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DVD and Video Courses

Movie Talk Advanced DVD-ROM from EuroTalk for Italian
Combining the power of the movies and DVD-ROM technology, EuroTalk brings you an exciting language learning package that really works! Watch full-screen video and play games and exercises that make you remember what you've seen and learnt. Star in one of your favorite videos by joining in the action by recording your voice into the movie. Search for any word used in the script, or compete in a quick-fire TV Quiz. Packages are available for English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Windows and Macintosh DVD-ROM.

Language Tree DVDs for Italian
Language Tree is an educational publishing company devoted to teaching languages in a completely accessible and user-friendly manner through videocassette and DVDs. Using advanced techniques and new media that tap into how children and adults are best able to acquire language, their tools enable learners of all ages to quickly and effortlessly gain spoken proficiency. Italian for Kids Vol. 1 introduces this beautiful language to kids in a way that engages them from start to finish. Starring native speakers and 3-D animated characters, this video teaches the Italian language within the context of a fantastic birthday party - full of lively songs, delicious food and playful games. Marina and her cute puppy, "Momo", clearly demonstrate useful phrases for everyday situations, such as meeting and greeting, eating, playing and much more. Words for colors, numbers, and parts of the body are explained in an entertaining and lively manner. Vol 1. Contains 6 complete lessons on everyday conversation, and includes interactive DVD games that test a child's comprehension, and introduces over 100 practical phrases and vocabulary words with upbeat sing-a-long songs that reinforce new words and phrases. Italian for Kids Vol. 2 takes your child on an unforgettable learning journey with Marina and her best friend "Momo" the dog. Along the way, your child will learn words and phrases related to useful daily topics: telling time, eating, playing, and much more. Language Tree pumps up the fun factor with colorful 3-D animation and sing-along pop songs. Vol. 2 contains complete lessons on everyday conversation, and includes remote control DVD games that test lesson comprehension, with sing-along songs reinforce new words and phrases, and audio recordings of native speakers to provide authentic pronunciation.
Italian for Kids, Beginner Level 1, Vol. 1
Italian for Kids, Beginner Level 1, Vol. 2
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Muzzy in Gondoland! DVDs for Italian
Children love the Muzzy series! Muzzy uses a natural approach with the lessons in the target language, so that the child learns easily and naturally. Parents report that their children want to watch it all the time, and teachers say that their students concentrate on learning with the series and quickly master phrases and sentence structure. Muzzy comes in 2 Levels, and each level includes five DVDs, an audio CD with songs, a student book, and a special bonus CD-ROM (for PC), and the course comes packaged in a sturdy case. Available for English (ESL), Italian, French, German, Irish Gaelic, and Spanish.
Level 1
Level 2
Both Levels
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Little Pim DVDs for Italian
Meet Little Pim, a charming animated panda who guides babies, toddlers and preschoolers on a fun-filled journey to learning a foreign language. Little Pim only speaks in the foreign language, while interacting with babies and young children enjoying everyday activities. We encourage you to watch Little Pim with your child and join the onscreen fun by calling out words and repeating the language together. Because Little Pim focuses on the first words typically acquired in a kidís vocabulary, your family can reinforce the lessons by simply repeating the new language during your everyday routines. Studies show that exposing young children to a foreign language facilitates fluency later in life and could also enhance cognitive abilities. Created by Julia Pimsleur Levine, an award-winning filmmaker and mom, Little Pim is a groundbreaking kidsí language DVD series that offers hours of fun while providing the basic building blocks for learning a foreign language. This multi-disc series of 35-minute DVDs can be viewed in any order, with each DVD teaching 60 words of vocabulary. Special features include: 5-minute episodes to facilitate pausing for interaction; vocabulary review after each segment; optional English subtitles; parent guide with helpful viewing and learning tips. Comes in three DVDs: Eating and Drinking: follow Little Pim and pals as they wake up to a new day and go to sleep after a busy day; Wake Up Smiling: follow Little Pim and pals as they wake up to a new day and go to sleep after a busy day; Playtime: join Little Pim and pals in the wonders of play, from blocks to boats to tea time.
Little Pim Gift Set, Volumes 1 and 2
Special: Was $125, now for $99!
(with Eating and Drinking / Wake Up Smiling / Playtime / In My Home / Happy, Sad and Silly / I Can Count)
Little Pim Gift Set, Volume 1 (with Eating and Drinking, Wake Up Smiling, and Playtime)
Special: Was $75, now for $55!
Little Pim Gift Set, Volume 2 (with My Home / Happy, Sad and Silly / I Can Count)
Special: Was $75, now for $55!

Little Pim Individual Packages
(Eating and Drinking / Wake Up Smiling / Playtime / In My Home / Happy, Sad and Silly / I Can Count)

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