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Learning Software

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Tell Me More for French
Tell Me More is Europe's best selling language software, used by major schools, universities and corporations. Tell Me More comes with a "dynamic" mode that automatically adjusts the software according to the learner's needs and results, and includes a cultural workshop, multimedia video and sound, and state-of-the-art speech recognition.

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EuroTalk Gift Set for French
Originally $149, now on sale for $125!
EuroTalk's Gift Set of four CD ROMs and a DVD-ROM will help you to learn a language step-by-step. From complete beginners through to intermediate learners, there is a disc for everyone. By listening and talking to native speakers in real life situations, these discs makes learning easy. Start with Vocabulary Builder, aimed at children and their families, using cartoon characters to make learning fun.

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Eurotalk Business Collection French
Learn the language of success fast with the EuroTalk Business Collection! If you’re planning to do business overseas but don’t speak the language, then EuroTalk has the answer.

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Movie Talk Advanced DVD from EuroTalk for French
Combining the power of the movies and DVD-ROM technology, EuroTalk brings you an exciting language learning package that really works! Watch full-screen video and play games and exercises that make you remember what you've seen and learnt.

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Talk Now! CD-ROM Course for French
The Talk Now! series is for any language beginner who wants an entertaining self-study course to learn basic phrases, such as colors, numbers, food, shopping, and time. We have been selling this European-produced CD-ROM for a few years and find that it is highly praised by people from all over the world.

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World Talk from EuroTalk for French (for intermediate learners)
World Talk is the perfect follow-up to EuroTalk's popular Talk Now! series. As well as having new activities, there is also dictation, worksheets and a brand new recording section.

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Talk More! CD-ROM Course for French
Talk More! continues the Talk Now! series using broadcast quality video and the latest interactive techniques in a software package that is ideal for travellers, holiday makers, business people, students and families.

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Talk The Talk from Eurotalk for French
(for teens)
Learn words and phrases that matter to you with this new language learning CD ROM for youth under eighteen. From "I'll send you a text message later" to "we won the game on penalties", Talk The Talk really gets you talking.

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Talk Business for French
If you want to succeed in business abroad, then this Talk Business CD-ROM is for you. Aimed at people who already know the basics, it gives the specialised language you need for doing business abroad.

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Vocabulary Builder from EuroTalk for French (for absolute beginners)
Vocabulary Builder is an interactive flash card system for parents and teachers to help teach basic language, and for children to play games and record their own words and sentences. Help is provided in over 40 languages by a talented talking tiger!

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Who is Oscar Lake? for French (Windows and Macintosh compatible CD-ROM)
Oscar Lake plunges you directly into a foreign city where you must solve a puzzling mystery in a new language. Experts agree that language immersion is the most effective way to learn a second language, and with Oscar Lake you learn by hearing, seeing and doing.

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10 minutes a day Series with CD-ROM for French
Imagine speaking a new language! This Book / Interactive CD-ROM Series by Kristine K. Kershul, and Bilingual Books, Inc., will have you speaking a foreign language in no time. You'll communicate with ease and have those travel experiences you've always dreamed of.
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