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Foreign Newspapers Online

Online Newspapers From All Over The World!
Welcome to our online newspaper pages, featuring online news, magazines, journals and other electronic print formats from countries all over the world! If you have any questions or can't find what you need, please e-mail us at .

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Foreign Newspapers Online

For those who are learning a new language, or those who want to brush up their skills in French or Russian or any other language, or perhaps merely want to keep them from eroding, the availability of texts in another language is a prerequisite. Online newspapers fulfill this need in particularly useful manner, for they present modern prose with a moderately sized vocabulary, easy enough to read for the beginner and intermediate student, but still presenting the occasional new words that will enhance and stretch the knowledge of the novice. Online newspapers also present the predominant point of view of the public at large in a particular language, so they slowly induct the reader into a greater cultural understanding. As the reader's knowledge grows, both linguistically and culturally, they can go on to more difficult and specialized online newspapers, journals, and magazines. Finally, the normal way to learn a language is through communication and use, rather than sitting down and studying books and lesson plans. While online newspapers only present one direction of communication, and don't stimulate the ability to speak and express oneself, they do strongly support and improve reading comprehension, knowledge of language structure, and the acquisition of vocabulary. One learns naturally and fluidly, finding out what one doesn't know by the inability to figure out a particular passage, and encountering new vocabulary with the motivation to actually understand what someone is saying. It's a lot easier to learn a language this way, when you're actually interested in exploring what is before you, so make reading the online news a ritual like reading the morning daily, perhaps also with coffee and a Danish!