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Featured Station:
Florence, Italy
Music | Culture | Local News
64 Kbps  MP3

Italian Internet Radio and Online News Radio

Welcome to our online radio pages, featuring a listing of online news radio, talk, information programs, and music programs featuring music in the native language to practice your understanding of foreign languages. If you have any questions or can't find what you need, please e-mail us at .

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Top 4 Stations from Italy

Station City Genre Listen!
Citta del Capo Radio Metropolitana Trieste Public Radio 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Base Popolare FM Torino Italian Pop 64 Kbps  MP3
64 Kbps  Ogg Vorbis
Radio InBlu Rome Information | Culture 32 Kbps  WinMedia
RadioStreet FM Messina News | Talk 64 Kbps  WinMedia

Italian> Italy

Station City Genre Listen!
All Music TV Internet TV Music Video 240 Kbps    Flash
Amica 90.8 FM Partinico Top 40 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Antenna 5 TV Tuscany TV Broadcast 141 Kbps  WinMedia
Antenna Sicilia Sicility TV Broadcast 128 Kbps  RealAudio
Antenna Uno 103.7 FM Catania Dance | Pop 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Antenne Radio Esse Siena Variety 34 Kbps  WinMedia
32 Kbps  MP3
Aquila Radio Internet Pop 97 Kbps  WinMedia
Azurra 106 FM Ravanusa Top 40 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Barbagia 91.9 FM Nuoro Variety 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Beckwith 87.8 FM Luserna, San Giovanni Rock | Pop 32 Kbps  Ogg Vorbis
Blu Sat 2000 96.3 FM Rome AC 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Bussula 24 FM Salerno Pop 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Cantu 89.6 FM Cantu Pop 32 Kbps  MP3
Carisma 93.8 FM Ferrara Top 40 | Dance 128 Kbps  MP3
Centro Mare 97.3 FM Ladispoli Top 40 | AC 32 Kbps  MP3
Ciccio Riccio 91.6 FM Brindisi AC 64 Kbps  Flash
Circuito Marconi 94.7 FM Milan Oldies | News 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Citta del Capo Radio Metropolitana Trieste Public Radio 128 Kbps  MP3
Citta Fujiko 103.1 FM Bologna Public Radio 15 Kbps  MP3
32 Kbps  Ogg Vorbis
Club Network FM Caligari Dance | Hip-Hop 128 Kbps  MP3
Controradio Florence Music | Culture | Local News 64 Kbps  MP3
CRC FM Macherio Religious | Gospel 48 Kbps  MP3
Cristal 98.7 FM Lecco Pop | Top 40 32 Kbps  MP3
CRM Happy FM Cefalu Pop 48 Kbps  WinMedia
D1 TV Catania TV Broadcast 273 Kbps  WinMedia
Deejay Radio Internet Music 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Del Golfo 93.9 FM Porto Torres Pop | Folk | Classical 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Delta Radio FM Padova Variety 34 Kbps  WinMedia
Discoradio Internet Dance | Disco 22 Kbps  WinMedia
Divina FM Campania Dance 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Easy Station Internet Variety 128 Kbps  MP3
Emme Due Radio 102.6 FM Capoterra Top 40 48 Kbps  WinMedia
EP Land Internet Variety 96 Kbps  MP3
Eros Radio Internet Variety 96 Kbps  MP3
EsAuRi RADio Italy Comedy 56 Kbps  MP3
Etazebao Radio Internet World Music 96 Kbps  MP3
Fermo Uno FM Fermo News | Pop 24 Kbps  MP3
Flash 97.3 FM Adrano Dance | Rock 64 Kbps  MP3
FM Classic Syracuse Oldies 96 Kbps  WinMedia
FM Italia Pomezia Music TV 160 Kbps  WinMedia
Futura FM Italy Pop 128 Kbps  MP3
Gamma 91.7 FM Assago Oldies 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Gamma Gioiosa Gioiosa Jonica Oldies 64 Kbps  MP3
Gamma Radio Pavia Pavia Variety 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Gold 89.1 FM Valenza Oldies 128 Kbps  MP3
Golden Hit Radio Italia Italy Pop 128 Kbps  WinMedia
GR Italian Parliament Rome Live News 32 Kbps  RealAudio
GRP Televisione Torino Rock 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Hit Channel TV Internet Music TV 128 Kbps  MP3
Idea TV Italy TV Broadcast 193 Kbps  WinMedia
Iglesias FM Iglesias Pop 128 Kbps  WinMedia
International Hitradio Bologna Top 40 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Italia Network Internet Electronica | Hip-Hop | Indie/Dance 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Jolly FM Frosinone Pop 32 Kbps  aac Plus
Kiss Kiss Napoli 99.2 FM Napoli Top 40 128 Kbps  MP3
Kiss Kiss Network Napoli AC 128 Kbps  MP3
L'altraradio Bari Pop 48 Kbps  MP3
Latina 98.3 FM Borgo 70s and 90s Pop 40 Kbps  Ogg Vorbis
