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64 Kbps  MP3

Music Genres: Rock

Welcome to our online radio pages, featuring a listing of online news radio, talk, information programs, and music programs featuring music in the native language to practice your understanding of foreign languages. If you have any questions or can't find what you need, please e-mail us at .

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Station City Genre Listen!
106!9 Rock n Pop Hamburg Germany Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
3WK Classic Undergroundradio Internet Classic Rock 160 Kbps  Flash
4U-Classic Rock Internet Rock/Metal 32 Kbps  WinMedia
4U-Rock and Metal Internet Rock/Metal 32 Kbps  WinMedia
6RED 94.5 FM Karratha, Australia Classic Rock 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Acoustic KINK Portland, OR Acoustic Rock/Folk 64 Kbps  Flash
AllDanzRadio - Classic Rock Internet Classic Rock 48 Kbps  WinMedia
48 Kbps  WinMedia
48 Kbps  WinMedia
AllDanzRadio - Modern Rock Internet Modern Rock 300 Kbps  WinMedia
300 Kbps  WinMedia
300 Kbps  WinMedia
Anty Radio 94 FM Warsaw, Poland Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
Artist First Radio Nework Internet Rock 56 Kbps  MP3
Asnuntuck Radio 107.7 FM Community Colleg Enfield CT Modern Rock/Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Aural Moon Internet Progressive Rock 56 Kbps  MP3
24 Kbps  MP3
AZ Radio 89.6 FM Moravia, Czech Republic Modern Rock 128 Kbps  WinMedia - Rock Internet Classic Rock 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Beyond The Beat Generation Internet Rock (obscure 1964-68 tracks) 128 Kbps  MP3
BFBS Radio 1 London, England Rock/Pop 32 Kbps  WinMedia
BFBS Radio Northern Ireland Northern Ireland Modern Rock 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Blueheavens Internet Rock/Alternative/Blues 128 Kbps  MP3
BR Bayern 1 Bayern, Germany Classic Rock/Pop 128 Kbps  MP3
Cadena 10 89.3 FM Cordoba, Argentina Rock 64 Kbps  WinMedia
CFBR 100.3 FM The Bear Edmonton, Canada Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
CHOZ 94.7 FM St. John's, Canada Rock 64 Kbps  WinMedia
CILQ 107.1 FM Toronto, Canada Classic Rock 24 Kbps  WinMedia
CIXL 91.7 FM Giant Welland, Canada Classic Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
CJAY 92.1 FM Calgary, Canada Classic Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
CJSD 94 FM Rock Thunder Bay, Canada Classic Rock/Modern Rock 20 Kbps  WinMedia
CKBU 94.5 FM The Bull Wingham, Canada Classic Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
Classic Rock 95.3 FM Sydney, Australia Classic Rock 128 Kbps  Flash
Criativa 98.9 FM Botucatu, Brazil Rock/Pop 64 Kbps  Flash
CrystalOne Radio Internet Modern Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  MP3
CT Ultra Radio New Haven CT Rock 20 Kbps  WinMedia
Cyberstorm Radio Internet Alternative/Modern Rock 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Delicious Agony Internet Progressive Rock 96 Kbps  MP3
24 Kbps  MP3
Die Neue 107.7 FM Stuttgart, Germany Classic Rock/Top 40 32 Kbps  WinMedia
DR NetRadio Internet/Danish Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
DRS Virus Internet/Swiss German Modern Rock 128 Kbps  Flash
Durham City Central Radio Oshawa, Canada Classic Rock 128 Kbps  WinMedia
Eargazm Internet Rock/Jazz 192 Kbps  MP3
EldoRadio 105 FM Luxembourg Rock/Pop 128 Kbps  WinMedia
Engage Internet Radio Internet Rock 40 Kbps  WinMedia
Estacion K2 96.3 FM Necochea, Argentina Rock 48 Kbps  Flash
eXTreMe RauteMusik.FM Internet/German Alternative/Metal/Punk 128 Kbps  MP3
Frozen Radio Internet/Geman Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
24 Kbps  MP3
Futuro 88.9 FM Chile Rock/Blues 48 Kbps  Flash
