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Pimsleur Vietnamese Comprehensive Course
This is a state-of-the-art language learning course for spoken Vietnamese. The popular Pimsleur course does not use a book but uses a completely aural approach to language learning, perfect for learning "on-the-go". Features a proficiency-based system that helps the student learn through listening and speaking practice. Includes 16 CDs.
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Sing 'n Learn Vietnamese
Sing 'n Learn Vietnamese helps your children learn the Vietnamese language through favorite songs sung in Vietnam for children of all ages. With 14 traditional melodies, they will enjoy learning about family, animals, numbers, colors and more. Lyrics are written in Vietnamese and English, with illustrations that promote understanding of culture and enhance learning. Pronunciation Guide, Glossary, cultural notes and activity guides are included; comes with 24 page paperback and audio cassette or CD.
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Vietnamese Advanced Transcription Course (3 Volumes)
To-Lan Vu, William P. Hyde
The goal of this 3 volume course is to take the student to a 3/ 3+ listening comprehension capability by exposing him or her to actual conversations in Vietnamese at an increasing level of difficulty, beginning at a 2 or 2+ level and going on up to the 3 and 3+ level. Ideally the student using this transcription course has completed the Dunwoody Press Vietnamese Intensive Basic Course, thus ensuring a level 2/ 2+ capability in all language skills.
Volume 1 contains 14 Supplemental Lessons that may be used in whole or in part as a primer for the basic lessons, or they may substitute for an equal number of basic lessons. Volume 2 contains lessons 1-18 and Volume 3 contains lessons 19-36, as well as a cumulative glossary of all 36 basic lessons. The 36 basic lessons consist of a skeletonized transcript (for the first 18 lessons only), a vocabulary section exemplifying most of the vocabulary words glossed, sometimes a separate grammar notes section, and an exercise section in the front of the volume and an exercise key, a complete (cut by cut) transcript and a (cut by cut) translation of the transcript in the back. (This publication will be sold as a complete set only.) With four 90 min. audio cassette recordings of the articles read by a native speaker. 1999, 1,870 pages, softcover.
3 books and 4 cassettes

Vietnamese Intensive Basic Course (3 Volumes)
To-Lan Vu, William P. Hyde
This 3 volume course, consisting of one hundred forty lessons and optional accompanying cassette tapes, is designed to teach students all the language skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Together with supplementary materials, it may be completed in nine months and will enable students to pursue advanced studies without the need of an intermediate course. Students participate actively from the first day of the course and at the end, will be able to converse in Vietnamese on a wide range of topics, to read and understand newspaper articles (with limited use of a dictionary), and to transcribe studio-quality tape recordings. (This publication will be sold as a complete set only.) With ten audio recordings of the articles read by a native speaker. 1998, 1,524 pages, softcover.
3 books and 10 cassettes
3 books and 10 CDs

Colloquial Vietnamese
Colloquial Vietnamese covers all the basics of the Vietnamese language including grammar and speech. The Colloquial series is our most popular series of language courses, due to its excellent quality, low cost, and amazing range of available languages. These are beginning to intermediate level courses, perfect for travellers, brushing up on skills, or supplementary use. Two CDs and a book are included.