M2O FM Rome Dance 128 Kbps  WinMedia
MB Radio San Remo Top 40 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Melliradio Internet Pop 128 Kbps  WinMedia
Meneghina 91.9 FM Milan AC | News 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Metro 93.1 FM Cervignano, Friuli Dance | Pop 128 Kbps  MP3
Monte Kroneo FM Sciacca RnB | Rock 40 Kbps  WinMedia
Multiradio 91.1 FM Tolentino World Music 32 Kbps  MP3 Internet Ambient 64 Kbps  MP3
NBC Rete Regione FM Bolzano Variety 64 Kbps  WinMedia
New Radio Network FM Campania Pop 128 Kbps  MP3
Nova Radio FM Florence Variety 48 Kbps  MP3
Number One 90.5 FM Bergamo Top 40 | Oldies 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Nuova Spazio Radio FM Italy News | Talk | Pop 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Omega Sound FM Rome Pop 56 Kbps  MP3
128 Kbps  MP3
Onda Libera FM Rome News | Sports | Pop 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Ondatropical Internet Latin Music | Latin Jazz 96 Kbps  MP3
Party Groove 99 FM Alpignano Dance 128 Kbps  MP3
Play Studio Dance Network FM Bologna Dance 128 Kbps  MP3
PrimAntenna Torino TV News 273 Kbps  WinMedia
Primaradio 93 FM Partinico Dance | AC 32 Kbps  MP3
Primaradio FM Pozzuoli Pop 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Primarete FM Arezzo Pop 128 Kbps  MP3
Primo Canale Liguria TV Broadcast 282 Kbps  WinMedia
Punto Nuovo 99 FM Paternopoli News | Sports | Oldies 128 Kbps  WinMedia
Queen Hit FM Lecce Pop 48 Kbps  aac Plus
R101 Italy Pop 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio 103 Genova Genova Variety 64 Kbps  MP3
Radio 103 Liguria Liguria Variety 64 Kbps  MP3
Radio 103 Piemonte Piemonte Variety 64 Kbps  MP3
Radio 105 FM Milano Top 40 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio 110 Torino College Radio 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio 2 Rai Internet AC 32 Kbps  RealAudio
Radio 3 Network FM Poggibonsi Top 40 48 Kbps  MP3
Radio 3 Rai Internet Classical 32 Kbps  RealAudio
Radio Alt Internet Electronica 96 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Amore FM Campania Pop 32 Kbps  MP3
Radio Animati Internet TV Soundtracks 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Arancia FM Ancona Variety 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Baby Internet Children's Music 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio Base Popolare FM Torino Italian Pop 64 Kbps  MP3
64 Kbps  Ogg Vorbis
Radio BattiKuore 95.5 FM Palermo Top 40 20 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Bella & Monella FM Veneto Variety 40 Kbps  MP3
Radio Birikina FM Veneto Oldies 40 Kbps  MP3
Radio Bombo FM Trani Pop 64 Kbps  MP3
Radio BPM Internet Dance 96 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Bruno FM Bologna Top 40 | News 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Budrio Bologna Variety 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Cafe FM Padova Variety 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio Capital Rome Top 40 128 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Capri Internet Variety 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Cernusco FM Milano World Music 32 Kbps  aac Plus
Radio Chioggia Sottomarina FM Venice World Music 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Citta Futura 97.7 FM Rome Rock | Dance | News 80 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio CL1 FM Sicily Pop 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Classica 94 FM Milano Classical Music | News 20 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Classica Brescia Brescia Classical 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Cortina 102 FM Cortina D'Ampezzo Rock | Electronica | Classical 96 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Day Frosinone Top 40 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Deejay 99.7 FM Internet Dance | AC | World Music 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Dimensione Musica FM Ispica Variety 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Diva FM Veneto Pop 48 Kbps  MP3
Radio Dolomiti 99.2 FM Trento World Music | Pop 64 Kbps  MP3
Radio Donna Classic FM Messina Pop 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Emilia Internet Variety 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio Empire FM Furci Top 40 96 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Flash FM Torino Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Fusion Internet Variety 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Gela FM Sicily Pop 48 Kbps  MP3