Galway Bay 95.8 FM Galway, Ireland Rock 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Gente 105.7 FM Iquique, Chile Rock 48 Kbps  Flash
Go FM Internet Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
ICE Online Radio - Rock Santiago, Chile Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
ICE Online Radio - Latino Santiago, Chile Hispanic Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
Indie 104.7 Los Angeles, CA Alternative Rock/Indie 56 Kbps  MP3
32 Kbps  MP3
Ipanema 94.9 FM Porto Alegre, Brazil Rock/R&B 64 Kbps  WinMedia
KALZ Alice 96.7 FM Fresno, CA Rock/Alternative 32 Kbps  Flash
KBRQ 102.5 FM The Bear Waco TX Modern Rock/Alternative 32 Kbps  Flash
KCDX 103.1 FM Florence, AZ Classic Rock 128 Kbps  WinMedia
128 Kbps  MP3
KFMA 92.1 FM Tucson, AZ Modern Rock/Alternative 32 Kbps  Flash
KFTE 96.5 FM Planet Radio Lafayette, LA Modern Rock/Alternative 64 Kbps  Flash
KHOP 95.1 FM Modesto, CA Rock/Pop 32 Kbps  Flash
KHTQ 94.5 FM Spokane, WA Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
KIBZ 106.3 FM The Blaze Lincoln, NE Modern Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
KINK 102 FM Portland, OR Rock 32 Kbps64 Kbps  Flash
KIOC 106.1 FM Beaumont, TX Modern Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
KIOL 103.7 FM Houston, TX Classic Rock/Metal 32 Kbps  WinMedia
KISS 99.5 FM San Antonio, TX Modern Rock/Alternative 64 Kbps  Flash
KISW 99.9 FM Seattle, WA Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
KLAQ 95.5 FM El Paso, TX Rock 32 Kbps  Flash
KLFX 107.3 FM Killeen, TX Modern Rock/Metal 32 Kbps  Flash
KLOS 95.5 FM Los Angeles, CA Classic Rock 40 Kbps  Flash
KMOD 97.5 FM Tulsa, OK Rock/Metal 32 Kbps  Flash
KMTT 103.7 FM The Mountain Seattle, WA Rock/Pop 32 Kbps  Flash
KMXV 93.3 FM The Mix Kansas City, MO Rock/Hits 64 Kbps  Flash
KNAC Long Beach, CA Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
KOMP 92.3 FM Las Vegas, NV Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
KOZT 95.3 FM The Coast Fort Bragg, CA Classic Rock/Folk/Blues 40 Kbps  MP3
KPOSI Radio Positron! Internet Alternative (from Postiron Records) 128 Kbps  MP3
32 Kbps  MP3
KQRC 98.9 FM The Rock Kansas City, MO Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
KQRS 92 FM Minneapolis, MN Classic Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
KSHE 94.7 FM Saint Louis, MO Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
KXXR 93.7 FM Minneapolis, MN Modern Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
KYSL 93 FM Frisco, CO Rock/Pop 80 Kbps  WinMedia
La Grosse Radio: Radio Metal Paris, France Metal 128 Kbps  Flash
La Grosse Radio: Radio Rock Paris, France Rock/Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
La Premiere 94.8 FM Bern, Switzerland Rock/News/Info 128 Kbps  MP3
LAC 91.8 Geneva, Switzerland Rock/Top 40 64 Kbps  Flash
Little Radio 87.9 FM Los Angeles, CA Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
Lviv Wave Radio Internet/Ukraine Slavic Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
M-FM Streekradio Hilversum, Netherlands Rock/Pop 132 Kbps  WinMedia
Megarock Radio Network Internet Metal/Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
New Artist Radio Internet Indie Rock/Other Genres 64 Kbps  MP3
Nitro Radio 102.5 FM Athens, Greece Rock/Hip-Hop 128 Kbps  WinMedia
NRK P3 Oslo, Norway Rock/Hip-Hop/Talk 128 Kbps  MP3
Nugs Radio Internet Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
Oasis 101.9 FM Buenos Aires, Argentina Rock 24 Kbps  MP3
ODS Radio 92.6 FM Chambery, France Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
Power 103.7 FM La Pampa, Argentina Hispanic Rock 96 Kbps  WinMedia
RA RadioAlicia Internet Hispanic Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
Radio 102 Haugesund, Norway Rock/Sport 64 Kbps  Flash
Radio 3 FM Netherlands Rock/Variety 64 Kbps  Flash
Radio 8 98.6 FM Sedan, France Rock / Pop 64 Kbps  Flash
