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Homeschool Language Courses

Power-Glide Ultimate Course
For grades 9-12
Open the door to new skills and opportunities that only learning a new language can provide. With the most innovative and effective language teaching activities available, these courses start you on a path toward language fluency.
Ultimate Course, Years 1 and 2
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VAI Complete GED Series
Do you want to get your GED? Well, youíre in luck! Video Aided Instruction now has a new, enhanced DVD editions of their bestselling GED program. These interactive DVDs replace the VHS versions that have been preparing students for the new, tougher GED exams since 2002

Learning English Steps 1-2-3 DVD Package
Are your English skills standing in the way of your success? Here's a way to improve your English that's quick and easy, and really works. Video Aided Instruction's Learning English Steps 1-2-3 is the perfect resource for beginning English language learners, from middle school through adults.

Standard Deviants Basic Math 10 Pack
The DVD Super Pack contains Modules 1 through 10: Module 1: Integers and Addition; Module 2: Subtracting Integers; Module 3: Multiplying Integers; Module 4: Dividing Integers; Module 5: Integer Grab Bag; Module 6: Working with Decimals; Module 7: Fraction Basics; Module 8: Adding and Subtracting Fractions Module 9: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions; Module 10: Ratios and Percents.

Teaching Systems Algebra Super Pack
Students should know about the power of algebra, that armed with knowledge of algebra, you can find out fascinating things about place, people and real-life situations. This series concentrates on the essentials of algebra plus provides a thorough breakdown of difficult concepts using step-by-step explanations and visual examples.

Teaching Systems Biology Super Pack
Biology is the study of life. So, we're going to study life - from the smallest atom to the largest elephant. You'll uncover the mysteries of DNA and crack the genetic codes inside of each and every one of us.