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Spanish Reference: Business

Routledge Spanish Dictionary of Business, Commerce, and Finance: English <-> Spanish
This bilingual English <-> Spanish dictionary provides some 100,000 terms and references and 4,000 abbreviations in over 40 subject areas, including: accountancy, banking, business administration, computing, correspondence, finance, import & export, law, management, mathematics, patents, politics, sales & marketing, taxation, tourism, and many other fields. Hardcover, 856 pages.

Diccionario LID Empresa Y Economía
Marcelino Elosua
This dictionary is the most complete of its kind, with over 10,000 terms defined in Spanish and translated into American and British English, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. In addition there is a reverse dictionary for each language into Spanish with tables of frequent usage included. In this tenth edition 3,000 new terms have been introduced. A team of fourteen authors under the direction of Marcelino Elosua has defined each concept in a simple and practical manner with great thoroughness. Included are the more important and new specialized terms of such areas as strategy, finance, accounting, marketing, commerce, human resources, technologies of information and communication, production, and economy. This is an essential reference book for the college student or director who aspires to be up-to-date in the world of the businesses with an international perspective. Hardcover, 829 pp.

The Oxford Spanish Business Dictionary
Donald Watt with editing by Sinda Lopez
This is an ideal dictionary for students taking Spanish in combination with a business qualification at college or for anyone doing business in the Spanish-speaking world. It provides an exhaustive range of business vocabulary - over 50,000 words and phrases - across many core areas, far outstripping the competition in its coverage of e-commerce and Internet-related terms. Detailed treatment of all vocabulary items is provided, along with thousands of example phrases illustrating important constructions. The extensive supplementary material offers sample business correspondence, including Curriculum Vitaes; faxes, emails, and invoices; lists of countries, nationalities, languages, and currencies; and guidance on using the telephone. Paperback, 640 pages.

Spanish Business Dictionary: Multicultural Business Spanish
Morry Sofer
This new dictionary addresses the need for accurate communications between English-speaking and Spanish-speaking countries. Paperback, 330 pages.

Business Spanish Dictionary
Peter Collin
As more and more business is done in Spanish and with Spanish-speaking countries around the world, the need for this reference grows ever greater. It is fully bilingual, including both English-Spanish and Spanish-English sections, and in addition to definitions, many entries include quotations from both Spanish and English newspapers and magazines to show how terms are used in context. Parts of speech and notes on grammar are also provided. 631pp.

Accounting Dictionary/Diccionario de Contabilidad: English <-> Spanish, Spanish <-> Spanish (Bilingual)
Nora Sanchez
This is the first English-Spanish translation dictionary of accounting terms to cover the differences in accounting terminology for Spanish-speaking countries, providing more than 75,000 financial and accounting words, phrases, terms, and expressions. Includes 21 sample financial statements in English and Spanish for seven countries and three industries; including manufacturing, banking, and services. This bilingual accounting dictionary offers not only English-Spanish and Spanish-English translations of accounting terms but also a Spanish-Spanish section correlating the different terms used in major Spanish-speaking countries. The only accounting dictionary to offer such coverage, this useful reference provides accounting practitioners and students with easy, accurate guidance for translating in and among countries like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela. Ideal for translating financial statements, conducting audits, and performing accounting functions in multinational companies, this is an essential tool for all accountants, financial managers, and students participating in the burgeoning Spanish-speaking market. 322 pages.

English-Spanish Real Estate Dictionary
Charles J. Jacobus and Nora Olmos
This quick-reference dictionary provides nearly 2,000 terms in both English and Spanish covering all the essential areas for real estate. Comprehensive coverage, easy-to-find definitions, simple explanations, terminology used on licensing examinations, and numerous illustrations make this a handy reference tool. This up-to-date bi-lingual dictionary is a must for any practicing real estate agent and especially for those preparing to become a real estate agent as well as consumers looking to become more knowledgeable in the real estate field. 384 pages.

Commercial Trucking Bilingual Dictionary: English <-> Spanish
Maria Moya
Written in English with Spanish translations, this versatile book is an essential glossary and tool for anyone within the commercial truck driving industry, as well as in industries that interact with commercial truck drivers. Administrators, students, supervisors, agency officials, police officers, and DOT field personnel, along with professional commercial truck drivers can easily carry and use this handy bilingual resource in all phases of work relating to commercial truck driving. This includes inspections, exams, skills tests, classroom training, and more. A must-have dictionary and reference, it can be utilized for better understanding of terminology, resources, regulations, safety requirements, and hazardous material regulations. Businesses that operate along the US/Mexico border and in Latin America, where English as a Second Language (ESL) is required, will also benefit from this excellent guide. 152 pages.