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Online Dictionaries - Latin Dictionaries

Online Dictionaries From Around The World!
Presented here is a collection of pages with links to online dictionaries in languages from all over the world, including monolingual online dictionaries, bilingual online dictionaries, online technical and specialty dictionaries, and online translation engines and hyper-dictionaries. If you find any of the links dead and you want to notify us, or if you have recommendations for another dictionary to add to the site, contact us by email at

Latin and Latin-English Dictionaries | Latin Dictionaries in Other Languages | Latin Resources

Online Dictionaries Main Index

  Latin, Latin-English Dictionaries and Other Languages

Online English to Latin Translator - Translates phrases from English into Latin, powered by InterTran.
Perseus Project Latin to English Word Search - This allows you to search the Latin definitions in Lewis and Short.
Perseus Project English to Latin Word Search - This allows you to search the English definitions in Lewis and Short.
Perseus Project Latin Morphological Analysis - This tool analyses Latin words and tells you their possible morphological analyses and the dictionary entries from which they could be derived.
Perseus Project Latin Vocabulary Tool - Generate vocabulary lists for Latin texts.
Perseus Project Latin Words in Context - Find instances of one or more words appearing in Latin texts. Useful in searching for Latin idioms and phrases.
University of Notre Dame Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid - Type in the form of the word or a truncated form (e.g., stem only); for help with the ending of a word, type the ending in the space provided. To see all the words in the dictionary that begin with "q", search for "q" as the stem. There is also an English to Latin dictionary provided.
University of Notre Dame English to Latin Dictionary - Type in an English word and all Latin equivalents are output.
Words by William Whitaker - Latin dictionary with about 30,000 entries, with a few hundred prefixes and suffixes that further enlarge the range; these will generate tens of thousands of additional words - some of which are recognized Latin words, some are perfectly reasonable words which were never used by Cicero or Caesar but might have been used by Augustine or some monk at Jarrow, and some are nonsense.
Humanum Arts Latin-English Dictionary - The present dictionary is an improvisation based on a word-list originally from Lynn H. Nelson of the University of Kansas, containing about 8,000 headwords.
Gualterius Redmond's Glossarium Anglico-Latinum - English to Latin glossary in HTML format, indexed alphabetically.
Latin Lexicon - Search for words or parts of words e.g. "trad" or "traditio". The search engine will return matches for as many letters as you enter; all searches are carried out on the usual lexical entry, i.e. the nom. sing. for nouns (traditio) or the 1st sing. pres. ind. act. for verbs (moneo).
Freedict Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary - Simple word translations without additional information. Latin Dictionaries - A collection of free Latin bilingual dictionaries for many languages. Browsable online, with word searches, and downloadable data files.
Latinitas Recens - A dictionary of recent Latin to help the reader apply Latin to the modern world in a realistic way without doing undue harm to classical Latin. All words are taken from reliable resources and given their proper credit. The dictionaries are in Latin to Italian and English, and English to Latin, and are aimed primarily at the English-speaking community.
Latin Derivatives - English Words from Latin (PDF) - More than 1750 Latin derivatives (English words derived from Latin words), defined and used in original sentences, as well as many closely related words.

  Latin Dictionaries in Other Languages

Dictionnaire Latin-Français - Online bilingual Latin-French dictionary, searchable and also browsable alphabetically.
Lutèce Latin-French Dictionary - Online HTML dictionary of Latin into French, with about 20,000 terms; site also has a number of other Latin resources.
ARTFL Project: Robert Estienne's Dictionarium latinogallicum (1552) - The third edition of Robert Estienne's Dictionarium latinogallicum marks the culmination of his work on the Latin-French dictionary.
Simone's Latin to Italian Dictionary of Roman Law Terms - Roman legal terminology and its translation into modern Italian.
Wikiled Latin-Russian Dictionary - Searchable online, and browsable alphabetically.
Glossarium Latino-Estonico-Latinum - Online and searchable bilingual Latin-Estonian dictionary.
The Medieval Latin Dictionary of Saxo Grammaticus - Latin interface to this medieval Latin dictionary.

  Latin Resources

The Latin Library - Online library of classical Latin works, in HTML format.
Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum - Searchable and browsable collection of classical Latin works.
IntraText Digital Library: Latin Literature - Browsable online library of classical Latin texts.
Electronic Resources for Wheelock's Latin - This site contains a series of drill programmes which are intended to assist students of Latin (particularly those using Wheelock's text) with their vocabulary, including Flash Cards, Click On Words, Fill-In-The-Blanks (used for meanings, cases and principle parts), a growing Database of Wheelock's vocabulary (used for listing vocabulary by type or by chapter which also will decline nouns on-the-fly), and a searchable Latin/English English/Latin lexicon.
Study Guide to Wheelock's Latin - HTML index of study guide, written by Dale Grote, University of North Carolina; his site also includes Real Audio files of phrases and vocabulary, online lectures, and other Latin study aids.
Latin-English Dictionary Program - Words - Version 1.97FC - "Download a free Latin-English-Latin dictionary program for your PC or MAC... The dictionary contains over 39000 entries and, through additional word construction with hundreds of prefixes and suffixes, may generate more, leading to many hundreds of thousands of 'words' that can be formed by declension and conjugation. Present emphisis is on classical Latin and late Latin, but medieval Latin entries are increasing. WORDS provides a tool to help in translations for the Latin student and a memory jog for researchers."
William Smith's A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities.1875. - "This single volume, of 1294 pages in rather fine print set in two columns and amounting to well over a million words, is a treasure trove of information on the ancient world, and was for many years a standard reference work, carried thru several British and American editions from the first in 1842 to the last in 1890-91 with relatively few alterations. It shares one of its selling points with the Web: many illustrations. They are woodcuts, but often rather good ones, and sometimes clearer than photographs could be."