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ESL Grammar

Picture Everyday Life: 60 Pictures of Grammar in Everyday Life
Illustrations and visuals always make it easy to teach, and learn! The 60 pictures in this binder depict common occurrences in daily life, from doing dishes to going to the bank. Students practice four foundational verbs-do, be, go, and have-and pair them with different locations and activities. The reproducible pictures are grouped into eight sections, portraying chores, hobbies, transportation, errands, leisure, health and more. There's even an entire section focused on communication with doctors and nurses. With these visual prompts, students can relate the details of their day with confidence, whether they exercised, did homework, or dusted, went to the post office, museum, or hospital. Picture Everyday life is an ideal resource of ESL, adult special education, and adult life skills classes. It includes resource for both the teacher and the student-teacher methodology, vocabulary, extension activities, and more! Photocopiable, Classroom Use, All Levels, Age: Adults.

GrammarActive Grammar Games for Active Learning (Teacher's Resource Book & CD-ROM)
Winner of 2009 AEP Distinguished Achievement Award! This package contains a 155 page spiral bound teacher resource book and a CD-ROM filled with over 70 action-packed learning games and over 440 large printable parts of speech and punctuation flashcards. Carefully designed for intensive review and reinforcement of English grammar usage, mechanics, and structure, this teacher resource is easily used with multiple age and ability levels (from beginners to advanced). It is a necessary supplement to any grammar book found in classrooms today. When using these kinesthetic, exciting grammar games, your students will begin to associate fun with grammar; that is a combination sure to enhance any student's learning experience.

GrammarActive Grammar Tic Tac Toe Games Vol.1
Try these fun, interactive, flash games, with both individual and multi-player games! Students will enjoy mastering English language usage when they can play to learn! Project it on your board, use an interactive white board to get your entire class involved, or assign games individually for independent review. Individual students or class teams can alternate turns earning an X or O for each correct answer. The game emits cheers when correct answers are chosen, and so will your students! Grammar Tic Tac Toe Games covers the following topics: Nouns: Covers 12 levels of noun activities. Students master types of nouns: common and proper; abstract, concrete, and collective, in addition to singular and plural forms, and finally the challenging possessive forms. Pronouns: Covers 12 levels of pronoun activities, including, Personal: number, case, person, gender; proper and Indefinite, highlighting singular, plural and those that can be either singular or plural. Verbs: Covers 9 levels of verb activities, including the simple and perfect verb tenses in addition to progressive verb forms. Great for elementary, middle, and ESL students.

Jazz Chants Old and New
For beginning to intermediate students of English
Children's Jazz Chants Old and New offers the best of the classic edition along with a collection of new chants and songs. Featured are chants and songs that focus on the language children use in everyday situations. Teacher's notes highlight structures, vocabulary, and pronunciation. An audio CD features children's performances with musical accompaniment.
Book and CD
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For beginning to intermediate students of English
Grammarchants is a lively review of basic American English grammatical structures that makes learning grammar fun and exciting. Each unit opens with a formal grammarchant that presents a basic aspect of grammar. This is followed by a series of related chants and songs that practice and reinforce the grammatical structure presented in the grammarchant. Each unit also contains special listening and speaking exercises, and an answer key at the back of the book. A CD featuring all the songs and chants also is included.
Book and CD
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