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French Language Schools in France:

French Language Schools in France: Auvergne
Are you looking for a place to study French intensively abroad, perhaps looking for a total immersion course with native speakers? Or maybe you want to take a vacation in France, and while enjoying the sights, learn enough French to help you get by in your explorations. We have collected here a number of French language schools of various levels of intensity in a variety of areas in France, to help you find the destination of your choice.

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Schools in Auvergne

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Study French in central France at CAVILAM. CAVILAM is located in the centre of town , and students are integrated into the daily life of the city. Vichy, a spa town , is also a city of culture and leisure, with an opera-house, theatre, multi-media research centre, racecourse, casinos, etc.; a centre for sports and tourism, where you can practice the sport of your choice; and the point of departure for numerous excursions in Auvergne and in the Bourbonnais region, but also for a weekend in Paris, Lyon or Provence. Each week, CAVILAM's cultural and leisure department organizes a schedule of complementary activities: sporting events, excursions, parties, discos, etc. Numerous cultural, historical, and leisure activities are offered to you all year long on Vichy's new university campus. Encounters, activities and evenings with French students as well as with people from all over the world. Come and meet us at CAVILAM - the crossroads of world cultures.
Location: Vichy

Cactus Language in Vichy
Learn French in Vichy, France! The school is located in the centre of Vichy and offers a variety of French language courses for foreigners year-round. It attracts students from some 90 countries worldwide, including China, Germany, Japan, Spain and Switzerland, many of whom tend to be in their 20s and 30s - although all ages are attracted to the area. There are numerous cultural, historical and leisure activities to enjoy in Vichy, and the school helps to arrange activities and excursions with French students as well as with people from all over the world. Drama evenings, tastings of local products, art or music workshops and film nights are always popular with students, while visits to local attractions such as the aqueduct of Le Pont du Gard, the castles of the Loire valley or the Clermont-Ferrand film festival are not to be missed. The Auvergne region is ideal for the adventurous and sporty, with walking through volcanic country, kayaking in the Ardèche and mountain biking just some of the exhilarating options available. And of course once you've done all this you don't need to feel in the least bit guilty for sitting back and relaxing in one of the town's wonderful thermal baths.
Location: Vichy

Language Courses Abroad - Vichy
Vichy, a spa town in the Auvergne, lies in the heart of France, an ideal location for really 'living' the French language in a region rich in French customs and tradition. Our school is located in a modern building, offering state-of-the-art learning facilities, including 3 computer rooms/language laboratories and a self-access multi-media centre for students to use in their spare time. Students share the campus with French university students.
Location: Vichy

Learn Languages Abroad - Vichy
Vichy is an ideal place to study the French language, French culture and to meet French people in a non cosmopolitan setting. Vichy has promoted French language tourism with the opening of the the Vichy Centre for Modern Languages where thousands of foreign language students come to learn French. At the school, you can take full advantage of studying French in France. All our teaching staff are native speakers, and specialists in teaching French as a foreign language. Our teaching methods ensure you can participate freely and actively in the classroom. The majority of our teaching materials are authentic documents, taken from a variety of sources. At the same time, our intensive tuition enables you to make rapid progress in mastering French grammar and prononciation. Overall, our aim is to help you improve your French as much as possible during your stay in Vichy.
Location: Vichy

Université Blaise Pascal
For more than 40 years The Foreign Students' department of our University has provided courses in French to students coming from all over the world. We welcome independent students and students involved in the International Relations of Blaise Pascal University (U.B.P.) We provide intensive courses at the beginning and at the end of the academic year, academic courses and examinations and a National examination ( DALF) which includes specific preparations.
Location: Clermont-Ferrand