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ASL Associations and ASL Resources

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ASL Associations and ASL Resources
Collected here are links to ASL associations, ASL schools and educational organizations, ASL learning resources, ASL listservs and databases, resources for learning ASL, such as ASL dictionaries and online courses, and ASL products, such as books, video films, and software.

Associations and Educational Organizations | Listervs and Databases
General Resources | Learning ASL | Products

Sign Language Interpreter Programs in the United States | ASL Alphabet
British Sign Language Resources

"We've been using your page quite a bit while going over an intro to Sign Language, it has been super helpful!" - Brittany McClaine, teacher

ASL Associations, Educational Organizations, and Schools

American Sign Language Teachers Association - ASLTA
ASLTA Chapters By State
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
Conference of Interpreters Trainers
National Association for the Deaf
National Deaf Education Center
U.S. and International Organizations of the Deaf
Gallaudet University
Schools and Universities for the Deaf
RID Search for Interpreter Training Programs
Locate an Interpreter Training Program in the USA, By State

ASL Listervs and Databases

ASL Databases

RID Searchable Databases
RID Search for an Interpreter/RID Member
RID Search for Interpreter Training Programs
Locate an Interpreter Training Program in the USA, By State

ASL Listservs

The Sign Language Linguistics List-Serv
TeachASL - a listserv for Teachers of ASL

ASL General Resources and Links

The Deaf Resource Library
DeafDigest Newsletter
American Sign Language - CAL Resource Guides Online
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Family Health Reference To ASL
American Sign Language Linguistic Research Project

Learning ASL

ASL Online Courses

Gallaudet Online Courses
ASL University: American Sign Language courses online
Learn American Sign Language (ASL) and Signed English (SE)


SignWriting - Read and Write Sign Languages
Sign Languages of the World, by Country

    ASL Music Videos
ASL Signed Music Videos
Adele Signed Music Videos
Folk Rock Signed Music Videos
Country Music Signed Music Videos
Pink Floyd Signed Music Videos
Gotye Signed Music Videos

ASL Dictionaries

ASL Browser
ASL University Dictionary
A Basic Dictionary of ASL Terms
ASL Alphabet
ASL Fingerspelling Practice Site
Fingerspelling Practice
Classifiers in ASL
Comprehensive Guide to Sign Language Dictionaries
ASL Video Dictionary and Inflection Guide (Paid subscription service)

ASL Products: Publications, Videos, and Software

ASL Courses
ASL Software
ASL Downloads
ASL DVD and Video
ASL Reference
ASL Free Videos
Say It With Sign DVD Course
Ultimate American Sign Language Dictionary CD-ROM
American Sign Language Clip and Create
American Sign Language for Kids