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Free Latin Lessons and Courses

Free Latin Lessons and Courses
We have gathered together here a number of free Latin language lessons and language courses for those learning Latin, along with some other Latin language resources, such as Latin online courses and exercises, podcasts, video lessons, alphabets, dictionaries, lexicons, verb conjugations, language communities, newspapers, articles, and books. Most of these sites will be in English, although a number are multilingual in nature.

  Video Lessons

All of Evan der Millner's Latin Playlists
Many, many video lessons in Latin.
All of TuTubusLatinus's Latin Playlists
Many, many video lessons in Latin.
Comenius Latin Language Education Project by Evan der Millner
33 video lessons in Latin.
Constructing Latin Sentences by TuTubusLatinus
11 video lessons in Latin.
Conversational Latin by Evan der Millner
36 video lessons in Latin.
Latin For Beginners Legacy Course by Evan der Millner
34 video lessons in Latin.
Latin Lessons by TuTubusLatinus
11 video lessons in Latin.
Learning Latin by TheHistoryOfPodcast
8 video lessons in Latin.
The London Latin Course by Evan der Millner
168 video lessons in Latin.
Ruddiman Latin Grammar by Evan der Millner
18 video lessons in Latin grammar.

  Courses and Exercises

Dr. Stewart's Latin Page
"This page is designed to assist students taking Latin at Ursinus, but the grammar review and exercises may prove useful to students of Latin anywhere. Especially helpful is the Links page, which will contain references for online dictionaries, texts, grammars and other items." with Latin grammar, exercises, sentences, quizzes, and tests.
InternetPolyglot Latin
Vocabulary in Latin with audio pronunciation.
Latin Course for the Virtual School of Languages
"This course is based on the German Latin course "Cursus Novus Compactus", translated and completed by Judith Meyer (alias Junesun) for the Unilang project "Virtual School of Languages"... The course consists of many units, some of which still need to be brought into a computer-acceptable format, which contain text(s), vocabulary, grammar, exercises and information on aspects of life in Ancient Rome. The course starts with lessons for people who know no Latin at all and will enable you to read original texts, for example Caesar's De Bello Gallico or Catull's poems. In addition to the course, I'll post material for intermediate readers, who know the basic rules of Latin and want to practise a bit."
Latin For Beginners
Online Latin course courtesy of the Gutenberg Project, an entire book (193pp) in HTML, .TXT, Epub, and Kindle formats.
Latin For Mountain Men
"Here are two dozen short lessons on learning Latin designed for "mountain men" (and women: montani montanaeque), engineers, philosophers, and anyone else looking for entertainment and with lots of free time by the campfire. My course is quite different from Peter Jones' Learn Latin (New York: Barnes and Noble, 1997), but it is just as devoted to interesting you in Latin. If my course doesn't please, by all means have a look at Jones' book, which is published by, and available at, Barnes and Noble in the US. Elsewhere on this site, I have suggestions for the more formal study of Latin and Greek. There is also a huge amount of material available to you on the web and elsewhere."
Latin Grammar
"Welcome to the Latin grammar pages. Here you will find paradigms for the five noun declensions and four verb conjugations, as well as examples of a number of irregularities. (Yes, pronouns are declined as well.) And examples -- yes lots of examples to help you in your study of Latin grammar and syntax."
Latin Grammar and Vocabulary Helps
With general grammatical explanations, verbs, nouns and adjectives, and vocabulary.
Learn101 Latin
Elementary Latin lessons for the beginner.
Linney's Latin Class
"This online Latin class consists of a series of free recorded lectures in MP3 format. These lectures take the listener through a Latin textbook called The First Year of Latin by Gunnison and Harley (1902 edition). So to participate in Linney's Latin Class, you will need to get the textbook, download the lectures, and listen to the lectures. You will probably want to get a notebook of some kind to do your work in." Latin Lessons
Short courses on adjectives, adverbs, articles, gender (feminine, masculine...), negation, nouns, numbers, phrases, plural, prepositions, pronouns, questions, verbs, vocabulary, and excercises to help with Latin grammar.
National Archives Beginners' Latin
"Welcome to the beginnersí Latin tutorials. These lessons cover the type of Latin used in official documents written in England between 1086 and 1733. This can be quite different from classical Latin, as used by the Ancient Romans. We recommend that you begin with lesson 1 and work through to lesson 12. Lesson 1 is the most simple; lesson 12 is the most difficult."
The Project Gutenberg EBook of New Latin Grammar, by Charles E. Bennett
"he present work is a revision of that published in 1908. No radical alterations have been introduced, although a number of minor changes will be noted. I have added an Introduction on the origin and development of the Latin language, which it is hoped will prove interesting and instructive to the more ambitious pupil. At the end of the book will be found an Index to the Sources of the Illustrative Examples cited in the Syntax." From Project Gutenberg, and entire book (400pp) in HTML, .TXT, Epub, and Kindle formats.

  Language Communities Learn to Speak Latin
"Learn Latin online by practicing with a native speaker who is learning your language. Write or speak Latin online to improve grammar or conversation."
Polyglot is a non-profit community dedicated to language exchange. Polyglot allows you to find the right person ready to exchange languages with you. You will search for penpals according to age, gender, location, hobbies, etc. Polyglot is fully customizable. You will choose your own icons, styles or post your own Polyglot translations, so that more people speaking your language can become a member.
UniLang Community
The main purpose of the UniLang Community is to provide an online site where people interested in languages can unite, openly discuss, and find resources related to language(s), linguistics and translations. We are an open non-profit organization, meaning that everything on our site is publicly accessible at no cost, and membership is also free and open for everybody. All data, unless otherwise stated, is licensed under an open licence, the UniLang Public License, as opposed to a restrictive copyright.

  Other Latin Resources

Electronic Resources for Wheelock's Latin
This site contains a series of drill programmes which are intended to assist students of Latin (particularly those using Wheelock's text) with their vocabulary, including Flash Cards, Click On Words, Fill-In-The-Blanks (used for meanings, cases and principle parts), a growing Database of Wheelock's vocabulary (used for listing vocabulary by type or by chapter which also will decline nouns on-the-fly), and a searchable Latin/English English/Latin lexicon.
Latin Dictionaries Online
Comprehensive listing of Latin dictionaries, technical reference, grammars, and other language aids.
Study Guide to Wheelock's Latin
HTML index of study guide, written by Dale Grote, University of North Carolina; his site also includes Real Audio files of phrases and vocabulary, online lectures, and other Latin study aids.
Wheelock Help
A compendium of useful sites which supplement Wheelock's Latin.