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Foreign Service Deluxe Courses The Fastest Way To Fluency
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Platiquemos Book and CD
Level 1
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Platiquemos Book and CD
Levels 1 through 8
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French Book and CD
Level 1 - 19 CDs
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Mandarin Chinese Book and CD
Module 1: Orientation
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Cantonese Book and CD
Level One - 14 CDs and book
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Modern Written Arabic
Level 1 Book and CD
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Level 1 Book and CD
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Foreign Service Institute Language Courses

Multilingual Books now manufactures the entire line of Foreign Service Institute (FSI) courses, available in over 30 languages. These courses are considered by many to be the best and most complete language courses available. Most courses are now available on audio CDs or in a digital version with PDF texts and MP3 audio files. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at .

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Course Features

The Foreign Service Institute has developed a series of language-learning courses for use by the state department and other government agencies. These courses have been developed, tested by use, and improved over a period of many years. Working with the Departments of Defense, Education, other government agencies, and various universities, the FSI has created the largest body of complete courses for languages of the world available anywhere.

The courses consist of a large book prepared by experts in the language, and a number of audio recordings by native speakers. Many languages are presented in levels (up to four), so students can go on to achieve greater mastery of the languages they choose. The first level of these courses is sufficient for a working knowledge of the grammar and pronunciation, and will serve the needs of travelers and business people. All of these courses present the subject language in a way that allows students to master the material quickly and thoroughly, while moving at their own pace through lessons and reviews.

Bulk Discounts on Foreign Service Method Courses

Multilingual Books is proud to supply these quality courses to national resellers including Barnes and Noble, Borders, and Amazon. We offer the following standard discounts to resellers, schools, and others wishing to buy in quantity:

1-2 courses = retail
3-4 courses = 10%
5-9 courses = 15%
10+ courses = 20%
Contact us for rates on larger quantities.

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