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Multilingual Books FAQ

Multilingual Books FAQ
This is our general-purpose FAQ or frequently asked questions page for general questions about Multilingual Books, our site, products we offer, ordering, and other questions. If you have any questions or can't find what you need, please e-mail us at .

Language Materials

How do I chose the best software course?
We recommend starting with our Software Comparison Chart. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Is an audio-only course right for me?
Many people are visual learners and prefer a course with a visual component, such as the FSI courses or a software-based course. For people that like to listen and learn in the car or while jogging, we suggest the Pimsleur courses, which use an audio-only method of learning.

Where can I find more information on Foreign Service Institute (FSI) courses?
You can find it on the Foreign Service Institute page.

Do foreign DVDs play on American DVD players?
We generally carry DVDs for the American market, which are zoned for Region 1 and used the American/Canadian NTSC television format. Check our DVD Compatibility FAQ for more info.

Does Multilingual Books sell computer-networked software?
Yes. We recommend checking out our EuroTalk Network Editions page. To arrange a network license that is tailored to your needs, please email us.

Technology Center

Does Multilingual Books sell Pocket Translators?
Yes see our Pocket Translator page for options; also, check the pocket translator portion of the FAQ below for more information.

How do I get technical support for my software?
You can e-mail us at, or contact the publisher of the software.

What is a Pimsleur Bookchip?
A Bookchip is a compact digital memory card that can hold five, ten, or fifteen hours of spoken audio or more. A single Bookchip - not much larger than a postage stamp - can hold entire audiobooks that would traditionally require a half-dozen to a dozen compact discs or cassettes. Bookchips can be played on the iofy Audio Player or any Secure Digital card reader. You find out more about them at our Pimsleur Bookchips page.

I'm interested in your On-the-Go language courses, but I don't see what I'm looking for. Do you build customized packages?
Yes! Choose your preferred language course and player type, then let Multilingual Books do the rest. If you are interested in a custom On-the-Go language package, please email us with your specifications.

How do I listen to your great free radio and television listings?
For information on how to listen to radio and TV online, please see our Streaming Media FAQ.

Does Multilingual Books Sell Translation Software?
Yes. See our Translation Software page for details.

General Information

How do I contact Multilingual Books?
Phone: 206-384-3728 or 253-353-2761
Fax: 206-400-1156
Mail: 11515 NE 26th Ave., Suite 201, Seattle, WA 98125

Where do I find information on Multilingual Book's shipping policy?
Information on shipping policy can be found towards the bottom of our Ordering information page.

What methods of payment can I use to purchase products?
We accept credit cards (Visa, MC, AmEx, Discover), money orders, international money orders, checks, and purchase orders from corporations and government institutions. Invoicing and terms can be arranged on approval. For international orders, we accept credit cards, international money orders, or PayPal.

I am ordering for a school/corporation/government institution - can I use a purchase order?
Yes. Please include the P.O. number on the order form. We expect payment 15 days after receipt of invoice.

My credit card statement says that my card was charged by Tomkin's Consulting. Who is that?
Tomkins Consulting is our corporate name.

If I have a promo code for my order, why is my discount is not reflected in the total?
We process all of our orders by hand, and will include your discount at that time. Please contact us if you are unsure of how to calculate your total.

Do you take exchanges or returns?
Yes! See our Return page for more info.

Pocket Translators

Do pocket translators translate or just look up words?
Most pocket translators are essentially dictionaries with easy look-up features; lists of important phrases are often defined as well. Some of our higher-end models do translate sentences using technology that takes the context of the word into account, giving you a better translation.

What type of batteries do pocket translators use?
Some use watch batteries and others use AAA batteries. Almost all of the translators we sell also have the option of using an AC power adapter.

Do you have to type the word you want to look up, or can you speak into a translator?
Most translators require typing and all include a keypad. The translators that have voice-recognition allow you to speak into them.

Can I type in non-Latin alphabets such as Kanji or Cyrillic?
Most of our translators that cover languages such as Japanese and Russian allow input in either Latin or non-Latin alphabets.

Do translators speak? If so, how is the voice quality?
Many of our translators do speak. The models that use prerecorded speakers sound best; those with computer-synthesized voices are helpful, but don't sound as good.

What is the size of the dictionaries in the translators?
Most of the translators we sell have at least a 100,000-word dictionary. Some also include technical dictionaries.