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Medieval Mosaic: A Book of Medieval Latin Readings
A.W. Godfrey
A Supplement to Ars Latinae
An informative and entertaining collection of thought, theology, history and biography from the 4th through the 15th centuries. It contains over 75 selections with same page notes, with also a brief tutorial introduction to Medieval Latin, and a succint introduction to each period, author, and text.

Power-Glide Ultimate Course for Latin
For grades 9-12
Open the door to new skills and opportunities that only learning a new language can provide. With the most innovative and effective language teaching activities available, these courses start you on a path toward language fluency. And since Power-Glide is fully accredited through the Northwest Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities you're assured of quality and ease of obtaining credit. The activities in the courses are diverse enough to accomodate many different learning styles and aptitudes. You'll find music, stories, memory aids, Diglot-Weaves, you-are-there adventures, kinesthetic, visual, audio activities, and more. In addition, Power-Glide can be used with or without a teacher, or in groups or individually and self-paced. With Workbooks, 6 audio CDs, and an interactive CD-ROM (Windows-Mac compatible).
Latin Ultimate Course
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Power-Glide Children's Course for Latin
(for Pre K-4th grade)
The Power-Glide Children's Course was designed for children Pre K - 4th grade. Course activities are designed specifically with these learners in mind and include matching games, story telling, speaking, drawing, creative thinking, acting, and guessing - all things which children do for fun. Children who complete this course can expect to understand an impressive amount of language, including several common phrases, some complete sentences, numbers, colors, body parts, and instructions for drawing and acting. They will also be able to understand stories told all or mostly in the language, to re-tell these stories using the language themselves, and to make up stories of their own using words and sentence patterns they have learned. After completion, your children will be well prepared to continue learning at a more advanced level, and they will have the foundation that will make learning at that level just as fun and interesting as in this course. Available for 3 levels of curriculum in Spanish, French, and German, and for 1 Level in Latin.
Children's Course