol Language School is the brighter way to learn French, using innovative memory techniques to encourge and re-activate brain power whilst also sharing with you many of the "secret shorcuts" to language success. To see what you are missing, come along for your first FREE lesson.
Location: South Vienne, Poitou Charentes