Radio Genius Padova Variety 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio Goccioline Internet Talk | Italian Pop 64 Kbps  MP3
Radio InBlu Rome Information | Culture 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Italia Internet Top 40 | AC 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Jukebox FM Pescara Variety 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Kemonia Internet Pop 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio Kiss Kiss Italia Naples Italian Pop 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio L'aquila 1 FM L'aquila Top 40 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Linea FM Pescara Top 40 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Luiss Rome College Radio 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Luna Network Campobasso Pop 128 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Mambo FM Rome Latin Music 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Mia Palermo Pop 22 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Mondo FM Rieti Pop 48 Kbps  MP3
Radio Mondo Web Internet Variety 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Narcea FM Narcea Italian Oldies 64 Kbps  MP3
Radio MPA FM Palomonte News | Talk | Pop 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Nostalgia Tuscany Pop 128 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Onda Rossa FM Rome Variety 64 Kbps  MP3
Radio Planet FM Milan Dance | Rock 128 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Popolare Milan Pop | News | Information 20 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Populare Roma FM Rome Italian Pop 64 Kbps  MP3
Radio Press FM Cagliari News | Talk | Top 40 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Punto Zero FM Trieste Pop 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Radicale Rome News 32 Kbps  MP3
Radio Radicchio Internet Variety 64 Kbps  MP3
Radio Record FM Nell'Emilia Pop 48 Kbps  MP3
Radio Rock FM Rome Rock 64 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Rosa FM Firenze Variety 64 Kbps  MP3
Radio Sanluchino Bologna Variety 48 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Sound FM Cosenza Top 40 128 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio StandBy Rome Variety 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio Studio 2000 FM Italy Top 40 96 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Studio Piu FM Lombardia Dance 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio Suby Rome Variety 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio Ti Ricordi FM Rome Oldies 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio Touring Catania Paterno Pop 128 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Venezia FM Venice Variety 64 Kbps  MP3
Radio Verona FM Verona Variety 128 Kbps  WinMedia
Radio Veronica One Torino Latin Music 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio Zammu Catania College Radio 128 Kbps  MP3
RadioStreet FM Messina News | Talk 64 Kbps  WinMedia
RAI Auditorium Rome Classical 32 Kbps  RealAudio
RAI International: Hotbird Rome International News 32 Kbps  RealAudio
RAI International: SatelRadio Rome International News 32 Kbps  RealAudio
RAI IsoRadio Rome Pop 32 Kbps  RealAudio
RAI Quartocanale Rome Rock | Oldies 32 Kbps  RealAudio
RAI GR Parlamento Rome Government 32 Kbps  RealAudio
RAI Radiouno Rome News | Information 32 Kbps  RealAudio
RAI Radiodue Rome AC | News | Conversation 32 Kbps  RealAudio
RAI Radiotre Rome Classical | News | Culture 32 Kbps  RealAudio
RTL 102.5 Hit Radio Internet Top 40 24 Kbps  WinMedia
Sorrento Radio Sorrento Italian Pop 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Vatican Radio Ch1 Vatican City Classical | Culture | News 96 Kbps  RealAudio

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Italian> Switzerland

Station City Genre Listen!
Radio Fiume Ticino 90.6 FM Pianezzo Top 40 128 Kbps  WinMedia
RSI Rete Uno Lugano News/Information/Entertainment 32 Kbps  RealAudio
RSI Rete Due Lugano Cultural Programs 32 Kbps  RealAudio
RSI Rete Tre Lugano Youth Programs 32 Kbps  RealAudio

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