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TESOL Activities

The Picture Series
Illustrations and visuals always make it easy to teach, and learn! This six binder series features the following texts: Picture Verbs, Picture Vocabulary, Picture Grammar, Picture Everyday Life, Picture Family and Picture Work. They cover a number of skills, including vocabulary, irregular verbs, grammar, work procedures, family life, and daily activities. Included are teacher's notes and methodology, follow up activities, lesson extensions assessments, and more. Photocopiable, Classroom Use, All Levels, Age: Adults.
Picture Skills Binder Set (All 6 Binders)
Individual Picture Series Items
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Teaching Survival Kit: For Teachers of Hispanic Students
Designed specifically for ESL educators, this book helps teachers develop new skills and approaches to meet the needs of your Spanish speaking population. Part One describes the differences between the U.S. & Latin cultures. Part Two focuses on Spanish writing conventions. Part Three works on pronunciation errors and shows successful techniques for presenting difficult sounds. Part Four concentrates on students' vocabulary, and Part Five discusses grammatical problems and solutions. (91 pp.). Photocopiable, Classroom Use, Level: All Levels, Age: Adults.

GrammarActive Grammar Games for Active Learning (Teacher's Resource Book & CD-ROM)
Winner of 2009 AEP Distinguished Achievement Award! This package contains a 155 page spiral bound teacher resource book and a CD-ROM filled with over 70 action-packed learning games and over 440 large printable parts of speech and punctuation flashcards. Carefully designed for intensive review and reinforcement of English grammar usage, mechanics, and structure, this teacher resource is easily used with multiple age and ability levels (from beginners to advanced). It is a necessary supplement to any grammar book found in classrooms today. When using these kinesthetic, exciting grammar games, your students will begin to associate fun with grammar; that is a combination sure to enhance any student's learning experience.

GrammarActive Grammar Tic Tac Toe Games Vol.1
Try these fun, interactive, flash games, with both individual and multi-player games! Students will enjoy mastering English language usage when they can play to learn! Project it on your board, use an interactive white board to get your entire class involved, or assign games individually for independent review. Individual students or class teams can alternate turns earning an X or O for each correct answer. The game emits cheers when correct answers are chosen, and so will your students! Grammar Tic Tac Toe Games covers the following topics: Nouns: Covers 12 levels of noun activities. Students master types of nouns: common and proper; abstract, concrete, and collective, in addition to singular and plural forms, and finally the challenging possessive forms. Pronouns: Covers 12 levels of pronoun activities, including, Personal: number, case, person, gender; proper and Indefinite, highlighting singular, plural and those that can be either singular or plural. Verbs: Covers 9 levels of verb activities, including the simple and perfect verb tenses in addition to progressive verb forms. Great for elementary, middle, and ESL students.

Jazz Chants for Children
For beginning students of English
Jazz Chants for Children is a delightful collection of chants, songs, and poems written especially for children. These jazz chants revolve around children and employ the natural language that children use. Each two-page unit presents a basic structure of the language that is reinforced by a picture (such as a puzzle, maze, or hidden-word grid). Jazz Chants for Children has been used successfully by teachers all over the world. A CD, recorded by the author with a group of children, contains all the chants, songs, and poems. A valuable structure key provides an index to the structures taught through the chants.
Book and CD
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Purple Cows and Potato Chips
This oddly-named ESL multi-sensory language acquisition book is for intermediate to advanced students. It contains 56 stimulating communication activities relating to the 5 senses. It comes with detailed teacher notes and reproducible exercise sheets. It is a very popular book with ESL instructors, as it is humorous and very well planned. 120 pages.

Conversation Strategies
This is a collection of 24 activities for pair and small group conversation practice that will develop strategic conversation skills. Each activity has three parts: a teachers introduction, a student exercise to be done individually, and a pair/group practice.

Conversation Inspirations
A great book for teachers assigned to a conversation class! The copies of this book that lie around our school are mangled from severe reading abuse! Manic teachers who have lost their lesson plans have been known to wing three hour conversation classes with this book alone. The author explains how to introduce 6 different conversation activities, talks, role plays, problems, chain stories, and discussions. Hundreds of conversation starting ideas are given for these activities.

TESOL Methodology

Paired Reading: Positive Reading Practice
Through the use of simulated tutoring demonstrations, this video describes the paired reading technique and demonstrates ways in which teachers can teach or remediate reading skills through consistent, positive reading experiences. The video may also be helpful for showing parents how they can support their children's oral reading practice at home. The International Reading Association (I.R.A.) reviews state: "This package can be executed and the program created without drawing on an external ‘expert' to initiate or sustain it. This makes the package a ‘good buy' for libraries and schools...The instructions on using the DVD is good and the Q/A section and sample documents are excellent...this package is one that is here to stay...and will not be outdated.". This comprehensive package, used by literary specialists across North America, is truly a valuable resource for each and every school and public library. Comes with a 30 minute DVD in two parts; included on the DVD is a 64-page manual in PDF format and sample documents that can be accessed through a computer with a DVD-ROM drive.

