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Children's DVD and Video

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Asterix 6-DVD Box Set
A box set of hilarious animated adventures featuring Asterix, Obelix and his fellow Gauls. Julius Caesar fears that he will never be able to defeat the Gaulic village of Asterix and his friends, so he has the idea of offering the Gauls a deal: if they are able to solve twelve tasks that he selected, he will hand over the Roman empire to them. If not, they have to submit.

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Asterix 3-DVD Box Set
Another box set of animated adventures featuring Asterix, Obelix and his fellow Gauls. Includes Le Gaulois / Les 12 Travaux D'Asterix / Et Cleopatre (Asterix The Gaul, The 12 Tasks Of Asterix, and Asterix And Cleopatra).

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Spirou and Fantasio DVD series, Volumes 1 and 2
Join Spirou and Fantasio on one of their many adventures! Spirou and Fantasio is a popular and classic Franco-Belgian comic series running since 1938, similar to Tintin and Asterix, and written and drawn by a succession of artists.

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Standard Deviants School French DVD Package
Standard Deviants School is an educational and entertaining, lesson-based learning supplement based on the award-winning Standard Deviants teaching style. Each program includes full classroom performance rights. Standard Deviants School will capture your students’ attention and make your lectures come alive!

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Language Tree DVDs for French
Language Tree is an educational publishing company devoted to teaching languages in a completely accessible and user-friendly manner through videocassette and DVDs. Using advanced techniques and new media that tap into how children and adults are best able to acquire language, their tools enable learners of all ages to quickly and effortlessly gain spoken proficiency.

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Muzzy in Gondoland! for French
Children love the Muzzy series! Muzzy uses a natural approach with the lessons in the target language, so that the child learns easily and naturally. Parents report that their children want to watch it all the time, and teachers say that their students concentrate on learning with the series and quickly master phrases and sentence structure.

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Wild Encounters
Practice your understanding of French, Spanish, or English while watching a beautiful nature series! Albert Karvonen, naturalist, educator and cinematographer, has a passion for telling the stories of nature. In this award-winning series, Karvonen focuses on eight charismatic creatures with fascinating life histories.

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Little Pim DVDs for French
Meet Little Pim, a charming animated panda who guides babies, toddlers and preschoolers on a fun-filled journey to learning a foreign language. Little Pim only speaks in the foreign language, while interacting with babies and young children enjoying everyday activities.

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Bilingual Baby for French
Bilingual Baby is a revolutionary series of videos that exposes your child to the world of language - a priceless gift that will give your child the opportunity to actually gain knowledge and brainpower.

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Professor Toto Multimedia Kit
Professor Toto is a series of multi-award winning language education tools for ages 2 to 8. Animated DVDs, song-filled CDs, and colorful workbooks introduce a stimulating menagerie of characters who teach French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese or German.