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KEXP ( Seattle )

Music Genres: Alternative Rock

Welcome to our online radio pages, featuring a listing of online news radio, talk, information programs, and music programs featuring music in the native language to practice your understanding of foreign languages. If you have any questions or can't find what you need, please e-mail us at .

Alternative Rock

Station City Genre Listen!
100 XR Internet Alternative 22 Kbps  WinMedia
24 Kbps  MP3
32 Kbps  aac Plus
181 FM: The Buzz (Alt.Rock) Internet Alternative 64 Kbps  WinMedia
181 FM: Classic Buzz (Alt.) Internet Alternative Rock 64 Kbps  WinMedia
181 FM: 90's Alternative Internet 90's Alternative 64 Kbps  WinMedia
181 FM: Chloe @181.FM Internet Alternative 64 Kbps  WinMedia
181 FM: Punk | Hardcore Internet Punk | Hardcore 128 Kbps  MP3
3WK: Alternative Radio Internet Alternative | Classic 128 Kbps  MP3
3WK: Underground Internet Alternative | Classic 128 Kbps  MP3
3 voor 12 Alternative Internet Alternative 160 Kbps  WinMedia
96.5 The Buzz Kansas City MO Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
.977 Alternative Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  WinMedia
afk M 94.5 FM Munich Germany Alternative 120 Kbps  MP3
32 Kbps  MP3
AllDanzRadio - Alternative Rock Internet Alternative Rock 273 Kbps  WinMedia
273 Kbps  WinMedia
273 Kbps  WinMedia
Bavarian Open Radio Germany Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
BeOnAir - Alternative Internet Alternative 32 Kbps  WinMedia
Best Nancy France Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Buzz Radio Houston Texas Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
Canal B 94.0 FM Rennes France Alternative 130 Kbps  MP3
ChroniX Aggression Internet Alternative | Heavy Metal 128 Kbps  WinMedia
128 Kbps  MP3
24 Kbps  MP3
ChroniX Metal Internet Heavy Metal 128 Kbps  MP3
Downunda Thunda Radio Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
East Village Radio Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
The Edge 102.1 Toronto Canada Alternative 32 Kbps  aac Plus
eXTreMe RauteMusik.FM: Harder Internet/German Hardstyle | Hardcore 128 Kbps  MP3
eXTreMe RauteMusik.FM: Rock Internet/German Alternative | Metal | Punk 128 Kbps  MP3
FBI 94.5 FM Sydney Australia Alternative 64 Kbps  aac Plus
Fearless Radio Chicago IL Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Flashback Alternatives Middletown NJ Alternative | 80's 64 Kbps  MP3
48 Kbps  aac Plus
flux4 Strasbourg France Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Free Radio Santa Cruz 96.3 FM Santa Cruz CA Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
24 Kbps  MP3
Grenouille 88.8 FM Marseille France Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
Hazzard of Darkness Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
idobi Radio Washington DC Alternative Rock |Punk 128 Kbps  MP3
Indie 103.1 FM Los Angeles CA Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
Indie Airplay Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  WinMedia
128 Kbps  MP3
Indie Love Radio Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
Jack and Jill Radio Fort Lauderdale FL Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
KANM Student Radio Bryan TX Alternative | College 192 Kbps  MP3
128 Kbps  MP3
48 Kbps  MP3
96 Kbps  aac Plus
KBZT FM 94/9 San Diego CA Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
KCXX 103.9 FM San Bernardino CA Alternative | Metal 128 Kbps  Flash
KDLD Indie Los Angeles CA Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle WA Alternative | College 128 Kbps  WinMedia
128 Kbps  MP3
32 Kbps  MP3
KFMA Tucson AZ Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
Killed by Death Norfolk VA Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
KITS Live 105 San Francisco CA Alternative 32 Kbps  MP3
KNDD 107.7 The End Seattle WA Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
KNRK 94.7 Portland OR Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
KNRK 94.7: HD2 Portland OR Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
KPNT The Point St Louis MO Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
KRBZ The Buzz Shawnee Mission KS Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
KROQ Los Angelese CA Alternative 32 Kbps  MP3
KRUA 88.1 FM Anchorage AK Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
KSLG 94.1 FM Ferndale CA Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
KUBE Radio Keele University Stafford UK College Radio | Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
KUCI 88.9 Irvine CA Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
56 Kbps  MP3
KWSS 106.7 FM Scottsdale AZ Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
KXTE X107.5 Las Vegas NV Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
Lora Munchen 92.4 FM Munich Germany Alternative 32 Kbps  MP3
Magnatune: Punk Rock Mix Internet Punk Rock 128 Kbps  MP3
MDR Sputnik Insomnia Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
MR2 Petofi Radio Budapest Hungary Alternative | Public Radio 80 Kbps  MP3
Music Tampa Bay Internet Alternative Local 64 Kbps  MP3
