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Beginning Polish
Book and MP3 audio
Alexander M. Schenker
Schenker's Beginning Polish is still widely considered the best introductory text for Polish, as it combines great thoroughness and scholarly detail with a complete immersion in the language.. It includes twenty-five lessons each divided into sentences, pronunciation, grammar exercises, and vocabulary. The book is primarily a tool for learning Polish, but as it gives an extremely detailed description of the language, it is also useful as a rudimentary reference grammar. The tapes cover the sentences, pronunciation, and drills in the book, and were recorded by native Polish speakers. The method presented rests on the proposition that the most efficient way of learning a language is to begin by speaking it, and that in order to achieve a modicum of fluency a student must operate with complete utterances rather than with isolated words and grammatical rules. Comes with over 10 hours of MP3 audio and a 487-page text.

"The best textbook for learning the Polish language by English-speaking students that has ever been written" Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics
"Far surpasses anything currently available...reflects a decade and a half of productive search by the leading American structuralist concerned with Modern Polish" Slavic and East European Journal

Multilingual Books FSI Fast Polish
$25 off CD version, Level 1!
The Fast Polish course is designed as a survival language course. The emphasis is on developing the necessary language skills to handle the most frequent situations a visitor would meet with while traveling in Poland. The course is divided into 14 units with grammar exercises following unit 14. Topics covered include: exchanging greetings, getting around on foot, using the telephone, eating out, social life, dealing with emergencies, and more. Learning activities in most units include: cultural notes, dialogues, exercises and drills, additional vocabulary, and language notes. Polish Fast comes with 4 cassettes and a 450 page book.
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Colloquial Polish
Colloquial Polish covers all the basics of the Polish language including grammar and speech. The Colloquial series is our most popular series of language courses, due to its excellent quality, low cost, and amazing range of available languages. These are beginning to intermediate level courses, perfect for travellers, brushing up on skills, or supplementary use. Two CDs and a book are included.