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Japanese Language Schools in Japan:
 Areas in Japan

Japanese Language Schools in Japan: Areas in Japan
Are you looking for a place to study Japanese intensively abroad, perhaps looking for a total immersion course with native speakers? Or maybe you want to take a vacation in Italy, and while enjoying the sights, learn enough Japanese to help you get by in your explorations. We have collected here a number of Japanese language schools of various levels of intensity in a variety of areas in Italy, to help you find the destination of your choice.

We are now offering featured listings for language schools at a rate of $50 for 3 months or $145 for a year. The featured listings will be shown at the top of the school page for the appropriate geographic area, with additional space and written and graphic image content of your choosing, edited to fit in the space allotted. To get your listing, contact Ken Tomkins at

If you would like to submit a regular listing to include in these pages, just use our Foreign Language Schools Entry Form to send the information on your school program.

Other Areas in Japan:
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Aichi Center for Japanese Studies
You might only have one chance to study Japanese in Japan, and if so then you need to make the most of your opportunity. By joining the learning community that is the non-profit Yamasa Institute, you have the opportunity to learn Japanese faster, more affordably, and in full cultural context, than anywhere else in Japan. Fully accredited and high quality language immersion programs with excellent faculty and subsidized tuition fees. The length of study can range from 2-12 weeks (extension) to a maximum of 2 years (academic) in duration including Conversation courses offered full-time & part-time all year round. Academic credit is usually obtainable. Discounts are available for off-season enrollments.
Location: Okazaki, Aichi

We here at I.C.Nagoya have been accepting students from more than 20 countries for the past 20 years since we opened. "I.C." the abbreviation for "International Communication." The Internet has made it possible for us to communicate with various kinds of people. We think the most important aspect is "language" that helps to communicate your thoughts to others. Our goal is to break down the barriers that hinder communication between people.
Location: Nagoya, Aichi
Email: No email address given


Ichikawa Japanese Language Institute
Our regular course provides Japanese language courses to prepare non-native students for the entrance examination of universities, vocational schools or graduated schools in Japan. Most of our students achieved their aim and continued their further study in Japan. We expect you to pass the 4th level of the Japanese Proficiency Test or achieved equivalent ability, especially for the students who take the 1.5 year course.
Location: Ichikawa, Chiba

Ken School of Japanese Language
A language school where you can learn Japanese language and culture not only through class room lessons but also various outside activities. We feature lessons taught with directed teaching methods by accredited expertsm, in small and at home classes limited from 8 to 15 students, with extra lesson hours if needed. Counselors are there for your everyday life in Japan , study, and further study in advanced school including universities. Out-of-class events happen at least once a month, such as excursions, ski trip athletic meeting, swimming, sea bathing, Christmas party, speech contest fire works for cultural learning, communication with your school fellows, and a wonderful experience in Japan.
Location: Matsudo, Chiba

Japan International Academy Japanese Language Institute
The Japan International Academy Group has been engaged in teaching and guiding Japanese students at elementary, junior and senior high schools for a long time. Utilizing this experience, we have developed suitable curriculums for Japanese language students. The Japanese language teachers in co-operation with preparatory school professionals guide students to pass university entrance examinations.
Location: Kashiwa, Chiba


Aiwa Language School
Aiwa Language School was established in Fukuoka for students to learn Japanese as a foreign language efficiently and comprehensively in an atmosphere of mutual international understanding. Our teaching method is based on the Communicative Approach, which means that we focus not only on learning language but also on the usage of language to promote individual development. We understand that by not teaching in Japanese but by teaching Japanese as a theory, we can ensure that the language becomes firmly established during classes. We aim to create an environment for learning communicative language effectively.
Location: Fukuoka

Kyushu Eisu Gakkan International Language Academy
The Japanese Language Course provides lessons to improve four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, and also provides knowledge and understanding about Japanese culture so that the students can use it when they return home. Placement test is held according to their language ability: The Elementary course teaches everyday conversation, sentence pattern, vocabulary and grammar. The Intermediate course is made for those who have basic knowledge on Japanese. The Advanced class is made of those who have finished intermediate level and who want to work as an interpreter after going back home.
Location: Fukuoka
Email: No email address given


International Academy
The International Academy is an authorized language school of the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Teaching. Experienced teachers give instructio in a kind and detailed manner according to the curriculum designed to develop studentsf ability in practical Japanese. They also offer their overall support for diligent students by providing career guidance and lifestyle guidance. IAY provides a wide range of language courses at your convenience - a short-term course of three lessons a day from 2 weeks to 12 weeks, and a long-term transfer course of four lessons a day in a one-month unit, private lessons and other types of lesson. The long-term programs are intended for those who wish to go on to a college, a graduate school, or a technical school in Japan.
Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido
Email: Contact page

