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Bilingual Dictionary of Latin American Spanish
Includes over 5,000 entries and 6,000 definitions of the most commonly-used Latin American words and expressions, with many examples to illustrate their use, and there is a Spanish and English translation for every entry. Includes all entries listed in the Spanish Royal Academy dictionary pertaining to all, most or much of Latin America. Features include: numerous examples illustrating usage, Spanish and English translations of all Latin American words and phrases, easy to read print.

The Dictionary of Chicano Spanish
Chicano Spanish, the predominant dialect spoken in the United States, is a colorful, living language. The Dictionary of Chicano Spanish defines words and idioms commonly used by Mexican-Americans in the United States today. This is a supplementary dictionary of the Spanish spoken by Chicanos in the states of Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Florida. The nearly 8,000 entries represent a compilation of Chicano words and phrases not typically found in standard dictionaries. Items are listed alphabetically in Spanish, followed by an English definition. This is intended, however, as a supplement to full-length dictionaries of standard Spanish. Appendices contain proverbs and sayings, a brief discussion on verbs ending in -iar and -ear, and a bibliography.