Radio 89 Rock FM Sao Paulo, Brazil Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Afera 98.6 FM Poznan, Poland Rock/Metal 128 Kbps  Ogg Vorbis
Radio Aktiv 105.4 FM Mannheim Germany Rock/Hip-Hop/College Radio 128 Kbps  MP3
24 Kbps  MP3
Radio B.A. 89.1 FM Buenos Aires, Argentina Rock/Funk 24 Kbps  MP3
Radio Blagon - French Rock Internet French Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Bremen Vier Bremen, Germany Rock/Pop/Dance/News 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Center 103.7 FM Maribor, Slovenia Rock/Pop 128 Kbps  Flash
Radio Chanson 103 FM Moscow, Russia Russian Rock/Pop 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio City 93.7 FM Prague, Czech Republic Rock/Pop/Dance 128 Kbps  Flash
Radio Cortina 102 FM Cortina D'Ampezzo, Italy Rock/Pop 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Ergensis 93.2 FM Chebu, Czech Republic Rock/Dance 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Free Phoenix Internet Rock/Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Gdansk 103.7 FM Gdansk, Poland Rock/Talk 128 Kbps  Flash
Radio Gong 97.1 FM Nuremberg, Germany Rock/Pop 128 Kbps  Flash
Radio Guerrilla 94.8 FM Bucharest Rock/Hip-Hop 48 Kbps  aac Plus
32 Kbps  aac Plus
Radio Helax 93.7 FM Ostrava, Czech Republic Rock 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Kaos Internet Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Latinica Internet/Serbian Rock/Pop 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio Lublin Internet/Polish Slavic Rock/Pop/News/Talk 64 Kbps  aac Plus
Radio Lune Neuchatel, Switzerland Rock/Pop/Oldies 128 Kbps  MP3
48 Kbps  MP3
Radio Nova 99.3 FM Oslo, Norway Rock 192 Kbps  MP3
Radio Onda d'Urto Rome, Italy Rock 24 Kbps  MP3
Radio Paradise Internet Alternative/Rock 192 Kbps  MP3
128 Kbps  MP3
64 Kbps  MP3
32 Kbps  MP3
Radio Plovdiv 94 FM Bulgaria Rock/News/Traditional Music 128 Kbps  MP3
64 Kbps  MP3
Radio Roks 102 FM St. Petersburg, Russia Rock 128 Kbps  Flash
Radio Salu 101.7 FM Saarbrucken, Germany Rock 128 Kbps  Flash
Radio SWH+ 100 FM RigaLatvia Rock 96 Kbps  WinMedia
48 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio T Cascavel, Brazil Brazilian Rock 48 Kbps  aac Plus
Radio TRS 87.7 FM Milan, Italy Rock/Pop 96 Kbps  MP3
Rock FM 96.9 Athens, Greece Rock/Pop 128 Kbps  MP3
Rockabilly Radio Internet 50's Rock 64 Kbps  MP3
Rockantenne 87.9 FM Munich, Germany Rock 128 Kbps  Flash
Rockradio Internet/German Rock/Pop 128 Kbps  MP3
96 Kbps  MP3
RTV Noord Holland 95.2 FM Amsterdam, Netherlands Rock/Pop 60 Kbps  aac Plus
Skyrock 102.8 FM Bordeaux, France French Rock/Hip-Hop 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Sputnik - Rock Internet/German Rock 128 Kbps  Flash
Star FM 87.9: Alternative Berlin, Germany Alternative Rock/Punk 128 Kbps  MP3
64 Kbps  aac Plus
Star FM 87.9: From Hell! Berlin, Germany Hard Rock/Metal 128 Kbps  MP3
64 Kbps  aac Plus
Star FM 87.9: Maximum Rock Berlin, Germany Rock in general 128 Kbps  MP3
64 Kbps  aac Plus
Star FM 87.9: Rock Classics Berlin, Germany Classic Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
64 Kbps  aac Plus
Styl FM 100.6 FM Manresa, Spain Rock/Pop 128 Kbps  MP3
Styl FM 100.6 FM Classics Manresa, Spain Classic Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
SWH Rock 89.2 FM Latvia Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
SWH Latvia Hard Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
SWH Plus 107.7 FM Latvia Slavic Rock/Pop 64 Kbps  Flash
SWR3 Live Internet/German Rock/News 128 Kbps  Flash
SWR3 Rock-Channel mit Steffi Tücking Internet/German Rock 128 Kbps  Flash
Transamerica 93.7 FM Joao Pessoa, Brazil Top 40/Rock 64 Kbps  MP3
Triple J 105.7 FM Sydney, Australia Rock/Alternative 96 Kbps  WinMedia