Japanese Language Institute of Sapporo
Learning a different language means immersing oneself in a different culture. Lessons are designed to help you increase knowledge of Japan's traditional culture and modern society. Every school staff member and instructor stands constantly ready to support you in overcoming culture shock or other challenges. Our three curricula fit students' goals: One curriculum is for students aiming for higher education, one for those wishing to acquire conversational Japanese skills and one for those hoping to become Japanese language instructors. We offer guidance on studies and entrance examinations, to help students realize their ambitions. Each course is taught in classes divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced levels, for efficient study. One class consists of 12 to 20 students, to ensure one-to-one instruction.
Location: Sapporo, Hokkaido


Interculture Language Academy
Through teaching Japanese language, it is our aim to foster deeply an understanding of Japan. Students will learn culture, history and social mores, and become better acquainted with each other and Japan. Since the number of students in our class is small, all students receive personal instruction, allowing them to improve quickly. Appropriately qualified students who gain entry to this school, will receive all possible guidance, consultation and support, with respect to their desire to advance to a Japanese graduate school, university, vocational school or the like. This academy offers opportunities to see Japanese traditional events and various kinds of activities which aid the student in an understanding of Japanese society and which tie-in with the more formal school-based program.
Location: Kobe, Hyogo

Kobe YMCA Japanese Language School
Kobe YMCA provides the educational/learning environment so the young people can "shine" through Japanese language learning. By utilizing our activities, human resources and network, we create environments to help young learners in "self-discovery," "independence" and "self-realization." Each course is designed to provide the necessary proficiency in all aspects of "reading" "writing" "listening" and "speaking" in the Japanese language. The final goal of the courses will be to strengthen the skills necessary to enter and obtain an education at a Japanese university. Special Japanese language lessons can prepare the student for a study abroad exam in Japan and Kobe YMCA also provides English and Math lessons necessary for the exam, which are available upon request.
Location: Kobe, Hyogo
Email: Japanese Department of the Kobe YMCA College:
Email: Kobe YMCA Japanese Language School:

Kobe YWCA College
For more than forty years ago, the Kobe YWCA College has been teaching Japanese language to non-native speakers and training instructors to teach Japanese. Kobe YWCA College is divided into three main programs: the Japanese Language Course for Foreigners; the JFL and JSL Teacher Training Course; and the International Community College. Gifted instructors provide guidance and education for students from various backgrounds with a variety of different goals. Each term period is three months and when students finish a term, they start new classes at a higher level. We emphasize that language is closely tied to culture, so students also learn about Japanese culture and social matters. The YWCA aims to offer high level Japanese language instruction along with solid international exchange programs.
Location: Kobe, Hyogo


Ibaraki International Language Institute
Ibaraki International Language Institute opened in 1991 and was certified by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education. With small class sizes to promote a friendly learning atmosphere, lessons are enjoyable and easy-to-understand. The teaching staff is fully qualified and well experienced, and we have high exam pass rates and graduation rates. People may begin studying the Japanese language study for a variety of reasons and the most effective way to learn is not the same for everyone. At Ibaraki International Language Institute we offer a range of full and part-time courses to help all students meet their goals, with lots of activities and events.
Location: Hitachi City, Ibaraki


Kanrin Japanese Schoo
Kanrin Japanese School founded in 1987, is one of the oldest Japanese language schools in the Yokohama area. Lessons are held using a direct method, covering reading, writing, comprehension, and speech. After six months almost all students will be able to write and read Japanese, and hold daily conversations. Students will also be prepared for the yearly Japanese Language Proficency Test, and helped with transition to higher education (university or college). As teaching material we use not only books, newspaper articles and extracts from novels, but also modern media such as television. To help our students to understand Japan better, Japanese culture as well as Japanese custom etc. is also taught in classes.
Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa

Yokohama International Education Academy
The Academy aims to help each and every student to pass EJU and/or JLPT Level1 and to enter universities, graduate schools and vocational schools in Japan. Throughout the school year, Speech Contest and other events are held to provide opportunity for students to up-grade their ability. In the classrooms, excellent teachers are selected to utilize the "direct method" of language teaching in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Sufficient care is also provided to allow students to enjoy life in Japan and to experience aspects of Japanese cultures through Sports Day, Field Trips and Intra-School Events.
Location: Yokohama, Kanagawa


