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Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary
An essential reference both for English-speakers learning Chinese and Chinese-speakers learning English, this brand new edition of the Pocket Chinese Dictionary offers authoritative, up-to-the-minute coverage, with over 88,000 words and phrases, and 130,000 translations, in a compact and practical format. This brand new edition has been updated to include the very latest vocabulary, including items like "bioterrorism", "e-shopping," "WAP phone", "domain name", and "SARS". The dictionary's clear layout makes it accessible and straightforward to use, and a detailed index system of radicals helps you find the entry you need quickly and easily. Chinese simplified characters, orthodox characters, and pinyin forms are given for each entry. Entries are ordered alphabetically according to their pinyin romanization, and coverage of Mandarin tones is included. Paperback, 1150 pages.

The Right Word in Mandarin Chinese
This easy-reference, pocket-sized dictionary provides all the information needed to get along in Mandarin Chinese. 244 pages. Paperback. Shipping weight 1 lb.

Chinese-English Dictionary of the Wu Dialect
Thomas Creamer
This dictionary contains over 7,000 words in the Wu dialect. This dialect covers Shanghai, Suzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, and other cities in central-coastal China. The entries are specific to the Wu dialect; words that are identical to common spoken Chinese (Putonghua) are not included. 1991, 192 pages, hardbound.

Dictionary of New Chinese Words (Revised & Enlarged)
Thomas Creamer
This dictionary contains 14,000 words, phrases, and abbreviations new to the Chinese language since about 1976 that appear in the general language press, especially in the People's Republic of China. The kinds of "new words" included are recent coinages in the language, established words that have taken on new meanings, and words that went out of use after 1949, but have recently been revived. The dictionary uses simplified characters, is arranged according to the pinyin romanization scheme, and includes an entry index. 1994, 320 pages, hardbound.

Fuzhou-English Dictionary
Li Zhuqing
This dictionary contains more than 7,100 entries of colloquial words and phrases in current use in the Fuzhou dialect of China. It does not include those non-colloquial words that share the same Chinese characters with the official language, Mandarin Chinese. The dictionary is based in part on Fuzhou Fangyan Cidian (1995) by Li Rulong, et al. It has been revised by the author's fieldwork, in addition to other resources. The body of the dictionary is arranged by total strokes of the head character. Pronunciation is given in IPA. An entry index arranged by the Fuzhou pronunciation is included along with a pinyin index of head characters. 1998, 230 pages, hardbound.

A Pinyin Chinese-English Dictionary
This dictionary was compiled by the Chinese-English Dictionary editorial committee of the Beijing Foreign Languages Institute. Work on it took eight years. Over fifty experts, both Chinese and non-Chinese took part in the compilation and editing. This dictionary is an up-to-date language reference work. It contains over 6,000 single-character entries, over 50,000 compound-character entries and over 70,000 compound words set phrases and examples. All the entries are arranged according to the Chinese Phonetic (han-yupinyin) alphabetical order: For easy cross-reference a Chinese character radical index is also provided. Emphasis was placed on using modern Chinese and modern English was taken as the basis of all English translation. Most Chinese words and phrases have more than one meaning and usage. This dictionary gives the more commonly used ones, esp. those used in modern Chinese language. For the purpose of fully defining and explaining the uses of the words andexpressions, a great deal of phrases, idioms, proverbs and sentences have been included as examples. Apart from expressions for general uses, special attention has been paid to social and natural sciences. 10 useful appendices including "Chinese Phonetic Alphabet and Wade System", "Countries, Regions, Capitals and Currencies", "A Brief Chinese Chronology" and "Units of Weights and Measures".

The English-Chinese Pocket Pinyin Dictionary
Designed for English speakers studying Chinese, this dictionary contains common phrases and expressions. Each entry consists of the appropriate Chinese characters followed by Pinyin (Chinese phonetic translation) and special definitions and examples to convey proper connotation. The dictionary inludes appendices of countries and Chinese provinces. 837 pages. Shipping weight 1 lb.

Times Chinese-English Dictionary
This is an adapted edition of The Chinese-English Dictionary published by the Foreign Languages Institute of Beijing in 1979. Within these pages are 5000 single-character entries and over 80,000 compound-character entries, phrases and examples. All entries are arranged in their hanyu pinyin alphabetic order. Entries can also be searched using the index of character radical provided. The appendices include a Wade System table, the names of chemical elements and a conversion table of Chinese weights and measures.