Best Slang words for 2013 and from 2012

12 New Slang Terms for the New Year 2013

and a few old dated slang to avoid.

Already the new year has begun, and the question is what is cool, and what words are
out of style? After spending zillions of hours of raking through the data, talking to peeps, and watching stuff, we present the words you need to know for 2013, plus a bonus letter, and Google trend charts to back us up.

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If you have to ask if your cool, well.

In Slang Terms for 2013

1. Spranqles
Winning the award for the number one word is quite an honor, it makes me want to say Spranqles, you should rise your voice at the last syllable. Sprankles is still in wide use, 2013 requires a new spelling however.
Sprankles and Spranqles will open so many doors for you will think your Carlos castenda. (Doors of perception)

2. Wavy
Ahh so relaxing just saying it, imagine being it.

3. Let’s Bounce
Why say goodbye when you can bounce away? Sometimes you must leave, and don’t have time for the still hip-
See you later Alligator.

4. Super-Sweet
Sweet and super-sweet show that you think something is awesome.

Don’t use “played out” slang!

He discovered “q”

—-Bonus Letter———-
Q – yes Q is the hottest letter you can say, change a C or K to Q for added effect in Facebook posts.

5. Fo Shizzle (ad “my nizzle” when appropriate)
Sure is not always enough.

6. Mreoow
Sometimes word’s just don’t do it. And people Meoww, mreoow is much more stylin.

7. Legit
legit is Making a comeback as peeps are just tired of lying douches. This word has varied uses, all are complimentary.

8. Chilling
Relaxing is important, the long form of this word is Chilling like a Villain.

9. Noob
Being a rookie a newcomer is a long-lasting concept in society which there will always be words for.
Use Noob and you will not sound like one.

10. Qrackling
I am going to a Qrackling New Years Party.

11. Bumping
This party is bumping.

12. Stylin
This can be a person or a thing.

Bonus Phrase

Jump the Shark
Is back, use it to describe something or someone odd.

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LOL that is not a word meant to pronounce, some people trully seem annoyed by it.
Rookie- This isnt a football game so don;t use Rookie, use Noob

Way- just avoid it please.

Dont overuse-
Bro- so many words for friend and this one os often used when people are lecturing people so it is losing its luster.

Radical- Any word for good is OK, still rad and radical are quite dated.

K- K is short and sweet, and a word that can be beat.

Of course slang is always changing and we are working hard to make sense of it all. What slang is popular? What slang is out? This is tricky to figure, so we tapped Google trends to aid in our research. The first chart has some random new and old slang and as you can see cool is still cool a while hip is slipping.


In this chart we compared a few words for “good”


Now in such a wacky year we decied to see what words for crazy are trending.

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