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Spanish Grammar in Review
For beginning to intermediate-level students, Spanish Grammar in Review provides clear explanations and varied practice to help Spanish students review key grammar concepts. Softbound 81/2" by 11", 448 pages. This book is organized into 8 major parts:
  • Nouns and noun phrases
  • Regular verbs in the indicative
  • Irregular verbs in the indicative
  • Uses of selected verbs
  • Verb phrases
  • Non-finite verbs
  • Simple Sentence Transformations
  • Complex Sentence Transformations
    Spanish Grammar in Review
    Answer Key
  • A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish
    John Butt and Carmen Benjamin. 2nd edition
    A standard English-language grammar for the Spanish language. It provides teachers, students, and others interested in the Spanish language with a comprehensive, accessible, and jargon-free guide to the forms and structures of Spanish as it is currently spoken and written in Spain and Latin America. This second edition has been updated throughout, with many newly selected examples of current usage from both Spain and the Americas. A notable feature of this edition is its large format, with an attractive, clear layout that will help users to quickly find their way though the material. Paperback.

    English Grammar for Students of Spanish
    If you don't know an infinitive from a preposition, learning Spanish can be harder than it should be. This book will help you learn the basic principles of English grammar, and then relate them to Spanish grammar.