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Language Software

Tell Me More Kids Inglés (ESL) Learning Software
Children learn English while having fun with Tell Me More Kids, for children speaking Spanish! The software is based entirely on speech recognition technology, making the program very interactive, progressive and amusing for children...

Rosetta Stone CD-ROM Language Courses
The Rosetta Stone intensive courses assume no prior knowledge of a foreign language and will take the student through the equivalent of a year's college study, teaching both the spoken and written foreign language...

10 minutes a day Series with CD-ROM
Imagine speaking a new language! This Book / Interactive CD-ROM Series by Kristine K. Kershul, and Bilingual Books, Inc., will have you speaking a foreign language in no time. You'll communicate with ease and have those travel experiences you've always dreamed of.
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EuroTalk Gift Sets
EuroTalk's Gift Set of four CD ROMs and a DVD-ROM will help you to learn a language step-by-step. From complete beginners through to intermediate learners, there is a disc for everyone. By listening and talking to native speakers in real life situations, these discs makes learning easy.
Originally $149, now on sale for $125!
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Tell Me More
Tell Me More is Europe's best selling language software, used by major schools, universities and corporations. Tell Me More is a complete learning solution, with 850 hours of learning, 37 different type of activities, 4500 exercises...

Talk Now! and World Talk Package
Now get Talk Now! and World Talk from Eurotalk in a bundle and save $15! These courses perfectly complement each other, with World Talk at an intermediate level taking up where Talk Now! for beginners leaves off.
Special: Was $79 - now $59! - save $20!
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World Talk from EuroTalk (for intermediate learners)
World Talk is the perfect follow-up to EuroTalk's popular Talk Now! series. As well as having new activities, there is also dictation, worksheets and a brand new recording section. Topics covered include: the calendar, sentence building, asking directions, the weather and numbers.
Special: Was $45 - now $25!
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Talk More! CD-ROM Courses (Intermediate)
Talk More! continues the Talk Now! series using broadcast quality video and the latest interactive techniques in a software package that is ideal for travellers, holiday makers, business people, students and families.
Special: Was $45 - now $35!
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Talk The Talk from Eurotalk
(for teens)
Learn words and phrases that matter to you with this new language learning CD ROM for youth under eighteen. From "I'll send you a text message later" to "we won the game on penalties", Talk The Talk really gets you talking.
Special: Was $49 - now $35!
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Talk Business
If you want to succeed in business abroad, then this Talk Business CD-ROM is for you. Aimed at people who already know the basics, it gives the specialised language you need for doing business abroad.
Special: Was $49 - now $35!
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Vocabulary Builder from EuroTalk (for absolute beginners)
Vocabulary Builder is an interactive flash card system for parents and teachers to help teach basic language, and for children to play games and record their own words and sentences. Help is provided in over 40 languages by a talented talking tiger!
Special: Was $49.95 - now $25!
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Asterix CD-ROM (Windows and Macintosh)
Intermediate to Advanced
Asterix is based on the popular French comic book series of the same name and is a fun, interactive way to learn.
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Who is Oscar Lake?
Learn a foreign language while you solve a mystery! This learning tool in adventure game format is one of the most fun ways to learn a language. Truly excellent for conversation practice, and great for kids! Great for kids. Available in versions for Spanish, English, French, German, or Italian, on a CD-ROM compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms. Shipping weight 2 lbs.
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Berlitz Premier Language Software Courses
Learn languages the easy way with the straightforward, effective system that's been helping people learn foreign languages for more than a decade. With this unique, time-proven learning system, there are three powerful ways for you to learn:
Berlitz Premier for...
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Language Aids

LEC Translate
LEC Translate is used by more than 3 million customers worldwide to quickly and economically translate email, web pages, documents, instant messages, and more. LEC offers powerful and extensive solutions for any translation tasks.

Lingosmart Office
Do you want to do business abroad? Do you already have international business connections? Lingosmart Office creates your foreign business correspondence quickly and easily without help from the outside, fast, automatically, and with style, and with great savings in time and cost.
Lingosoft Office - Regular Version
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Global Office Suite
Now get Global Writer and Global Office for MS Office in one package for an amazing price! Global Writer is the word processor that lets you write in 100 languages with one keyboard, and Global Office is the enhancement to Microsoft Office that adds text entry and visual keyboard display in over 100 different languages - together they provide a complete multilingual suite. This package gives you a savings of $80 over buying these products individually!

Global Writer Professional Multilingual Word Processor
Global Writer Professional is a word processor that lets you express yourself in 100 languages without learning a new keyboard layout or using stickers. It is very easy to use because it looks and feels like popular Windows applications. Global Writer's built-in and customizable spell checker and thesaurus make typing faster and more convenient than ever. Best of all, everything you need is included in the box, at an amazingly low price. Shipping weight 1 lb.

Global Office Language Support for Office 97/2000/XP/2003/2007
Now you can write in all major languages from your standard English Windows in Microsoft Office! Unitype Global Office is an enhancement to Microsoft Office that adds text entry and visual keyboard display in over 100 different languages to these Microsoft products: Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is easy to use, yet powerful enough to support the most demanding tasks of businesses, translation professionals, and academics worldwide. Best of all, the program is simple to install and everything you need is on one CD-ROM. Shipping weight 2 lbs.

Multilingual Family Tree
Automatically create your own Family Tree! This program allows users to keep track and record genealogical information through hundreds of generations. Import and export universally recognized genealogical files (GedCom) from archives or internet sites around the world; trade family tree data with relatives near and far; print large family trees and detailed family reports to be preserved for generations. The languages supported include German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portugese and English.