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Spanish Reference: Technical

Dictionary of Environmental Science and Engineering: Spanish <-> English
Howard Headworth and Sarah Steines
This concise and comprehensive dictionary of English/Spanish and Spanish/English equivalents and associated words and expressions covers a wide range of specialties in environmental science and engineering, covering chemistry, biology, ecology, geology, hydrogeology, water and waste engineering, waste management and pollution control. Aimed at the working environmental scientist and engineer who needs intertranslation of English and Spanish terms, it includes about 10,000 alphabetically arranged entries that follow a traditional dictionary format. 324 pages.

Elsevier's Oil & Gas Field Dictionary: English/American, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and German
L.Y. Chaballe, L. Masuy, and J.P. Vandenberghe
In recent years international communication on the subject of oil and gas drilling has increased substantially, and many new drilling and recovery techniques have been introduced. Consequently many new terms have been incorporated into the literature; Elsevier's Oil and Gas Field Dictionary presents these, together with already existing terms, in seven of the world's major languages. The dictionary comprises the English/American terms, their synonyms and variants listed in American spelling, followed by their equivalents in French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German,with a supplementary section based on the most appropriate and frequently used Arabic terms. Care has been taken to incorporate actual terms and expressions used, by gathering information from reliable scientific and technical documents such as manuals, guides, brochures, specialized glossaries and diagrams. The fact that different companies and manufacturers use varying terms to describe similar objects or operations has not been overlooked. Special attention has been devoted to important areas such as geology, drilling methods and equipment, logging, sampling, well servicing, mud engineering, offshore and permafrost conditions and preparation for shipping and monitoring; the dictionary therefore facilitates communication between those involved directly and indirectly with the development and management of energy resources. Oil companies, engineers, equipment manufacturers, students, translators and interpreters, and all those involved in the field of energy production will find this dictionary an invaluable reference tool. 684 pages.

English-Spanish, Spanish-English Electrical and Computer Engineering Dictionary
Steven M. Kaplan
The English-Spanish, Spanish-English Electrical and Computer Engineering Dictionary offers comprehensive up-to-date coverage of virtually every word and phrase you are likely to encounter in the electrical and computer engineering literature. The only book of its kind, it contains more than 95,000 entries - nearly 50,000 in each language. Designed for quick reference and clarity, it features a user-friendly format that directs you instantly to the precise equivalent you need without first rerouting you through a maze of irrelevant terms and phrases. For idiomatic expressions, conceptual equivalents are provided, rather than literal translations. And phrases that begin with the same word or words are provided as separate entries. Paperback, 792 pages.

Means Spanish English Construction Dictionary
This new tool is designed to facilitate communication among Spanish- and English-speaking construction communities and improve the quality of performance and job-site safety. It features the most common words and phrases used in the construction industry with easy-to-follow pronunciations, and extensive building systems and tools illustrations that make this publication a unique and valuable reference. The dictionary includes English-to-Spanish translations, Spanish-to-English translations, phonetic pronunciations, useful on-the-job phrases, unit conversion factors, and tables with illustrated sections of tools and equipment for each trade. An essential tool for contractors, construction workers, architects, building officials, and students in apprenticeship and training programs, this book is a collaboration with the International Conference of Building Officials, who extensively researched the most-needed terms, as well as with Rolf Jensen & Associates, noted building code consultants. Paperback, 250 pages.

Spanish/English Dictionary of Human and Physical Geography
Steven L. Driever
An essential tool for anyone studying the human and physical geography of the Spanish-speaking world, this dictionary provides more refined and geographically-oriented definitions than general bilingual dictionaries and contains thousands of words omitted from the best standard bilingual dictionaries. Hardcover, 736 pages.

Routledge Spanish and English Technical Dictionary on CD-ROM
The CD-ROM version of this dictionary was published in 1998 and contains more than 115,000 headwords and 3,000 abbreviations in both Spanish and English. Terms come from the whole range of modern applied science and technical terminology. Compiled by an international team of subject experts and native-speaking language specialists and lexicographers, this dictionary provides the most up-to-date terms for over 70 subject areas, including transportation, physics, mechanical engineering, electricity, mining, chemistry, construction, geology, fuelless energy resources, quality assurance, military technology, television, particle physics, computing and data processing, and recycling.

Routledge Spanish Dictionary of Environmental Technology: Spanish <-> English
Miguel A. Gaspar Paricio
This dictionary provides some 20,000 terms and references in all the major areas in the field, including air pollution and air quality control, environmental policy, noise pollution, soil contamination and remediation, water pollution and waste water treatment, water supply and drinking water, and many others. Hardcover, 288 pages.

Routledge Spanish Dictionary of Telecommunications: Spanish <-> English
Emilio German Muniz
This dictionary provides some 30,000 terms and references. Subject areas include applications and services, climate control, components and materials, power systems, radio-based technologies, switching, telephony and telegraphy, television and video, terminal and peripheral apparatus, testing and procedures, and many others. Hardcover, 576 pages.