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Adult Learning

VAI: SAT Subject Test DVDs: Physics
In this exceptional review, a veteran science educator presents detailed solutions to real SAT-type physics questions about mechanics, electricity, magnetism, waves, optics, heat, thermodynamics, and much more. Viewers will review many of the fundamental principles required for a solid foundation in high school physics, with an emphasis on those topics that appear most often on the actual exam. They will learn the secrets of breaking down complicated problems into manageable parts and insider shortcuts for focusing their effort, improving their recall, and applying their knowledge to tough questions. Often required for admission and/or placement at many colleges, the SAT Subject Tests are designed to measure high school students' knowledge of various subjects. These fast-paced exams offer prospective college students a unique opportunity to demonstrate their thorough command of the material and set their college applications apart from those of their peers.3 DVDs with approx. 5 hrs. 15 mins. of material.

Teaching Systems Biology Super Pack
Biology is the study of life. So, we're going to study life - from the smallest atom to the largest elephant. You'll uncover the mysteries of DNA and crack the genetic codes inside of each and every one of us. Find out how your body is a workhorse and never stops and how it got started. This series will have your students buzzing about Biology! Programs in the Series: 1. Molecules and Cells; 2. Heredity & Inheritance; 3. Molecular Genetics; 4. Evolutionary Biology; 5. Organisms & Populations; 6. Human Physiology & Immune Response; 7. Ecology.

Teaching Systems Algebra Super Pack
Students should know about the power of algebra, that armed with knowledge of algebra, you can find out fascinating things about place, people and real-life situations. This series concentrates on the essentials of algebra plus provides a thorough breakdown of difficult concepts using step-by-step explanations and visual examples. The Standard Deviants Teaching Systems are simply the most effective method for students to learn and for teachers to teach. This educational programming is optimized for classroom use. Each module is a topic-based video accompanied with a digital workbook that uses a humorous and unique style and approach to difficult concepts with the learner's perspective in mind. Each video contains "Full Public Performance Rights" and a digital workbook which includes teacher's guides, classroom notes, quizzes, games, and graphic organizers. The subject matter correlates directly to state standards and is produced and designed by the Cerebellum Academic Team of professional scriptwriters, students, professors, actors, comedians, and teachers. Titles included in this series: Foundations of Algebra; Functions; Algebra Mechanics; Linear Equations; Linear Equalities; Polynomials & Factoring; Quadratic Equations.

Standard Deviants Calculus 9 Super Pack
Boost calculus confidence with this dynamic and engaging series that takes students through limits, graphing, derivatives, integrals and more. Fast-paced and full of information, this series will aid retention of key concepts with an easy-to-follow pace and repeated reviews of key concepts. Help your students grasp even the most perplexing functions! The DVD Super Pack contains Modules 1 through 9 plus companion CD-ROM: 1. Calculus Basics; 2. Limits; 3. Derivatives; 4. Work-Saving Rules; 5. Finding Derivatives; 6. Derivative Applications; 7. Figuring Out Curves; 8. Practical Applications; 9. The Antiderivative; 10. SDS Calculus Companion CD

Standard Deviants Differential Equations 7 Super Pack
Challenge students to aim higher in mathematics with this series that explores advanced-level equations and theories. Through an approachable and engaging format, this six-part series conveys simple techniques, equations simplification, solution checking, different types ofequations and more! Standard Deviants School is an educational and entertaining, lesson-based learning supplement based on the award winning Standard Deviants teaching style. Each program includes full classroom performance rights. Standard Deviants School will capture your studentsí attention and make your lectures come alive! The Differential Equations 7 Super Pack Modules 1 through 6 plus companion CD-ROM: 1. The Basics; 2. Solution Checking; 3. Simplifying Equations; 4. Choosing a Technique; 5. Higher-Order Equations; 6. More Equation Types; 7. SDS Differential Equations Companion CD.

Standard Deviants Basic Math 10 Pack
The DVD Super Pack contains Modules 1 through 10: Module 1: Integers and Addition; Module 2: Subtracting Integers; Module 3: Multiplying Integers; Module 4: Dividing Integers; Module 5: Integer Grab Bag; Module 6: Working with Decimals; Module 7: Fraction Basics; Module 8: Adding and Subtracting Fractions Module 9: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions; Module 10: Ratios and Percents.

Standard Deviants Mighty Math DVD 4-Pack
Save money! This four DVD set includes Basic Math, Pre-Algebra Part 1, Algebra Part 1 and Geometry Part 1 at huge savings! The Math Basics includes Basic Math and Geometry; Geometry Part 1 covers basic geometry; Pre-Algebra Part 1 covers everything from exponents, roots, prime numbers and absolute value to variables and graphing X & Y coordinates; and Algebra Part 1 covers the beginnings of algebra.

Standard Deviants Math Basics DVD 2-Pack
The perfect learning tool for all ages, The Standard Deviants make math fun! The Standard Deviants Math Basics DVD 2-pack includes Basic Math and Geometry 1 at a discounted price.

Standard Deviants Geometry DVD 2-Pack
If Geometry has you running in circles, the Standard Deviants can help! The Standard Deviants cover everything from basic geometry - such as lines, points, angles and triangles - to high school geometry, where you'll learn the different types of theorems and postulates you'll need to tackle those tricky proofs. The Geometry DVD 2-Pack includes Geometry Parts 1 and 2.

Standard Deviants Pre-Algebra DVD 2-Pack
A great introduction to the basics of algebra, Pre-Algebra covers everything from exponents, roots, prime numbers and absolute value to variables and graphing X & Y coordinates. Using computer graphics and animation, the Standard Deviants will help you solve the trickiest pre-algebra problems with step-by-step explanations and helpful hints. The Pre-Algebra DVD 2-Pack includes Pre-Algebra Power and Pre-Algebra Part 2.

Standard Deviants Algebra Adventure DVD 2-Pack
Lost in a sea of variables and properties? Do you need help solving for X? No need to hire an expensive tutor! From High School Algebra I through College Algebra, the Standard Deviants will guide you through algebraic problems and linear equations with a relaxed format and plenty of examples. The Algebra DVD 2-Pack contains Algebra Adventure and Algebra Part 2.

Standard Deviants Calculus DVD 2-Pack
The Standard Deviants are more fun than a textbook and cheaper than hiring a calculus tutor! Beginning with a review of functions and graphing, these DVDs cover limits, vertical and horizontal asymptote, slopes and derivatives, antiderivatives, the definite integral, and more. The Calculus DVD 2-Pack contains Calculus Part 1 and Part 2.