Omemo Radio Tel Aviv Israel Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
OUIFM2 Paris France Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
Phantom FM Worldwide Dublin Ireland Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
ProFM Alternative Internet Alternative 112 Kbps  MP3
Project Reloaded Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
Queen's 87.7 FM Belfast Ireland Alternative 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio 1 91.9 FM Prague Czech Republic Alternative 192 Kbps  MP3
128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Caroline Internet (UK) Alternative 64 Kbps  WinMedia
64 Kbps  MP3
Radio Dunkle Welle Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Fabryka Internet Alternative 56 Kbps>  MP3
Radio Flash Torino Italy Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Gets Wild Kings Lynn UK Alternative 96 Kbps  MP3
Radio Hear Helsinki Finland Alternative 192 Kbps  MP3
96 Kbps  Ogg Vorbis
Radio Neo Paris France Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
radioNtenna: AltRadio Internet Alternative | Public Radio 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Paradise Internet Alternative | Rock 192 Kbps  MP3
128 Kbps  MP3
64 Kbps  MP3
128 Kbps  aac Plus
64 Kbps  aac Plus
24 Kbps  aac Plus
Radio Rabe Bern Switzerland Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio Suceava Suceava Romania Alternative 32 Kbps  aac Plus
Radio Wazee Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio X 91.8 FM Frankfurt Germany Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Radio XY Vancouver Canada Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Rant Radio Industrial Internet Industrial 128 Kbps  MP3
Rant Radio Punk Internet Punk 128 Kbps  MP3
Rheinwelle 92.5 FM Wiesbaden Germany Alternative 160 Kbps  MP3
RTS FM Sete France Alternative | Dance 128 Kbps  Flash
Schwarze Welle Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Scrub Radio Main Internet Alternative 96 Kbps  MP3
24 Kbps  MP3
Second Shifters Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
24 Kbps  MP3
ShoutedFM mth.Alternative Internet Alternative 112 Kbps  MP3
Soma FM Indie Pop Rocks Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
24 Kbps  MP3
48 Kbps  aac Plus
Stop Radio Internet Alternative 160 Kbps  MP3
24 Kbps  MP3
Studio Brussel Brussels Belgium Alternative 96 Kbps  Flash
The Beyond Radio Network Internet Alternative 192 Kbps  MP3
180 Kbps  Ogg Vorbis
Tilos Radio Budapest Hungary Alternative 192 Kbps  MP3
Virgin Radio Rock Alternatif Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  WinMedia
Virgin Radio Scene Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  WinMedia
WBCN 104.1 FM Boston MA Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WBTZ The Buzz 99.9 FM Burlington VT Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WCLZ 98.9 FM Portland ME Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WCYY Portland ME Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WFNX Boston MA Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WLKK 107.7 FM Buffalo NY Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WPGU Tried True Champaign IL Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WPTE The Point 94.9 FM Virginia Beach VA Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WQBK Where Rock Lives 103.5 FM Albany NY Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WRAL Mix HD2 101.5 FM Raleigh NC Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WRFQ HD2 104.5 FM Charleston SC Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WRKR 107.7 FM Kalamazoo MI Classic Rock | Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WRPS WebRadioPugetSound Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WRRV 92.7 FM Middletown NY Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WRRW 100.9 FM Williamsburg VA Alternative 64 Kbps  MP3
WRXL XL HD2 102 FM Richmond VA Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WRZX HD2 103 FM Indianapolis IN Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WSTB 88.9 FM Streetsboro OH Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WSWI The College Rock Alternative Evansville IN Alternative 32 Kbps  MP3
WTKS 104.1 FM Orlando FL Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WTZB 105.9 The Buzz Sarasota FL Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
Wub-Fur Internet Radio Internet Alternative 80 Kbps  MP3
WXEG 103.9 HD2 The X Dayton OH Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WXRV The River 92.5 FM Boston MA Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
WXRY 99.3 FM Columbia SC Alternative 80 Kbps  MP3
WZGC Dave 92.9 FM Atlanta GA Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
X103.9 San Bernadino CA Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
XFM 104.9 FM London UK Alternative 128 Kbps  WinMedia
XETRA 91x FM San Diego CA Alternative 128 Kbps  Flash
XFM 107.1 FM Dublin Ireland Alternative 96 Kbps  MP3
XFM Manchester 97.7 FM Manchester UK Alternative 128 Kbps  WinMedia
XFM Scotland 105.7 FM Glasgow UK Alternative 128 Kbps  WinMedia
XWave Radio Internet Alternative 128 Kbps  MP3
Zeilsteen Radio Internet/Dutch Alternative 56 Kbps  MP3