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Berlitz Premier Language Software Courses

Berlitz CD-ROM Language Courses

Berlitz Premier Language Software Courses
Learn languages the easy way with the straightforward, effective system that's been helping people learn foreign languages for more than a decade. With this unique, time-proven learning system, there are three powerful ways for you to learn: (1) on your Windows PC or Macintosh, (2) in your car, and (3) on the go using an iPod or other mobile listening device. Developed by an editorial staff of 30 teachers, Berlitz Premier makes learning fast, fun and effective - and it's 100% guaranteed. Berlitz Premier comes in packages for English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Chinese/Japanese. Berlitz Premier runs on Windows and Macintosh systems (NOT Vista-compatible).

Berlitz Premier for...

Berlitz Premier - Three Ways To Learn - System Requirements

Berlitz Premier Language Software Courses

Now you can learn a language the easy way with the straightforward software that’s been helping people learn foreign languages for more than a decade. Berlitz Premier is fast, easy and effective. Berlitz Premier is appropriate for levels from beginning to advanced. For the beginner, get comfortable as a new learner by starting with the basics; study such topics as Meeting and Greeting, Basic Travel Terms, Numbers and Money, Colors, and Sightseeing. For the intermediate learner, rapidly improve your pronunciation through conversation; study such topics as Asking for Directions, Ordering a Meal, Shopping, At the Hotel, and Emergencies. For the advanced student, learn words and phrases that will make you sound like a native speaker; practice such topics as Office Conversation, Speaking on the Phone, An Evening with Friends, and Survival Phrases.

Founded 128 years ago, Berlitz is now the world's largest provider of language training and cultural consulting services, with more than 460 locations in 63 countries and more than 60 locations in the United States. Berlitz has helped millions of men, women and children speak new languages, and its cultural consultants have assisted thousands of organizations reach across cultural barriers successfully. The company’s origins date back to 1878 when language tutor Maximilian D. Berlitz developed a new method of teaching people. His approach, which he developed into the Berlitz Method, was so successful it became the gold standard of language instruction and led to what would become a globe-spanning organization.

Three Powerful Ways To Learn

With this unique, time-proven learning system, there are three powerful ways for you to learn.

Learn On Your Computer

    This award-winning software for both Windows and Macintosh gives you four easy ways to master a language.
  • Total Immersion: Learn by listening to actual conversations.
  • Multimedia Learning: Enhance your knowledge by watching videos.
  • Flash Card System: Reinforce your learning with this proven method.
  • Speech Analysis: Improve your pronunciation with practice conversation

Learn In Your Car

  • A Comprehensive language Course on 4 Berlitz Audio CDs:
    Learn in your car with a complete language course on 4 audio CDs. Berlitz makes it easy to improve your fluency while you're on the road.

Learn On The Go

  • Innovative iPod Exercises are included free!
  • Practice your vocabulary using your iPod or other MP3 player. Test your proficiency with word lists that match the software.
  • Flash card software for your Palm or Pocket PC
  • Vocabulary building screensaver

System Requirements

Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP (NOT Vista-compatible); Pentium® 166 MHz or Faster; 256 MB RAM; 800 x 600 Display; CD-ROM Drive; Sound card and speakers.

OS X 10.2.8 or Later; Macintosh G3 or Faster or Intel® - based Macintosh; 128 MB RAM; CD-ROM Drive.

Optional Devices
Microphone for recording and speech recognition; iPod or other MP3 player; Pocket PC 2002 or later; Palm (Palm OS 5 or later, 500 KB available memory, 320 x 240 resolution).

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Innovative Games

Advanced Speech Analysis