Cultural Awareness Teaching Techniques
Jan Gaston
These 20 techniques can be used in all language classrooms and in other training and orientation programs. Each one can be effective on its own, or the 20 can be used as a core curriculum to guide students through 4 intercultural skill-building stages until they are able to function in other cultures comfortably, with both respect and empathy but also with a sound appreciation of their own culture. A clear objective and step-by-step procedures for leading activities and discussions are part of every technique. The author then shares suggestions, cautionary notes, and procedural variations based on her own successful use of the techniques in foreign language and ESL classrooms, teacher training, and a variety of intercultural orientation programs.

Technology Assisted Teaching Techniques
Janie Duncan
The technology of the modern language program is explained with a particular focus on creative ways of using the equipment. 14 of the most common types of classroom technology are introduced. their attributes and capabilities and the equipment and accessories needed are described in detail. However, it is the 40 student-centered teaching techniques using this technology in various combinations that make this book a necessary reference for ESL or EFL teachers.

Experiential Language Learning Techniques
Out-of-class Language Acquisition and Cultural Awareness Activities
Michael Jerald and Raymond C. Clark
This book is a collection of techniques for teachers who want to help their students bridge the gap between practicing the language in the controlled, secure environment of the classroom and using it in the real world. Traditionally, the teacher’s job ends at the classroom door, but these techniques allow the teaching to continue when the student is on his own. Illustrations by Patrick R. Moran. 148 pages.

Teaching Pronunciation Paperback with Audio CDs
Marianne Celce-Murcia, Donna Brinton, Janet Goodwin
The second edition includes updates and insights on current research and pedagogical practice that have developed over the last decade. This new edition of Teaching Pronunciation - undoubtedly the gold standard for pronunciation methodology texts - has been revised to reflect recent research into the sound system of North American English, as well as new practices in pronunciation pedagogy. Audio CDs with additional examples are now packaged with the book.


TESOL Resources

Pronunciation Power
Pronunciation Power is a great CD-ROM tool for both Windows and Macintosh that teaches proper pronunciation of all 52 American English sounds. This program is designed by ESL language professionals and is very thorough. It even reinforces the learning through interactive drills and many helpful exercises. Plus, it has QuickTime movies to illustrate proper tongue and lip position. This program is highly recommended for any ESL language lab or home use. Many ESL students complain that the hardest part about learning English is pronunciation. Most students of English spend hundreds of hours learning grammar and vocabulary but cannot be understood when the time comes to communicate with real Americans. In America, as in other cultures, poor pronunciation can be confused with ignorance and will often result in less than desired results in business and social situations. Pronunciation Power comes in packages for two levels: Pronunciation Power 1 is aimed at those at an intermediate to beginning level, and comes with the 8-in-1 English Dictionary. Pronunciation Power 2 is for those at an intermediate to advanced level. Don't be a victim of bad pronunciation! Pronunciation Power teaches you all 52 American English sounds and gives you multiple drills on each one! It's really like having a personal tutor on a CD-ROM!
Pronunciation Power 1: beginning to intermediate level (CD-ROM for Mac and PC.)
Pronunciation Power 2: intermediate to advanced level (CD-ROM for Mac and PC.)
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ESL Miscellany - "The One Book No ESL Teacher Can Be Without"
Treasury of Cultural and Linguistic Information

A rich resource for every English language teacher and tutor in the United States, Canada, or anywhere around the world. Full of material teachers at any level can use for lesson planning, materials development, or curriculum design. All photocopyable. The book covers all aspects of what we do as ESL/EFL teachers - linguistic information, situations we teach about, vocabulary topics, functions appropriate at various proficiency levels, cultural information, signs and symbols, gestures, etc. The ESL Miscellany is also a useful resource for advanced students of English. 292 pp.

Working With Filipino American Students
Gloria Ysmael Adams and A. Barretto Ogilvie
There are now more than two million Americans with varying degrees of Filipino ethnicity and heritage. Most are friendly, bright, and energetic, yet a significant number are struggling due to needed language and cultural adjustments, and a variety of other reasons. The Filipino American parents and community want their children to do well in school, and want teachers and school administrators to work with them and facilitate their academic success. But in order to do this effectively, they must know how to work with them. This book is prepared to provide all educators with the knowledge and skills to work with Filipino American students to improve their likelihood of success in school.

The Tongue Goes Through The Teeth: Teaching English In China
This documentary video is an interesting and informative look at the teaching and living situation of English teachers in China today. Focusing on Beijing and Hong Kong, English teachers from all over the world discuss topics from teaching methods to what it's like for a foreigner living in China. Highly recommended. VHS, 70 minutes.