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Speak To Me English As a Second Language Course

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Speak To Me English As a Second Language Course
Learn English with Speak to Me - the most comprehensive solution for beginning and intermediate speakers of English. You can get the text in Chinese, German, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Vietnamese! Speak to Me is used by the Seattle Public Library, many English schools, and has helped thousands of students improve their English. Students will learn how to speak and comprehend English naturally with the aid of these well done DVDs. Questions? Call Kenneth at 206-384-3728.

Volumes 1, 2 & 3 Deluxe Package
$475   was $525     

Volumes 1, 2, or 3
$195  (was $225)     

Each level includes 3 NTSC DVDs and 1 bilingual workbook.
Versions for Monolingual (English), Russian, Spanish, German, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese or Vietnamese.

About Speak To Me | Course Outline | Video Samples

About Speak To Me ESL DVD Course

Speak to Me has earned a reputation as the highest-quality self-study ESL video program available. Behavioral scientists have shown that you absorb a new language much more quickly when you are able to visualize the word being learned: that is, having an actual picture or action in mind.

The program challenges students to think in English by teaching them words while showing them relevant objects and actions. When the video instructor asks questions, even if students must wait to hear the correct response from the video instructor, they will continue to think in English by associating the correct English word with the image on the screen.

The material is designed to interest both children and adults. All of the images are sequenced in a logical order so students learn progressively.

Invest in Your English.?English is the international language of business in much of the world today. Learning to speak English effectively is a great investment--for career advancement, for business, for travel, and for pure enjoyment.

Learn the natural way. The most natural way to learn a language is the way you learned your native tongue--step by step as a child, hearing the words that describe an object as you see it before you, then using the words until they become automatic.

The best reason to buy Speak to Me? Itís both enjoyable and effective!

Summary of Speak To Me Features:

  • One of the fastest, easiest, and surest ways to learn English.
  • All you need are a DVD player, a television, and the desire to learn English.
  • Learn quickly. You will find that you understand the basics of English almost immediately. Every day you will add new words and phrases to your vocabulary.
  • Teaches the most commonly used words in the English language.
  • Works for everyone! Speak to Me is an ideal introduction to English. Beginners will be able to communicate effectively right away. Intermediate to advanced students can use the DVD to improve their vocabulary and refine their accent.
  • Value. Speak to Me consists of 9 DVDs (English only) in 3 sets, with corresponding workbooks in the language of the student.

And with the DVD edition, Speak To Me has the following improvements:
  • 3 lessons on job interviews and getting a job
  • 1 lesson on buying a house
  • 1 lesson on obtaining a mortgage
  • the addition of vocabulary on automobiles, employment, health and first aid, in the home, and everyday business
  • enhanced manual
  • superior graphics
  • updated footage with much more live footage and useful dialogs