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ESL for Children: Courses

Standard Deviants ESL 12 Pack
Written by award-winning English as Second Language instructors, each program in this series covers vocabulary as well as a different part of speech - including pronouns, prepositions, and adjectives.Mastering the English language will seem easy for your class with the Standard Deviants! The School ESL DVD Package contains Modules 1 through 12: 1: Pronouns; 2: Adjectives; 3: The Present Tense & Possessives; 4: Prepositions; 5: Questions & Pointer Word; 6: Days & Times; 7: Possessives; 8: Verb + Infinitive; 9: The Past; 10: The Past - Regular Past; 11: The Past - Irregular Past; 12: Adverbs.

The Picture Series
Illustrations and visuals always make it easy to teach, and learn! This six binder series features the following texts: Picture Verbs, Picture Vocabulary, Picture Grammar, Picture Everyday Life, Picture Family and Picture Work. They cover a number of skills, including vocabulary, irregular verbs, grammar, work procedures, family life, and daily activities. Included are teacher's notes and methodology, follow up activities, lesson extensions assessments, and more.Photocopiable, Classroom Use, All Levels, Age: Adults.
Picture Skills Binder Set (All 6 Binders)
Individual Picture Series Items
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The Twisted Doors: The Scariest Way in the World to Learn English!
The Twisted Doors: The Scariest Way in the World to Learn English! is the most creative and engaging intermediate to advanced ESL/EFL course of its time: It teaches extensive grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking, and listening by embedding an ongoing suspenseful mystery adventure, even into the grammar quizzes, dialogues, and exercises. Students are motivated to learn a chapter so that they can find out how the mystery unfolds in the next! The Twisted Doors combines an all-in-one comprehensive grammar and basic English skills textbook, an integrated mystery reader with gripping dialogues doubling as grammar quizzes, a highly illustrated activity book with hundreds of interactive quizzes and exercises (sometimes in the form of rhyming riddles, secret codes, games, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, or hidden words), and a riveting read-along audio book CD. No costly add-ons or supplements are needed since they are all incorporated and integrated into one book. Assessed at TESOL levels 3-4, progressing to level 5, The Twisted Doors is a must-have for intermediate to advanced ESL middle and high school students worldwide, advanced adult self-learners, adults in ESL literacy programs, international students in the US, and overseas English-language learners.
Package of 10
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Muzzy in Gondoland! for ESL
Children love the Muzzy series! Muzzy uses a natural approach with the lessons in the target language, so that the child learns easily and naturally. Parents report that their children want to watch it all the time, and teachers say that their students concentrate on learning with the series and quickly master phrases and sentence structure. Each course includes five DVDs, an audio CD with songs, a student book, and a special bonus CD-ROM (for PC), and the course comes packaged in a sturdy case. Available for English (ESL), Italian, French, German, Irish Gaelic, and Spanish.
Level 1 DVD Edition
Level 2 DVD Edition
Levels 1 and 2 DVD Edition
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Blip and Blab ESL Video Course
Blip and Blab children's English video program makes learning fun! This innovative program was designed by ESL experts together with respected entertainment producers for both classroom and individual use. Together, they have created a 10 episode video course that effectively teaches while maintaining attention span and enthusiasm. And most importantly - this series works! The main storyline is built around two fun-loving aliens named Blip and Blab who are visiting Earth from a distant planet to learn English. While they are studying, they get involved in many zany adventures with Earth children. Blip and Blab start with the basics - numbers, letters, colors, adjectives, et cetera, and then advance to conversational English and more complex structures. The course includes 4 DVDs in versions for native speakers of Chinese (Mandarin), Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, or Vietnamese.
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Paired Reading: Positive Reading Practice
Through the use of simulated tutoring demonstrations, this video describes the paired reading technique and demonstrates ways in which teachers can teach or remediate reading skills through consistent, positive reading experiences. The video may also be helpful for showing parents how they can support their children's oral reading practice at home. The International Reading Association (I.R.A.) reviews state: "This package can be executed and the program created without drawing on an external ?expert' to initiate or sustain it. This makes the package a ?good buy' for libraries and schools...The instructions on using videotape are good and the Q/A section and sample documents are excellent...this package is one that is here to stay...and will not be outdated.". This comprehensive package, used by literary specialists across North America, is truly a valuable resource for each and every school and public library. Comes with a 30 minute DVD in two parts; included on the DVD is a 64-page manual in PDF format and sample documents that can be accessed through a computer with a DVD-ROM drive.

PhonicsQ Phonics System
PhonicsQ is an exciting new phonics system for classroom or home use. Just as students need to have a comfortable familiarity with numbers in order to do math, they need such familiarity with letters and sounds to read and write. PhonicsQ is designed to provide consistent visual cues to help students remember the sounds of the letters and letter combinations. Includes flash cards, 4 full size color posters, phonics audio recordings, black line (reproduceable) master handout sheets and manual.

Little Pim DVDs for English
Meet Little Pim, a charming animated panda who guides babies, toddlers and preschoolers on a fun-filled journey to learning a foreign language. Little Pim only speaks in the foreign language, while interacting with babies and young children enjoying everyday activities. We encourage you to watch Little Pim with your child and join the onscreen fun by calling out words and repeating the language together. Because Little Pim focuses on the first words typically acquired in a kid?s vocabulary, your family can reinforce the lessons by simply repeating the new language during your everyday routines. Studies show that exposing young children to a foreign language facilitates fluency later in life and could also enhance cognitive abilities. Created by Julia Pimsleur Levine, an award-winning filmmaker and mom, Little Pim is a groundbreaking kids? language DVD series that offers hours of fun while providing the basic building blocks for learning a foreign language. This multi-disc series of 35-minute DVDs can be viewed in any order, with each DVD teaching 60 words of vocabulary. Special features include: 5-minute episodes to facilitate pausing for interaction; vocabulary review after each segment; optional English subtitles; parent guide with helpful viewing and learning tips. Comes in three DVDs: Eating and Drinking: follow Little Pim and pals as they wake up to a new day and go to sleep after a busy day; Wake Up Smiling: follow Little Pim and pals as they wake up to a new day and go to sleep after a busy day; Playtime: join Little Pim and pals in the wonders of play, from blocks to boats to tea time.
Little Pim Gift Set, Volumes 1 and 2
Special: Was $125, now for $99!
(with Eating and Drinking / Wake Up Smiling / Playtime / In My Home / Happy, Sad and Silly / I Can Count)
Little Pim Gift Set, Volume 1 (with Eating and Drinking, Wake Up Smiling, and Playtime)
Special: Was $75, now for $55!
Little Pim Gift Set, Volume 2 (with My Home / Happy, Sad and Silly / I Can Count)
Special: Was $75, now for $55!

Little Pim Individual Packages
(Eating and Drinking / Wake Up Smiling / Playtime / In My Home / Happy, Sad and Silly / I Can Count)

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Bilingual Baby for English
Bilingual Baby is a revolutionary series of videos that exposes your child to the world of language - a priceless gift that will give your child the opportunity to actually gain knowledge and brainpower. Bilingual Baby features the Total Immersion Method, a well-established teaching system that has long been used by both educators and language experts, which advocates immersing the child in the new language. While watching the video, the child will only hear the language being taught, but there is also small on-screen text in English to help parents learn too, plus a fold-out guide that gives an overview of the phrases and words presented as well as native translations. Bilingual Baby teaches more than 60 words and phrases to children while their ability to develop a second language is highest - between birth and age five. These 45 minute videos come in versions for 12 languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.