Japanese Language School of Kumamoto Technical College
Kumamoto Technical College is located on the suburbs of Kumamoto City in a quiet environment best suited for study activities, and the school is the largest vocational training technical college in Kumamoto prefecture. Foreign students who are enrolled in our Japanese course are granted with the College student visa status, and have eligibility to apply for financial aid programs offered by public organizations. The competent teaching staff of our school provide their best assistance for the students to acquire proficiency in Japanese and prepare them for further university education. After completing the 2-year Japanese Course, students can apply for universities and colleges in Japan, and can also continue studying at our college in a different course.
Location: Kumamoto

Kumamoto YMCA Japanese Language School
The Kumamoto YMCA started a Japanese Language Education Service in 1979, and in 1990, the Kumamoto YMCA Japanese Language School was established and was authorized as an official Japanese Language Education provider. The purpose of our school is to train students in the Japanese language to a level, which will enable them to enter college or university in Japan, or work in their chosen profession in Japan. We also hope to offer the opportunity to develop an understanding of each county's history and culture and to cement friendships whilst at promoting international understanding.
Location: Kumamoto


Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language
With a long tradition and history as Kyoto International Center of Languages, Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language was established as a Japanese language educational facility in conformity with Japanese educational law to achieve still higher levels of excellence in the field of Japanese language education. Kyoto is endowed with a rich cultural heritage and a lush natural environment, and is well known as an international city of culture and science. The Japanese language course is divided into four levels, with each level comprised of several classes to accommodate the differing abilities of the various students within each level. All classes, starting with the basic level are carried out totally in Japanese. In addition to the regular classes, many opportunities for learning are provided outside of school in the form of observation and exploratory activities.
Location: Kyoto

Kyoto Japanese Language School
Offers a full-time intensive course, which meets 20 hours per week and is intended for those wishing to study Japanese intensively. Classes emphasize spoken communication through a small student-teacher ratio, with a careful balance of all four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Effective class work concentrates on each student's own goals and individual needs.
Location: Kyoto

Kyoto Minsai Japanese Language School
All courses are designed for foreign residents of Japan or visitors on tourist visas who wish to use their vacation time in the study of the Japanese language. The courses are particularly appropriate for those who are working Japan but have not had time for formal language training. It must be noted that the courses do not qualify participants for student visa status.
Location: Kyoto

Kyoto YMCA Japanese Language Courses
Our course provides the improvement of Japanese Language abilities such as Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking for the people who are eager to study Japanese academically. The Final goal is to master the total Japanese with the university entrance level.
Location: Kyoto

Nihongo Center
Nihongo Center is located at the center of Kyoto, Shijo-Kawaramachi, making it easy for students to attend school. Twenty years of teaching Japanese, the unique teaching methods used by the experienced young teachers have earned accepted reputation. Classes are organized under elitism, and we have a very high success rate for passing first grade Japanese Proficiency Test. We also have various courses, such as training of Japanese language teachers, English, and Mathematics courses; we have a perfect support system for public universities' entrance examinations. Our school is an intermediary school of the Ministry of Justice, which allows us to take care of the troublesome task of getting visas.
Location: Kyoto


Sendai Language School
The aim of our school is to provide a high quality preliminary education from experienced, professional teachers, who have been working enthusiastically for many years, to students who are aiming to progress to universities, colleges or vocational schools in Japan. We are sure you will be satisfied with our service and the high quality of our lessons. Sendai is a City of Trees, and it's also a City of Study with 17 universities and colleges. This environment is one the reasons we recommend that you study here. Another important feature of our school is that we teach not only the Japanese language, but also things you need to learn in order to live in Japanese society. All teachers and staff here eagerly help students to be able to adapt themselves quickly to a Japanese lifestyle.
Location: Sendai, Miyagi

Tohoku Foreign Language College
The Japanese Course at Tohoku Foreign Language College(TFLC) is intended for foreign students who desire to learn the Japanese language and enhance their understanding of the Japanese culture, society and people. The course is also intended to prepare students for entering Japanese universities or vocational schools. Most of the students continue studying at such institutions in Japan after graduation from the Japanese course. TFLC is a language-oriented vocational school approved by the governor of Miyagi Prefecture. Because of this and as prescribed in Clause 82.2 of the School Education Law, students can learn Japanese with a "college student-visa" (ryugaku), instead of a "pre-college student-visa" (shugaku). TFLC is the only school of Japanese in the Tohoku district where the student can learn Japanese with the "ryugaku" visa.
Location: Sendai, Miyagi


Ebino Kogen International College
Learn practical skills in vocabulary, grammar, listening, and reading comprehension as well as Academic Japanese. Master Japanese before going on to study at Japanese University or Technical College.
Location: Ebino, Miyazaki