Triple M 104.5 FM Brisbane, Australia Rock 128 Kbps  Flash
Triple M 104.7 FM Adelaide, Australia Rock 128 Kbps  Flash
Triple M 104.9 FM Sydney, Australia Rock 128 Kbps  Flash
Triple M 105.1 FM Melbourne, Australia Rock 128 Kbps  Flash
Universitaria 104.7 FM Vitoria, Brazil Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
WAAF 107.3 FM Boston, MA Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
WAFX 106.9 FM The Fox Chesapeake VA Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
WAPS 91.3 FM: The Summit Akron, OH Rock/Pop 96 Kbps  MP3
WAPS 91.3 FM: Summit Flashbacks Akron, OH Rock/Pop Oldies 96 Kbps  MP3
WBAB 102.3 FM West Babylon, NY Classic Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WBOS 92.9 FM Boston, MA Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WBYR 98.9 FM The Bear Fort Wayne, IN Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
WCAD 105.7 FM Alfarock San Juan, Puerto Rico Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WCCC 106.9 FM The Rock Hartford CT Rock 32 Kbps  WinMedia
WDHA 105.5 FM Morristown, NJ Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WDST 100.1 FM Radio Woodstock Woodstock, NY Rock 96 Kbps  Flash
WDST 100.1 FM Radio Woodstock 69 Woodstock, NY Rock - Late 60's, early 70's 96 Kbps  Flash
WDST 100.1 FM Radio Woodstock Live Woodstock, NY Rock from live concerts 96 Kbps  Flash
WDVE 102.5 FM Pittsburgh, PA Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
WFYV Rock 105 FM Jacksonville, FL Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WGBF 103.1 FM River City Rocker Evansville, IN Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WGIR 101.1 FM Rock 101 Manchester, NH Rock/Alternative/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
WHJY 94.1 FM East Providence RI Classic Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WHQG 102.9 FM The Hog Milwaukee, WI Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WIYY 97.9 FM Rock Baltimore, MD Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WJRR 101.1 FM Real Rock Orlando, FL Hard Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
WMMR 93.3 FM Philadelphia, PA Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WMMS 100.7 FM Cleveland, OH Rock/Alternative/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
WMPS 107.5 FM The Pig Memphis, TN Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WMVX 106.5 FM Cleveland OH Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WNDV U93 FM South Bend, IN Rock/Hip-Hop 64 Kbps  Flash
WNOR 99.1 FM Norfolk, VA Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
WNRN 91.9 FM Charlottesville, NC Modern Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WRAT 95.9 FM Belmar, NJ Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
WRHQ 105.3 FM Savannah, GA Classic Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WRIF 101 Riff Detroit, MI Classic Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
WRIF Riff2 Detroit, MI Alternative Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WROQ 101 FM Greenville, SC Classic Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WRUF FM 104.3 Gainesville FL Rock/Alternative/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
WTFX 93.1 FM The Fox Rocks Louisville, KY Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WTPT 93.3 FM New Rock Greenville SC Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WVBZ 100.3 FM The Buzz Greensboro, NC Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WXMX 98.1 FM The Max Memphis, TN Rock/Metal 64 Kbps  Flash
WYSP2 94.1 FM Philadelphia, PA Classic Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WYYX 97.7 FM Panama City, FL Alternative Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WZTA 94.9 FM Zeta Miami FL Classic Rock 64 Kbps  Flash
WZXL 100.7 FM Atlantic City, NJ Rock 64 Kbps  Flash