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German Magazines Online

Online Magazines From All Over The World!
Welcome to our online magazine pages, featuring online magazines, journals and other electronic print formats from countries all over the world! For those who are expanding or refining their knowledge of a language, or those who want to keep up their skills at a certain level of proficiency, the availability of texts in another language is a prerequisite. Online magazines and journals fill this need in a useful manner, for they present modern prose with a more challenging vocabulary than that found in newspapers, presenting ideas and information with more depth and analysis, and using greater vocabulary and stylistic fluency. If you have any questions or can't find what you need, please e-mail us at .

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  German Magazines Online

Online women's magazine in German.
Austria Press Agentur portal which aggregates stories.
German film magazine.
Basler Zeitung
Newspaper from Basel, Switzerland.
Berliner Morgenpost
Berlin morning daily.
Berliner Zeitung
Berlin magazine of news, culture, and science.
Der Beobachter
Magazine weekly in German from Switzerland.
Magazine of business and economics in Swiss German.
Bild Online
German tabloid.
Daily tabloid from Switzerland.
Bayerischer Rundfunk news reports.
German women's magazine of fashion, health, and living.
Die Bunte
German celebrity tabloid.
German film criticism and film news.
German internet magazine on computers and information technology.
German film criticism and reviews.
Deutsche Welle
Comprehensive coverage on Germany, Europe, and international topics, in English and German and 28 other languages.
Weather forecasts for Germany and surrounding areas.
Magazine of computers, electronics, technology and business.
Fashion magazine for young women, in German.
Bi-monthly feminist magazine feminist magazine from Köln.
Erlanger Liste-Digitale Texte
Listing of German text collections on the Internet.
German news daily.
German magazine of humor and satire.
FACTS: Das Schweizer Nachrichtenmagazin
Swiss newsweekly of celebrities and culture.
Film Dienst
German film essays, interviews, and criticism.
German news magazine, partnered with MSN.
Frankfurter Rundschau
German news from Frankfurt.
GEO Explorer
GEO magazine news and articles.
German Life
A bi-monthly magazine in English written for all interested in the diversity of German culture, past and present.
German News
Aggregation of news stories from a number of German newspapers.
Graz Tourismus
Tourism in Graz, Austria.
Hamburger Morgenpost
German online tabloid.
German financial and business magazine.
Jazz Thing
Jazz music reviews and articles in German.
Online magazine for young people.
Der Journalist
Magazine of and about journalism.
Junge Welt
Daily newspaper from Berlin.
Find out what happened this day in German history; also searchable by date.
Köln Online
Köln culture and news.
Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger
Köln news magazine.
German news daily.
Kronen Zeitung
Austrian tabloid magazine.
Lettre International
German cultural quarterly with archived editions.
Liechtensteiner Vaterland
Liechtenstein online newspaper.
Luxemburger Wort
Luxemburg daily newspaper, online.
Maerkische Allgemeine
Newspaper from Potsdam.
   Mittlebayerische Zeitung
Regensburg news online.
Magazine of environmental issues and science.
Der Neue Grazer
Weekly news from Graz, Austria.
Neue Welt
The leading German language newspaper in Canada.
Neue Zürcher Zeitung Online
Leading Swiss newspaper, from Zurich.
News Online
Austrian news weekly.
Nurnberger Nachrichten
Monthly magazine from Nuremburg.
Oldenburger STACHEL
Magazine for politics and culture for Oldernburg and around.
PC Magazin News
Computer and technology periodical.
Perlentaucher: Literatur im Internet
Book reviews links from major German-language newspapers.
Daily news and information from Germany.
Newspaper from Austria.
Profil Online
Austrian weekly news magazine.
A newspaper from and for the radikal/autonomous left.
Rheinischer Merkur
German conservative weekly political magazine.
Rheinische Post Online
Online paper from the Rheinland.
Saarbrucker Zeitung
Online paper from Saarland, Germany.
Arts and culture from Hannover.
Schaffhauser Nachrichten
Swiss online daily newspaper.
Schleswig-Holsteinischer Zeitungsverlag
News daily from Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany.
Schwäbisches Tagblatt
Newspaper from Tübingen.
Schweizerischen Depeschenagentur News
Swiss press agency and news.
Das Sonntagsblatt
Christian religious paper from Hamburg.
Swiss weekly of politics and culture.
Der Spiegel
One of the leading German political magazines, online.
German sports magazine and portal.
Der Standard
Viennese daily newspaper.
Steirische Wochenpost
Regional Austrian weekly
German magazine of news and popular events.
Die Süddeutsche Zeitung
Southern German daily newspaper.
Tages Anzeiger
Newspaper from Zurich, Switzerland.
Online magazine from television news programme broadcast on several German-language television stations.
Cultural happenings in Berlin.
Arts and culture in Berlin.
TV Media Online
Television in Germany.
TV Movie On
Film and television reviews in German.
UB Bielefeld: Zeitschriften der Aufklärung
Collection of 18th and 19th century journals with many literary contributions; in graphics facsimile format. Use the search form to find authors and works.
VDI Nachrichten
Dusseldorf magazine of technology and finance.
Vorarlberg Online
Austrian online magazine.
Die Welt
The famous German newspaper, online.
Die Weltwoche
Swiss weekly magazine from Zürich.
Wiener Zeitung
One of Vienna's best known newspapers.
German weekly business news magazine.
Science monthly from Stuttgart, Germany.
Die Zeit
Another famous German newspaper, online.
Zeitungen vom Campus
A link collection of Austrian, German and Swiss campus magazines.
Zitty Online
Berlin magazine of culture.
Zweite Hand
German auto and motorcycle press.