Nara Japanese Language School
Our philosophy is for people from all over the world to learn to understand and care for each other, so hand-in-hand we can become a truly international society. By studying at our school we hope to strengthen the bonds of knowledge and friendship between all the world's people. The highly qualified teachers were chosen not only for their expertise in teaching, but also for their friendliness and understanding. Complete Language Laboratory facilities are available to students, whether for writing, reading or pronounciation. This equipment is similar to language laboratories used in Universities.
Location: Nara
Email: No email address given


Okayama Institute of Languages
The Okayama Institute of Languages (OIL) provides Japanese language education with the aims of educating people with an international outlook and broadening world-wide contacts. Okayama, known as the "Land of Sunshine", has a good climate, and is a clean and safe city. The Institute, which is in the city centre, attracts aspiring students from all over the world. Through Japanese language education, we want to do our utmost to assist these students to realize their dreams. I look forward to having you at the Okayama Institute of Languages, where "Infinite possibilities await you.".
Location: Okayama


International Institute of Language and Culture
Would you like to study Japanese Language with us in southern most part of Japan, Okinawa, characterized by its blue sea and blue sky? Okinawa has breathtaking sceneries and its unique Ryukyu culture, entertainment, and its own interesting history. These characteristics make Okinawa a very attractive place for foreigners. In our institute, students are able to enjoy studying Japanese not only with qualified teachers but also with other students from many different countries. In addition, students will take part in many enjoyable events, including beach parties, hiking, Japanese Tea Ceremony and so on. We hope you would like to enjoy of our exciting studying life with us!
Location: Naha, Okinawa

Japanese Institute of Culture And Economics
We would like to teach students not only Japanese language but we also hope to teach Japanese customs as well. Students will be immersed in Japanese culture and lifestyle, learn to live and respect the people and environment around them. We regard this as a very important aspect of studying Japanese in Japan. We believe that to truly understand the Japanese language it is important to experience Japanese culture and its customs firsthand.
Location: Shimajirigun, Okinawa


Human Academy Japanese Language School
We believe that real internationalization should not be merely attained just by Japanese people studying foreign languages, traveling abroad, or absorbing foreign cultures. As a licensed language school by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education, we provide various Japanese language courses for foreigners. Our programs mainly support those foreign students who plan to enter a university in Japan. Based on our wide educational experiences, easy- to-understand lessons with close human contact are carried out. We see a number of our students succeed in passing the Japanese Language proficiency test each year.,and many graduates successfully enter famous universities.
Location: Osaka

Kansai College of Business and Languages
The Dept. of Japanese Studies at Kansai College has both long-term and short-term Japanese courses and helps students to develop their synthetic Japanese ability. For the long-term course, a student is able to obtain a college-student visa and develop the 4 basic Japanese skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking. Kansai College provides excellent academic support for students’ future pathway. For graduates who completed studying 2 years will be awarded the Technical Associate Degree (authorized by the Ministry of Education, Japan) which leads to a future pathway for further study at a 4-year University or for a chance to work in Japan. For the short-term course, we offer 210 hrs of Japanese language lessons to a student to consolidate a foundation of Japanese or brush up Japanese ability.
Location: Osaka

MERIC Japanese Language School
MERIC Japanese Language School not only provides high quality Japanese language training, but also regularly sends it's graduates to Japanese universities, technical colleges and other educational institutions equipped with the level of Japanese needed to be successful in tertiary institutions. The school has also produced students who went on to become interpreters, tour guides and other business related occupations. All the teachers employed by MERIC are fully qualified, very experienced, are renowned for their enthusiasm in teaching, and all lessons are done in the target language, Japanese.
Location: Naniwa, Osaka

Osaka International School of Culture and Language
The Osaka International School of Culture and Language offers not only education on Japanese language and culture for students from overseas but puts much effort in giving guidance on daily living in Japan to enable students to lead a comfortable life in Japan. Furthermore, the school is a preparatory school whereby students from abroad, after completing the course at this school may go on to universities, graduate schools or professional schools to acquire high level knowledge and techniques.
Location: Osaka

Osaka YMCA Gakuin Japanese Language School
The Osaka YMCA Japanese School was established in 1969, the year before the World Expo was held in Osaka. People from overseas who are living in the Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe areas come here to learn the Japanese language skills they need in order to communicate in their daily lives, and to adapt to Japanese culture. By mastering Japanese, students from abroad break through the language barrier, enabling direct communication with the Japanese people. The international ties which are in turn created are the ultimate goal of the YMCA.
Location: Tennoji, Osaka

