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Basic ESL Courses

Learning English Steps 1-2-3 DVD Package
Are your English skills standing in the way of your success? Here’s a way to improve your English that’s quick and easy, and really works. Video Aided Instruction’s Learning English Steps 1-2-3 is the perfect resource for beginning English language learners, from middle school through adults. Designed for anyone who is new to the language, this comprehensive DVD set includes 83 developmental lessons and practice exercises in the basics of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English. Combining colorful computer graphics and proven teaching methods, Learning English Steps 1-2-3 uses real world situations, like conversations in a restaurant, at the bank, at the airport, on the job and more, to help you learn the basics of English. In Step 1, you’ll start right off with the verb “to be” and learn to master: pronouns; contractions; questions and answers; time expressions; and more. Then, Step 2 covers: conjugating verbs in the various present, past, and future tenses; making commands and requests; and much more. Finally, Step 3 focuses on using English in the workplace: communication with your coworkers and supervisors; personnel issues; telephone fundamentals; job interviews; raises; promotions; and more. By the time you’re finished, you will have learned over 2,000 must-know vocabulary words and everyday idioms! 9 DVDs, with 11 hrs. 5 mins. of instruction.

Pimsleur English as a Second Language
This is a state of the art ESL course for non-English speakers. The popular Pimsleur course does not use a book but uses a completely aural approach to language learning, perfect for learning "on-the-go". Features a proficiency-based system that helps the student learn through listening and speaking practice. Available in CD versions for speakers of French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese.
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Standard Deviants ESL 12 Pack
Written by award-winning English as Second Language instructors, each program in this series covers vocabulary as well as a different part of speech - including pronouns, prepositions, and adjectives.Mastering the English language will seem easy for your class with the Standard Deviants! The School ESL DVD Package contains Modules 1 through 12: 1: Pronouns; 2: Adjectives; 3: The Present Tense & Possessives; 4: Prepositions; 5: Questions & Pointer Word; 6: Days & Times; 7: Possessives; 8: Verb + Infinitive; 9: The Past; 10: The Past - Regular Past; 11: The Past - Irregular Past; 12: Adverbs.

The Twisted Doors: The Scariest Way in the World to Learn English!
The Twisted Doors: The Scariest Way in the World to Learn English! is the most creative and engaging intermediate to advanced ESL/EFL course of its time: It teaches extensive grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking, and listening by embedding an ongoing suspenseful mystery adventure, even into the grammar quizzes, dialogues, and exercises. Students are motivated to learn a chapter so that they can find out how the mystery unfolds in the next! The Twisted Doors combines an all-in-one comprehensive grammar and basic English skills textbook, an integrated mystery reader with gripping dialogues doubling as grammar quizzes, a highly illustrated activity book with hundreds of interactive quizzes and exercises (sometimes in the form of rhyming riddles, secret codes, games, crossword puzzles, word scrambles, or hidden words), and a riveting read-along audio book CD. No costly add-ons or supplements are needed since they are all incorporated and integrated into one book. Assessed at TESOL levels 3-4, progressing to level 5, The Twisted Doors is a must-have for intermediate to advanced ESL middle and high school students worldwide, advanced adult self-learners, adults in ESL literacy programs, international students in the US, and overseas English-language learners.
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10 minutes a day Series with CD-ROM for Ingles
Imagine speaking a new language! This Book / Interactive CD-ROM Series by Kristine K. Kershul, and Bilingual Books, Inc., will have you speaking a foreign language in no time. You'll communicate with ease and have those travel experiences you've always dreamed of. The 132-page Books are filled with exercises, Sticky Labels, Flash Cards and other study tools which fit cleverly into your daily routine to make learning enjoyable. The new Interactive CD-ROM brings these 10 minutes a day® study tools to your computer so you have more ways to play and have fun with your new language. Soon, you'll be ordering a meal, making new friends and finding your way around town—all in a foreign language. Now you're ready for the trip of a lifetime! (Windows and Mac CD-ROM).

The Picture Series
Illustrations and visuals always make it easy to teach, and learn! This six binder series features the following texts: Picture Verbs, Picture Vocabulary, Picture Grammar, Picture Everyday Life, Picture Family and Picture Work. They cover a number of skills, including vocabulary, irregular verbs, grammar, work procedures, family life, and daily activities. Included are teacher's notes and methodology, follow up activities, lesson extensions assessments, and more.Photocopiable, Classroom Use, All Levels, Age: Adults.
Picture Skills Binder Set (All 6 Binders)
Individual Picture Series Items
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Assimil ESL Language Courses
These best-selling European ESL courses offer native Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish speakers the ease and convenience of an ESL course in their native language! Complete courses starting at $109. We ship worldwide.