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Spanish Magazines Online

Online Magazines From All Over The World!
Welcome to our online magazine pages, featuring online magazines, journals and other electronic print formats from countries all over the world! For those who are expanding or refining their knowledge of a language, or those who want to keep up their skills at a certain level of proficiency, the availability of texts in another language is a prerequisite. Online magazines and journals fill this need in a useful manner, for they present modern prose with a more challenging vocabulary than that found in newspapers, presenting ideas and information with more depth and analysis, and using greater vocabulary and stylistic fluency. If you have any questions or can't find what you need, please e-mail us at .

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  Spanish Magazines Online

Widely read daily newspaper from Spain.
ABC Color
Political magazine from Paraguay.
El Amante Cine
Argentinian film monthly.
Ambito Financiero
Financial and business magazine from Argentina.
Magazine of arts, technology, and information science from Argentina.
Local news and information from the Canary Islands.
Peruvian news magazine.
Cinco Dias
Spain's foremost business and financial daily, from Madrid.
El Comercio
The largest daily newspaper of Peru, from Lima.
El Comercio Digital
Online version of the popular news and financial magazine from Asturias, Spain.
El Dia
Local news from Tenerife, in the Canary Islands.
El Diario
News from Aruba.
Diario La Hora
Guatemalan daily.
Diario Clarin
Argentinian daily from Buenos Aires.
El Diario de Hoy
El Savadorian daily newspaper.
Diario de Mallorca
Local newspaper from Mallorca, Spain
El Diario de Yucatan
A Mexican daily frpm the Yucatan peninsula.
Diez Minutos
Spanish tabloid and celebrity gossip magazine.
El Economista
Magazine of economic and financial news from Mexico.
Spanish version of the magazine for young women.
Magazine for entrepreneurs and business.
El Espectador
Weekly magazine with national circulation within Colombia.
Spanish literary studies magazine.
Magazine of movies and film.
Gaceta UNAM
Mexican newspaper.
Guatemalan magazine for business and finance.
Daily from Alicante, Spain.
La Insignia
Left-leaning pan-Latin newspaper of politics and culture.
La Jerga
Alternative magazines from Mexico, in both English and Spanish.
Levante-El Mercantil Valenciano
Financial magazine from Valencia, Spain.
Mac World
Magazine for the world of Apple computers, from Spain.
El Mercurio
Conservative Chilean newspaper with editions in Valparaíso and Santiago; the Valparaíso edition is the oldest daily in the Spanish language currently in circulation.
   El Mundo
Newspaper from Madrid, Spain, covering general news
La Nacion
Costa Rican newspaper; also includes a week in review in English.
La Nacion
National newspaper of Argentina.
El Norte
Major newspaper in the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.
La Nueva Provincia
Local and regional newspaper from Bahia Blanca City, Argentina.
El Nuevo Diario
Nicaraguan newspaper from Managua.
El Nuevo Dia Interactivo
Newspaper based in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.
El Pais
The most widely-circulated newspaper in Spain, from Madrid.
El Periodico de Catalunya
Spanish morning daily from Catalonia, published in Barcelona.
La Prensa
Newspaper from Panama City, Panama.
La Prensa
Newspaper from Nicaragua.
Prensa Libre
Guatemalan newspaper covering general news.
A Proposito
Articles on poetry, music, test and art in addition to interviews.
Radio news transcribed to text from Ecuador.
Mexican daily from San Luis.
Fashion and celebrity magazine from Spain.
Leftist alternative Spanish newspaper covering politics and world events.
La Republica
Newspaper from Lima, Peru, covering general news
La Revista
Sunday magazine from the Spanish daily El Mundo.
El Siglo
General news daily from Panama City, Panama,
El Telegrafo
Ecuador's oldest newspaper.
La Tercera
Daily newspaper published in Santiago, Chile.
El Tiempo
The highest circulation daily newspaper in Colombia and the only non-tabloid daily with national distribution.
El Tiempo
News magazine for business and general news, from Honduras.
Ultima Hora
Independent daily from Paraguay.
El Universal
Venezuelan newspaper from Caracas, covering news, politics, sports, and the economy.
EL Universal
Newspaper from Mexico City, Mexico, one of the most influential and read newspapers in Mexico.
Venezuela Analitica
Venezuelan journal of political and economic analysis.