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Software Dictionaries

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Collins Lexibase French Standard Edition
Collins Lexibase dictionaries let you quickly find the translation you need. Use it as a stand-alone tool to look up one word at a time, or use it with your favorite LEC desktop products. Collins French Standard provides bidirectional translation between English and French.

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Word Translator for Windows
Word Translator for Windows is a software dictionary that gives word-by-word translations to and from English for a wide variety of languages. Word Translator will support your commitment to communicating in another language and help bridge the language barriers that all too often separate people, ideas and understanding.

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Eurotalk Interactive Picture Dictionary
Five dictionaries in One: English to and from French, German, Italian and Spanish. Ideal for anyone interested in languages, the Interactive Picture Dictionary is a unique learning tool, with high quality images and video clips and crystal clear recording, which will enable you to broaden your vocabulary in no time!