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Portuguese Magazines Online

Online Magazines From All Over The World!
Welcome to our online magazine pages, featuring online magazines, journals and other electronic print formats from countries all over the world! For those who are expanding or refining their knowledge of a language, or those who want to keep up their skills at a certain level of proficiency, the availability of texts in another language is a prerequisite. Online magazines and journals fill this need in a useful manner, for they present modern prose with a more challenging vocabulary than that found in newspapers, presenting ideas and information with more depth and analysis, and using greater vocabulary and stylistic fluency. If you have any questions or can't find what you need, please e-mail us at .

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  Portuguese Magazines Online


Brazilian magazine focusing on economics, business, and finance in the southern hemisphere.
Billboard Brasil
Music magazine covering international and Brazilian music.
Caros Amigos
Wide-ranging Brazilian magazine devoted to political and cultural issues.
Brazilian magazine covering politics, lifestyles, economy, social issues, politics, culture, and more.
Brazilian women's magazine covering fashion, beauty, diet, fitness, home, decoration, recipes, restaurants, women's health, pregnancy, horoscope, and more.
Brazilian news magazine covering science and technology, culture, world news, business, health and wellness, and society.
Escrever Cinema
Brazilian film magazine.
Brazilian magazine covering current events, politics, business, sports, and more.
Info Exame
Brazilian magazine of science and technology.
Brazilian culture magazine covering culture, literature, the arts, music, and film.
Sports magazine covering soccer/football.
Brazilian culture and science magazine.
Brazilian newsmagazine focusing on economics, health, education, sports, celebrities, books, environment, economy, music, finance, literature, history, and more.


aeiou Expresso
National and international news from Portugal.
Algarve Mais
Guide to Algarve area featuring places, culture and history, food, wine, festivals and nightlife.
Magazine from the Portuguese Communist Party.
Essential Portugal
Tourist guide to Portugal, with wine, food, living, travel, property and more...
General news from Portugal.
Observatorio do Algarve
English and Portuguese versions; news and stories about the area and good living.
Politica Internacional
Brazilian take on international politics.
Revista de Vinhos
Portuguese wine and wine reviews, tasting, all things oenophile.
Rotas & Destinos
Hotels, restaurants, tourism in Portugal.
Visão Online
Portuguese and international news.
A Voz do Nordeste
Regional northeastern news magazine.