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Basic ESL Courses

Language Solution ESL Software for Windows/Mac
Just as children learn their first language through audiovisual association and oral practice, Language Solution's natural method of instruction provides children and adults alike with immersion totally in the new language. Translation and grammar are not introduced until conversational fluency has been achieved. It is this method that accounts for the increased effectiveness of Language Solution in comparison with other language acquisition courses on the market today. The Level 1 Beginning English CD-ROM for Windows/Mac Level 1 guides you through a 15 Lesson multi-sensorial experience that eliminates all anxiety of traditional approaches and provides you with a vocabulary of over 1,000 words & the ability to articulate over 10,000 expressions, more than enough for effective daily communication. Level 2 Intermediate has an additional 15 lessons, that increases your vocabulary to over 3,000 words and a tremendously fluent 30,000 expressions. Each level includes a CD-ROM, User's Manual and Work Books, and are compatible with Windows and Macintosh sytems.
Language Solution English (ESL) Learning Level 1 CD-ROM
Language Solution English (ESL) Learning Level 2 CD-ROM
Language Solution English (ESL) Learning Level 1 and 2 Bundle