Osaka YMCA Japanese Language School
The Osaka YMCA offers a Japanese Language Program at two locations within Osaka city. Both schools are conveniently situated close to a JR national rail, subway or private rail station. As each school’s program is based on the same educational policies and offers the same curriculum, You can enjoy classes with a small number of students and consistently high standards no matter Which branch you choose to study at.
Location: Nishi, Osaka

Osaka YWCA Japanese Language Course
Osaka YWCA has devoted special attention to education since it was established in 1917 and has played a pioneering role in the field. In addition to offering English language education from the early days of its founding, it received permission in 1978 to open the first evening school for women in Japan. The Japanese Language Teacher Training Course was established in 1969 and in 1978 the Japanese Language Education Program for foreign residents in Japan was established. A full-time Japanese Language Course was established in 1985 and at present has approximately 100 students from 12 countries.
Location: Kita, Osaka


Saitama Kokusai Gakuen
Our school is authorized by the Association for Promoting the Japanese Language Education. We teach basic knowledge and skills needed for daily life, and cultivate students' ability to read an essay, comment or article and to express their opinions in Japanese, based on the basic knowledge and skills. We enhance students' understanding of Japanese customs and manners through teaching them Japanese and giving them opportunities for cultural exchanges with our community.
Location: Kumagaya, Saitama
Email: No email address given.

Yonogakuin Japanese Language School
We use the Direct Method - by using only Japanese to teach, we will help you learn faster. Our programs will teach the Japanese needed to enter university. If you have a difficulty on a pronunciation, you can take a pronunciation training, besides regular lesson. If you want, you can take a kanji intensive training.
Location: Saitama


A.C.C International Culture College
A.C.C. International Culture College has provided Japanese language classes since 1991.The practical education has been given not only in the college but also on the street. Many graduates go to universities or work in Japan ,or take an active part n their countries. We continue to do our best to make the circumstances comfortable for foreigners to study and live. I sincerely hope that you will learn about Japanese culture and make many friends while living and studying in Fujinomiya.
Location: Fujinomiya, Shizuoka

F.I.A. Japanese Language School
The Japanese Language Program is acknowledged by the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education in Japan. For individuals, one to two year courses are offered and are designed to provide the student with a better understanding of Japan and its language through practical application of Japanese language skills acquired in class. Classes are small with a maximum of six students per class to ensure that each student benefits fully from the program. The typical curriculum involves authentic communication in the target language, but also instructs students on important cultural aspects relating to life in Japan. Students are given the opportunity to participate in various Japanese cultural activities such as aikidou, traditional dance and music, calligraphy, judou and tea ceremony.
Location: Susono, Shizuoka

Kokusai Kotoba Gakuin
Kokusai Kotoba Gakuin is a school for enthusiastic students of the Japanese Language. The Institutes's primary purpose is to help open doors for students throughout the world. Most of our students wish to enter Japanese universities or colleges. Our goal in this regard for our students to satisfactorily pass the first level of the Japanese Proficiency Test. We place the utmost importance on the quality of our instructors and curriculum.
Location: Shizuoka

Shizuoka International School
We accept students who want to study Japanese in order to learn art, science, cluture and tecnology in a Japanese University or Company. Also, we want to educate them in a good enviroment where we have many equipment, for example a computer education system, to make their goal fulfilled. We have the "FUREAI (contact) Lesson" to communicate with Japanese near our school. We think it is a good chance to use the Japanese which the students have learnt in lessons.
Location: Shizuoka


Ashikaga Community College Language School
The school's Japanese language course was launched in 1989, when we became the first school to be approved by Tochigi Prefecture to conduct Japanese language training. Since that time, our Japanese language training has been an invaluable resource for the many foreign students studying Japanese language, culture, and technology. Classes are conducted in Japanese and each class is kept to a limited number of students, with the course content being developed in cooperation with Bunka Institute of Language of Tokyo.
Location: Ashikaga, Tochigi
Email: No email address given


Toyama International Academy
We offer three courses - a General Course, a Private Course and a Short Study Course. Our experienced staff gives appropriate advice with eagerness to make them feel secure on various problems or questions students have in their lives in Japan such as renting a room, getting part-time work, health matters.
Location: Toyama


Unitas Japanese Language School
With an emphasis on teaching languages, the school is geared toward students wanting to go on to further study. Our school aims to provide the necessary preparation for high levels of study(Graduate programs, University, College, Vocational college). All our teachers are completely reliable. In order to have a good grounding in all aspects of Japanese, a detailed curriculum is required.
Location: Koufu, Yamanashi