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Collins Lexibase Spanish Standard Edition
Collins Lexibase dictionaries let you quickly find the translation you need. Use it as a stand-alone tool to look up one word at a time, or use it with your favorite LEC desktop products. Collins Spanish Standard provides bidirectional translation between English and Spanish. You can cut and paste the word to be translated, use the hot-key word selection for instant look-up, and see a list of the nearest entries and close matches by inputting the first few letters of a word, then choose the one to translate. For easy reading, translations are in one color, examples are in another, and related information is in a third color, and zoom capability lets you see any text in larger type. LEC products integrate Collins dictionaries automatically, adding a menu to any LEC product. You get one-click word searches from any LEC product directly from the Collins dictionary. Requirements: Windows ME/2000/XP/Vista; (Speech in Collins Pro products not available for Windows SE or Windows ME).

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Diccionario De La Lengua Española (monolingual)
This revised two-volume set of the Dictionary of the Spanish Language from the Real Academia Española is an attractively presented hardcover edition of one of the most extensive Spanish language dictionaries on the market. 2001, 3549 pages.

Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary
El Diccionario Oxford Esencial
Edited by Nicholas Rollin
Drawing on the major new edition of the highly acclaimed Oxford Spanish Dictionary published in 2003, this third edition of the Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary contains up-to-date coverage of over 170,000 words and phrases, and 240,000 translations, with hundreds of new words in each language. New additions include bioterrorism , rate tart , spread betting , stability pact , and stealth tax. This new edition also includes the introduction of some popular features of the Oxford Spanish Dictionary such as a spread on text messaging in Spanish, and notes on the life and culture of countries of the Spanish-speaking world. The design has been transformed by the use of colour and a new presentation of the dictionary information, making this dictionary more accessible and easier than ever to use, and an essential tool for those who need an authoritative and concise guide to Spanish and English. Hardback, 1502 pages.

Gran Diccionario Oxford: Espanol-Ingles, Ingles-Espanol
Edited by Beatriz Galimberti Jarman, Roy Russell, Carol Styles Carvajal, and Jane Horwood
This major unabridged third edition of the Oxford Spanish Dictionary is written with bilingual introductions and references, and is ideal for all native Spanish and English speakers. Providing the richest coverage of English and Spanish from around the world, the third edition of the Gran Diccionario Oxford builds on the ground-breaking editions of 1994 and 2001, compiled by expert teams of lexicographers. Amongst its many features are a new user-friendly design and colour layout that give improved accessibility; over 300,000 words and phrases that provide comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of Spanish and English; extensive amounts of electronic web-based text that have been searched for new up-to-date terminology, as well as confirmation of frequency and usage; and a Readers' panel made up of language experts that has provided invaluable feedback on content and design. Hardback, 2028 pp.

Gran Diccionario Enciclopédico - Planeta Deagostini
The Great Encyclopedic Dictionary is an essential work for the home or business, with a content equivalent to 18 volumes in a single CD-ROM, equivalent to almost 7,000 pages of content! It contains 140,000 words gathered from the Dictionary of the Real Academy of the Spanish Language, with all their meanings, synonyms, abbreviations, explanations of popular expressions, locutions and phrases, all accessible with a single click! 23,000 of the words are also translated into three languages (French, English and German), and the reader can easily search for information with different strategies, such as alphabetical lookup, truncated search for sequences of characters within an expression, thematic search, and word-combination search. CD-ROM for Windows 3.1/95 and higher.

Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary
Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English dictionary is specially designed for all levels of language skill from beginner to advanced, with extra attention given to the unique Spanish of Central and South America. Students and business professionals in particular will appreciate the clear definitions and easy-to-use tables essential to mastering the Spanish language. Alphabetical listings, following the latest guidelines from the Real Academia Espanola allow speedy lookups for finding answers quickly. With more than 80,000 entries and 100,000 translations, introductory sections in both Spanish and English, and abundant word-use examples. Hardback, 848 pages.

Harper Collins Spanish Concise Dictionary
This paperback dictionary contains over 195,000 entries and translation and has been revised and updated for the 21st century, with thousands of contemporary political and business terms. The HarperCollins Spanish Concise Dictionary, 3rd Edition offers up-to-date coverage of contemporary Spanish -- from broadband to designer baby, botellón to emoticón. Special entries throughout highlight aspects of Spanish life and culture, with xxclusive keyword feature that provide additional help with translating the most essential vocabulary. There is extra help with grammar, with a step-by-step guide to Spanish grammar includes hundreds of examples, and extensive examples are given for grammatical constructions and idiomatic usage. Covers American and British English, Continental and American Spanish. Paperback.

Velazquez Spanish and English Dictionary
This recently revised edition is a great value for a high-quality bilingual dictionary. For over 150 years, the Velázquez Spanish and English Dictionary has been recognized throughout the world as the preeminent authority in bilingual Spanish - English dictionaries. This newly revised edition fills the demand for a current, accurate and convenient guide to traditional and modern terms in English and Spanish. More than 250,000 self-pronouncing entries, with entries with multiple explanations of the most modern scientific, technical, commercial, cultural and political terms; regional variations of local usage, idioms and colloquialisms for North American, Latin American and Castilian Spanish; examples of usage and a guide to pronunciations, with notes on grammar integrated into the main body. Hardcover, 2016 Pages.

University of Chicago Spanish Dictionary
The University of Chicago Spanish Dictionary is the most popular dictionary of its kind. Its familiar name is known to millions of general readers, students, educators, and travelers. Improved for greater ease of use, and brought completely up to date, the fifth edition of The University of Chicago Spanish Dictionary is now more than ever the perfect resource for both language learners and experienced language users.

Multicultural Spanish Dictionary
Agustin Martinez, editor
Eyeglasses in Spain are gafas; in Chile they are anteojos; in Cuba, espejuelos; and in Mexico, lentes - yet all these countries are purported to speak Spanish. This dictionary makes sure that the careful user of Spanish does not confuse the usage of this and other basic Spanish words as they vary from one Spanish-speaking country to the next. Paperback, 234 pages.