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The Picture Series

Professor Toto

Picture Skills Binder Set (All 6 Binders)
This complete six binder collection includes all the Picture Series featured below: Picture Verbs, Picture Vocabulary, Picture Grammar, Picture Everyday Life, Picture Family and Picture Work. The binders cover a number of skills, including vocabulary, irregular verbs, grammar, work procedures, family life, and daily activities. Included are teacher's notes and methodology, follow up activities, lesson extensions assessments, and more. This series is great for both teachers of ESL, and individuals learning English on their own!


For more information on individual items in The Picture Series, check out the information below:

The Picture Series

Picture Everyday Life: 60 Pictures of Grammar in Everyday Life
Illustrations and visuals always make it easy to teach, and learn! The 60 pictures in this binder depict common occurrences in daily life, from doing dishes to going to the bank. Students practice four foundational verbs-do, be, go, and have-and pair them with different locations and activities. The reproducible pictures are grouped into eight sections, portraying chores, hobbies, transportation, errands, leisure, health and more. There's even an entire section focused on communication with doctors and nurses. With these visual prompts, students can relate the details of their day with confidence, whether they exercised, did homework, or dusted, went to the post office, museum, or hospital. Picture Everyday life is an ideal resource of ESL, adult special education, and adult life skills classes. It includes resource for both the teacher and the student-teacher methodology, vocabulary, extension activities, and more! Photocopiable, Classroom Use, All Levels, Age: Adults.

Picture Family: 80 Sequenced Picture of Family Life
Picture Family is a series of 80 sequential, reproducible pictures depicting a day with the Wilson Family. Students are introduced to David and Donna Wilson and their children, Susan and Eric. The pictures follow the family members as they wake up, eat breakfast, and head out for the day. Eric plays at a neighbor's house, while Susan takes the bus to school. After school, she goes to the neighbor's to do her homework. Donna does to work, then goes grocery shopping. David gets gas on his way to work. After work, he deposits his pay check in the bank and picks up the kids. At home, the children play a game together and eat dinner, while the parents get ready to go out for the evening. The pictures depict normal events in the life of a modern family, allowing for discussion of topics such as childcare and working mothers. Picture Family includes teacher's notes and methodology, follow up activities, comprehension and review, and exercises at multiple levels, making it an ideal resource for ESL, language skills, and special education programs. Photocopiable, Classroom Use, Level: All Levels, Age: Adults.

Picture Grammar: 90 Pictures of Teaching Everyday Grammar
These 90 visual lessons teach grammar in an everyday context. These grammar skills provide a real life frame of references that students have experienced. The pictures and sometimes fill-in activities model basic conversation, current vocabulary, sentences structure, parts of speech, and usage. Rather than teaching grammar as a set of abstract rules, Picture Grammar shows how grammar is needed and used for conversation and communication. These reproducible grammar lessons provide a picture prompt of explanation and an activity on the front page and an instant teacher's resource guide on the back. Oral as well as follow-up activities are provided for each lesson as well as methodology and teacher tips. Picture Grammar is ideal for virtually zero preparation lessons. The "Pick a Skill" Menu card allows the teacher to choose the skills of interest. There are no sequence requirements for this product. Additional teacher material is provided in the back of the binder. Photocopiable, Classroom Use, Level: All Levels, Age: Adult.

Picture Verbs: Irregular Verbs
The same 90 verbs are addressed and provide the language teacher wit visual prompts, language exercise, models for correct usage, mini dialogs for group or individual response, follow up questions for drill and practice, and conversation exercises. The Spanish infinitive from of all 90 verbs is also provided to help the language teacher identify different native language cognates and potential trouble spots for students. Picture verbs can be used with children and adults with equal efficacy because the images depict everyday situations familiar and relevant to everybody. A convenient "Pick a verb" Menu Card in the front of the binder allows the teacher to go directly to the verbs of her choice; there are no sequences requirements for this product. Every lesson has a teacher prompt of the back of the picture. Follow up activities, lesson extensions, more exercises, and assessments are available in the back of the binder. If you want to hammer on irregular verbs this flip chart is perfect! Large Visual Prompts in a spiral bound "flip-chart" format. These 90 black and white illustrations can be seen across a classroom. An ideal and flexible format for teaching grammar, usage, and conversation to all age groups. With 90 Irregular Verb Conjugations Visual Prompts; 90 Language Exercises, modeling correct usage; 90 mini-dialogs for group or individual response; 90 follow-up questions for drill, practice, and conversation exercise; 90 Present, Past, Participle, and Spanish Infinitive Verbs. Photocopiable, Classroom Use, Level: All Levels, Age: Adults.

Picture Vocabulary: 90 Lessons to Build Vocabulary
Here are thousands of reproducible pictures of everyday activities and objects. Picture Vocabulary is ideal for language acquisition needs at all grade levels. These language and concept development picture lessons are used by creative teachers in innovative ways. We recommend them for reading, English as a second language (ESL), special education, Title I "At Risk" students, Foreign Language, Bilingual, and Prevocational Training. Line drawings are clear and easy to reproduce. The binder format allows easy retrieval and storage of the lessons. The Pick a Skill Menu in from allows instant use of the lessons with zero preparation. These 60 lessons include pictures identified by number on one side of the page and the written vocabulary on the back side there is also a mini dictionary with the word in seven languages, (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Vietnamese), plus teacher models for context usage and practice drills. General Teacher guide information is included in the binder. Photocopiable, Classroom Use, Level: All Levels, Age: Adults.

Picture Work: 72 Sequential Pictures About Work
This binder contains 72 sequential reproducible pictures showing a day in the working life of Bob Wilson. The whole experience, from getting to performing a job, is condensed into a single day. Concepts are explicated with visual prompts, dialogs, and questions and answers. Students experience the job search and application process and filling out forms. Permanent and temporary employment, interviewing, income tax, health insurance, and work schedules are explored and can be role-played. On the job, Bob learns to punch in, gets training, runs the equipment at work, learns safety procedures, teamwork, and job responsibilities, cleans up his work area, and punches out. He even learns the concepts of overtime and continued job search for upward mobility and more pay. Picture Work includes teacher's notes and methodology. Follow up activities include role playing, dialogs, filling out applications, a crossword puzzle, sample of reproducible want ads, an application for employment, classified ads, and a reading activity. Picture work is ideal for ESL, employability skills, life skills, and adult special educational programs. Photocopiable, Classroom Use, Level: All Levels, Age: Adults.

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Teaching Survival Kit: For Teachers of Hispanic Students
Designed specifically for ESL educators, this book helps teachers develop new skills and approaches to meet the needs of your Spanish speaking population. Part One describes the differences between the U.S. & Latin cultures. Part Two focuses on Spanish writing conventions. Part Three works on pronunciation errors and shows successful techniques for presenting difficult sounds. Part Four concentrates on students' vocabulary, and Part Five discusses grammatical problems and solutions. (91 pp.). Photocopiable, Classroom Use, Level: All Levels, Age: Adults.