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      An alternative term for the word “though”   ‘dat pasta doe’  ‘for real doe’




Hard to say enough about this word which stems from the word Legitimate, and has  similar meaning. Legit is a high compliment for a person and speaks to the underlying goodness of something as well as its sparkle. Legit is used for people, movies, songs etc.

   Snoop Lion’s latest song is Legit!


                      Basically means “yes” but with a bajillion times more enthusiasm. When your ready to TURN UP!!!


Killin’ it

basically means the awesomer version of awesome. That’s where “killin’ it” comes in.



Version of “that” except it is hip and fresh used as “gimme dat” or “true dat” “look at dat a&$” used frequently in text messages



Turn up

Turn up is used to described the state of being wild, and crazy turning up to volume of the party ‘Turn down for what’

‘The turn up is real’  there’s also ‘ Turnt up’,  keep it all the way turnt up

turn-up meme


meaning to relax, calm ones self, make yourself relaxed. Not a very common phrase but may be the best new slang word of 2014



In 2013 slang took center stage with the emergence of Twerking, yet people yearn for more meaningful daily slang words, words you can use at work. To find these words we had to go back to a more wholesome time, the golden era, way back to when Old School was New School. Phrases such as the Cat’s pajamas, Bees Knees, Golly (well not golly it is not coming back) and of course the word “Word” which was popularized by ravers back around the turn of this century. Enjoy our list below, which again includes Google Trends analyze of hip words, videos, and words to avoid.


FreshBerryPie1A drink or dessert so Delicious that it inspires a religious experience.
This is a new word that we can thank a contributor to the Urban dictionary for.

That pie was deligous, I am floating!


Twerking will still be around this year and may even evolve. Meaning like stop Twerking me, and just give me that pencil may or may not come into play.
Twerking of course means to shake the buttocks very quickly while dancing, or just for the heck of it.

He surprised everybody by Twerking, most people had not seen a guy Twerk before.

22edb81d1779e24a8d5084ab7c1d9bf84. Tight (pronounced “Tiiight”)
The coolest word for good is always changing, and while “Tiiight” has been a round for a while the new more drawn out pronunciation is a new twist. Tight is used for most anything good including; ideas, events, occurrences, or to describe a good movie, song, or delicious sounding sex activity.

That jacket is tight! Last night was “tiiiight”!

th (67)

Out of Site (Man)

This phrase dates to the 1960’s when bohemians and hippies used it to describe an excellent experience, and or one that was unusual or interesting, sometimes in a psychedelic way.

This party is out of sight – Your outfight is out of sight it is tight!

History of the Word Cool

maxresdefault (3)

Drop and Drops

With twerking taking center stage another dancing art form known as dropping or doing drops is in the shadows. Drop is also a term used in Dubstep and other Bass music to describe when a big sound is “dropped” into the song or into the mix. To drop in a dance sens means to drop your bottom all the way to the ground.

She really knew how to do drops.

Jose cant wait to drop the bass into this song and send the dance floor into a frenzy.


When it is time to leave it is time to bounce. Yet bounce can also be used to denote a change in ideas, a change in venue, or even a relationship change. Here are examples for bounce.

this party is boring let’s bounce.

i decided that the job was not fulfilling and decided to bounce.


Vibes (Vibing)

From the all the way back in the 1960’s vibe has been used to describe the overall feel of a party or place. Vibes is short for vibration and just like music can have a certain frequency or vibration that is pleading or not, so can a part, or person or a place.

Vibing is more usually describing a person maybe even one that you have your eye one.

This party has great vibes.

I met this cute guy and we really vibe together,

dj puma really knows how to get. Room Vibing.

Swag and Swag Points

In the United States we know that people in other countries might dress better, that musicians are cool, and that everything cool can be measured, but how? Swag points is the currency for cool, the bit coin for the post-hipster. Swag though is slightly different because he person who has true swag also cares less what others think about him or her. If your cool you might know it, but if you make a big deal then you will blow it. So simply put swag is carrying your self a certain way, dressing well but not with off the shelve clothes from Nordstroms, owning a styling racing boat not just a yacht.

th (66)

He had so much swag my heart skipped a beat.

She plays her violin in spectacular clothes she made herself! Sara has more swag points than any one I know.

If I had more confidence then I would have more swag.

He thinks he has swag, but only knows how to brag.

th (62)Cat’s Pajamas / Bee’s Knees
These two phrases are retro slang form the 1920’s and it is about time that people start using them. The cool thing about Cat Pajamas’s is it can be a compliment or it can call into attention that someone has an inflated ego.

That dress is the Cat’s Pajamas – He has such a big ego, not sure why he thinks he is the Cat’s Pajamas?

Yada Yada

Do you ever have a moment that you feel that going into the details will bore the person yor with or distract them, yet you at that point in the story? So what do you say, saying “I don’t want to bore you with the details” can lead someone to be offended and is long to say. This is where “yada yada yada” comes in useful;, you say it instead o all the boring details, and hope the other person understands. Yada Yada Yada was popularized in the show Seinfeld.

th (65)

I was on my way to the store “yada yada yada” then a saw the biggest lightening bolt of my life strike a tree and made it fall.

slang words 2014

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