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French Language Schools in France:
 Pays de la Loire

French Language Schools in France: Pays de la Loire
Are you looking for a place to study French intensively abroad, perhaps looking for a total immersion course with native speakers? Or maybe you want to take a vacation in France, and while enjoying the sights, learn enough French to help you get by in your explorations. We have collected here a number of French language schools of various levels of intensity in a variety of areas in France, to help you find the destination of your choice.

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Schools in Pays de la Loire

Areas in France:   Alsace/Lorraine |  Aquitaine |  Auvergne |  Bourgogne (Burgundy) |  Bretagne (Britanny) |  Centre |  Champagne/Franche-Comte |  Languedoc Roussillon |  Normandie |  Paris |  Pays de la Loire |  Poitou-Charentes |  Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur |  Pyrenees |  Rhône-Alpes

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Pays de la Loire

Centre d'Etude des Langues
French language school in Le Mans; site is in French only.
Location: Le Mans

Centre International d'Etudes Françaises
The International Center for French Studies (le Centre International d'Etudes Francaises or CIDEF) was created in 1947. It is an institute of higher education within the Catholic University of the West (12,000 students). Each year, CIDEF enrolls approximately 1,600 international students who represent more than 70 countries. It is thus an international community whose aim is to work and live without prejudice of race, religion, political affiliation or nationality. The semester begins with a general welcome and information meeting with students and professors. A little handbook, "The Cidefien," is given to each student at the general meeting. In this handbook, students will find the information they need to adapt quickly. It is clear that a person cannot perfect a language if he does not study the society which uses that language. this is why we offer students courses that allow them to know French culture, stimulating their curiosity, making them aware of the relativity of points of view and inviting them to search further.
Location: Angers

Demos Langues
In today's markets competition is global and fierce. Organisations can remain competitive and profitable if they mobilise their teams to achieve a common goal and if they enhance and combine their skills. In this environment, training plays a major role and should be a real priority. It is a key element in employees' effective performance. Established 32 years ago, Demos trains approximately 50,000 people a year and is a partner in the evolution of organisations, their people and their careers. To respond to the globalisation of markets, we have created a network of partners and branches to help you develop and manage your international and multicultural training projects.
Location: Nantes

écolangues was founded in 1984 in Angers in the heart of the Loire Valley, where the accent is said to be the clearest in France. Our pedagogical approach is based on the principals of accelerated learning, the roots of which are to be found in the pioneering work of the Bulgarian scientist Georgi Lozanov who invented the word " suggestopedia ". Since its first steps, accelerated learning has developed all over the world. It has benefited from other methods and approaches such as NLP, Theater , Brain Gym and Sophrology. écolangues has brought together these different techniques to make your learning more efficient. The joy of learning and discovering your own creativity will be the key element in the French language courses here.
Location: Angers

Espace Linguistique
French language school in Nantes instituted by the Chamber of Commerce; site is in French only.
Location: Nantes

Le Poyenval
French courses here at Le Poyenval can be the perfect answer for those wishing to improve their understanding of French, especially the speaking and listening skills. We cater to all standards, abilities and requirements, from beginners through to the more advanced. Our courses are suitable either for individuals or small groups, using intensive teaching methods with lessons that will improve your fluency in French whilst you gain a better understanding of French customs and the way of life. Courses are residential; as a student you stay with us in our home, rather than in nearby lodgings or a hotel. Your ability with French will improve whilst you absorb the French atmosphere (both in our home and in the village of which we are a part) throughout the duration of your course. Accommodation is available for partners and families of those attending our courses if required. Our course fees are fully inclusive, and cover all that you need from the time that you arrive until the time that you leave us - accommodation, food, tuition, course materials, all are included.
Location: Vendée