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Albanian Electronic Dictionaries -
EAl800 and EAl400T Talking Dictionaries

Electronic dictionaries are a great resource - a must - for businesspeople, travelers, and students. All included dictionaries have outstanding vocabularies, built-in organizers, currency and metric converters, lists of idioms, irregular verbs, spell-checkers, and much more. Electronic dictionaries are your key to a new world of opportunity!

EAl800 Albanian Dictionary and Travel Audio PhraseBook

EAl400T - English-Albanian Talking Electronic Dictionary

EAl800  -   EAl400T

EAl800 Albanian Dictionary and Travel Audio PhraseBook

The ECTACO Partner EAl800 is a revolutionary, expandable bilingual Dictionary and Travel Audio PhraseBook. With cool modern styling, hi-resolution color touch-display and state-of-the-art linguistic tools it is one of a kind. The massive vocabulary contains over 510,000 words and is one of the biggest around. The inclusion of the most sophisticated and accurate voice facilities available on today's competitive market is the defining feature of this remarkable handheld. It features both state-of-the-art English speech recognition and highly advanced English voice capabilities powered by the latest TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology. It even goes so far as to include crystal-clear native-speaker voices for both languages in the Audio Travel PhraseBook section as recorded by professionals. This intelligent linguistic device is literally packed with information and tools to help you master your foreign language skills for either academic endeavors or travel.

Power is supplied by rechargeable battery or AC/DC adapter (both included in the standard package) by AC/DC adapter and rechargeable battery (all included in the standard package).

EAl800 Albanian Dictionary and Travel Audio PhraseBook

  • Color display: the luxury of a hi-res color screen with adjustable color schemes, customizable elements, color-coded parts of speech, samples of use and much more.
  • Expandable vocabulary: over 510,000 words already included in the general dictionary - the largest vocabulary base ever! Plus you can easily add more than 50 language combinations available as ECTACO MMC Cards!
  • Advanced English speech synthesis.
  • Instant reverse translation.
  • Superb English speech recognition..
  • Designed with the real traveler in mind, the Audio PhraseBook is at your disposal on pleasure or business trips. It delivers real human-voice output in English and Albanian for over 14,000 pre-recorded phrases. It also provides the different responses you might receive in the "You May Hear" section.
  • WordNet Princeton edition English-English dictionary of modern English - over 70,000 head words and details explanations.
  • Over 510,000 words in English-Albanian general dictionary.
  • Advanced word recognition and MorphoFinder™.
  • Custom function "Add new word" allowing to create your own vocabulary and add them to the existing ones.
  • Slang lock: function allowing you to include or lock out slang from your dictionaries.
  • Look-up function helps you easily navigate through huge vocabulary bases at your disposal.
  • Interchangeable MMC/SD cards allow you to add a variety of languages and endless linguistic content from ECTACO, Inc.
  • SAT 200 and SAT 5000 vocabularies, helping you to prepare for these tough, English-language standard proficiency tests.
  • Linguistic games: Flash Cards, Pockets, Spell It, Translation Test: these help you learn at your own pace, expand your vocabulary and improve spelling.
  • WordNet Princeton edition English-English dictionary of modern English - over 70,000 head words and details explanations.
  • Over 510,000 words in English-Albanian general dictionary, featuring synthesized English voice.
  • Phonetic transcription, essential tool for those learning to speak and write properly.
  • Vector Ultima™ spell-checker.
  • English <-> Albanian Audio PhraseBook with natural human-recorded speech will help you in a variety of standard everyday situations and activities.
  • FlashCards: the classic game that helps you improve your vocabulary while you play.
    And more...
  • Media Player with MP3 support - to help you at study and in play. Thousands of Audio Books are currently available to be stored in this MP3 player.
  • Currency and metric conversions.
  • World Time.
  • Daily Alarm.
  • Calculator.
  • And More...

 Advanced Search
 Instant Reverse Translation
 Irregular Verbs
 New Word Recording
 Electronic Grammar Book
 Display Touch Sensitive Screen
 Screen Backlight
 Headphones Jack
 PC Connection
 AC Adapter Jack
 Batteries (Included) Li-Polymer Rechargeable Battery
 Dimensions (WxDxH) 6.6 X 3.9 X 0.9 In
 Weight 11 Oz
 World Time
 Local Time
 Daily Alarm
 Vocabulary 510,000
 Voice English/Albanian
 Speech Recognition English
 Idioms None
 Commonly Used Phrases over 14,000
Value Pack
 Bonus & Demo Software Yes
 Slim Case Yes
 1 Year Warranty
 Math Calculator
 Engineer Calculator
 Currency Conversion
 Metric Conversion

EAl400T - English-Albanian Talking Electronic Dictionary

Offering English speech synthesis, this fully-integrated bidirectional language tool is one of the most versatile and flexible high-performance communication devices available. Incorporating the latest text-to-speech technology, it will certainly become one of the most important and reliable tools for use in fulfilling your communication requirements. Its more than 450,000 entries make it an effective study aid as well as one of the most adaptable multipurpose language resources available. If your goal is to communicate effectively - to read, write and translate Albanian - this dictionary containing extended functionality and flexibility is your best choice. The database's construction is founded on the experience of professional translators working in the field and has some of the fastest, most powerful search functions currently available to help you find the words you need when you need them.

EAl400T - English-Albanian Talking Electronic Dictionary

  • Advanced English voice synthesis. The dictionary includes over 1,100 phrases grouped by topic for easy daily communication.
  • Large, 5 line high-resolution graphic screen makes for natural, smooth font appearance that is easy on your eyes.
  • Vector Ultima™ spell-checker allows you to enter words as you hear them and choose a spelling from the suggestions list.
  • Universal organizer, calculator, business scheduler comply to highest industry standards.
  • Built-in metric and currency converters are indispensable tools for the business traveler.
  • AC adapter, PC-link options available; purchased separately.

Technical Specification
 Vocabulary 450,000
 Voice function English
 Electronic organizer
 Exchange data with PC
 Display 5 lines/graph
 Electronic grammar book
 Grammar book
 Advanced word recognition
 Instant reverse translation
 Spell checker
 American idioms 200
 Commonly-used and emergency phrases 1100
 Word reference book  
 Irregular verbs
 New word recording
 Exchange data between dictionaries
 Games 1
 Engineering calculator
 Math calculator
 World time
 Currency conversion
 Metric conversion
 Size (inches) 4.6x3.5x0.6
 External power jack for non-battery operation