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Pimsleur Language Courses

Pimsleur Audio Courses
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Learn to Speak any language quickly and easily with the world famous Pimsleur program. You can learn in your car, on the go, or at home with Pimsleurs unique audio only approach. Pimsleur's revolutionary system teaches you the grammatical structures and everyday vocabulary most frequently used by real native speakers. The comprehensive Pimsleur program comes in thirty half hour-minute segments on CD or Bookchips.

Pimsleur is an excellent value, starting at just $75 for Compact 5-CD courses, and $199 for the 16-CD Comprehensive courses, a $146 discount from retail! Courses available for: Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (ESL for Mandarin Chinese, French, Korean, Italian, Russian, or Spanish), French, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Ojibwe, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Twi, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

Pimsleur Packages and Pricing:   Albanian - Arabic - Armenian - Chinese - Croatian - Czech - Danish - Dari - Dutch - English (ESL) - French - German - Greek - Haitian Creole - Hebrew - Hindi - Hungarian - Indonesian - Italian - Japanese - Korean - Lithuanian - Norwegian - Ojibwe - Pashto - Persian - Polish - Portuguese - Romanian - Russian - Spanish - Swahili - Swedish - Tagalog - Thai - Twi - Ukrainian - Urdu - Vietnamese

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"Pimsleur is the best beginning language course ever. It moves at just the right pace--slow enough that I could keep up and remember each lesson, but quick enough that I soon had quite a vocabulary. And I love all of the little tips for more idiomatic pronunciation. Thanks!" - Joshua Rooklin, Seattle, WA

30 Day Guarantee
Try our course for one month! If you don't think this is the finest course available, we'll take it back!

Pimsleur Audio Language Courses

We offer the entire line of 30-lesson "Comprehensive" Pimsleur courses at significantly below retail prices. We do this because we believe Pimsleur makes the best conversational language courses in the world and we like to promote them. Courses listed as "Comprehensive" come as 30 units on 16 CDs; courses listed as "Compact" come as 10 units on 5 CDs.

Multiple levels are available in many languages. Pimsleur courses come in a sturdy case containing the CDs and instructions for the course. The Pimsleur Method is one of the most respected ways to learn a foreign language. It teaches exclusively by means of audio dialogue; you can learn with ease in your car, with a walkman, or at home.

Now you can now order any of the Pimsleur courses and learn a language at your own pace in 30 minutes per day. Below you will find all the information you will most likely need about Pimsleur products. If you have any additional questions, please e-mail us at .

Pimsleur Course Features:

  • Learn in 30 minute segments each day
  • Maximum individual instruction with native speakers to guide you through each lesson
  • You always remember what you learn with the built-in Pimsleur Memory Training System

Dr. Paul Pimsleur found that the human brain absorbs information most effectively in 30-minute increments. The entire Pimsleur Method is designed as progressive steps that allow you to learn a language without reading materials. At the completion of these comprehensive program courses you will be well on your way to learning a language.

In addition to Pimsleur's ease of learning, it is vital that you learn the most frequently used grammatical structures and everyday vocabulary that real native speakers use. Only Pimsleur courses are built on frequency-study research.

A one-half hour lesson daily will yield the Intermediate-High level of the Spoken Language Proficiency Pyramid. This Intermediate-High level corresponds to being effective enough to participate in most business situations and cultural experiences. The cost is as little as $7.72 per lesson.

Typical Student Skills at End of Course

  • Ask and answer questions dealing with everyday matters and situations
  • Give and get information and directions, obtain hotel rooms, meals, travel arrangements
  • Participate in casual conversations, give instructions, describe, report, provide narration about current, past, and future events.
  • Avoid basic cultural mistakes including understanding and using the basic courtesy requirements of the local community
  • Be able to use and understand language at a normal rate of speech.

What is the Pimsleur Method?

The Pimsleur Method is an efficient foreign language audio CD training program designed to teach spoken foreign language communication skills to English speakers.

Typically the learner completes the 30 units of a complete Pimsleur course within a month at the rate of one half-hour lesson each day. The course is portable and the training can be accomplished in a car, walkman, or any audio player. Courses listed as "Comprehensive" come as 30 units on 16 CDs; courses listed as "Compact" come as 10 units on 5 CDs.

The objective of the Pimsleur Language Series is to provide rapid self-instructional foreign language communication skills according to the ACTFL Spoken Language Proficiency range. Intensive Pimsleur courses are designed to bring students from Low language ability to High-Intermediate ability. After completion the student will be able to converse freely with native speakers and perfect his/her communication ability.

Characteristics of the Pimsleur Method

Pimsleur courses teach meaningful, useful language from the very first unit. The contents are selected to provide a maximum amount of usable language command for every half-hour the learner devotes to it.

The Pimsleur Method makes full use of the generative qualities of language. It not only teaches you highly useful words, phrases, and sentences, but also makes you proficient in recombining these to cope with new situations, thus getting the most mileage out of each item learned. Pimsleur will prepare you to respond automatically and flexibly to real-life situations.

Pimsleur courses will also prepare the learner to encounter the embarrassing situations he or she is bound to be placed in as a non-native speaker. The sustained high motivation produced by the Pimsleur Method means that most students will derive more benefits because they will stick to it longer.

The length of each lesson unit, 1/2 hour long, is that recommended by teaching specialists as the ideal amount of time to hold interest in the student. Individual tastes will vary and most students will want to repeat individual lessons many times for maximum absorption of new language.

Learners trained by this method can easily be phased into whatever other instruction may be available, depending upon the language-fluency requirements of the position. Many job requirements overseas do not require native-language fluency. Pimsleur courses provide training to meet the needs of today's global language requirements. With the Pimsleur Method, you can learn a wide variety of languages with minimum investment of time and excellent results.

You are just 30 days away from foreign language competency!

Pimsleur Soundfile Sample

Below is a RealAudio sample of the Pimsleur Italian Level 1 course. RealAudio is a popular Internet audio format with a free player available for most major operating systems at If nothing happens when you click on the link below, you may need to go to and install the player. The sample is compressed to conserve bandwidth and so is not the same high quality as the original material.
Pimsleur Italian Level 1 Sample - 1 MB, 7 min.
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