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Platiquemos Spanish Quiz


Platiquemos Spanish Quiz
Eight levels of Platiquemos are available to lead you to mastery of Spanish. Once completed you will be able to understand spoken and written Spanish; it will also allow you to actively engage in conversations with an abundant vocabulary of several thousand words. If you are uncertain as to which level you should start with, try the easy multiple-choice quizzes below!

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"The FSI Basic Spanish course is arguably the best and most complete Spanish course in existence. "
heartburn | 6 reviewers made a similar statement...

"I'm really excited about moving through and finishing the complete program."
D. Allen | 3 reviewers made a similar statement...

"I am a firm believer in the Foreign Service Institute's Spanish language program. I took the course early in my Foreign Service career, and thanks to the quality of the teaching methods used, was able to go from no competence in the language to an almost bilingual facility in only a few months. I know of no method of teaching a foreign language that even approaches the quality of the FSI program."
Lawrence S. Eagleburger, April 1998

Platiquemos Spanish Quiz

Start at Level 1-8 according to your current knowledge of Spanish. For example, if you have taken a basic course, you might start at Level 4.

Level 1
Sample Question
Pablo y yo _______ lejos de aquí.
Level 2
Sample Question
Translate: "Juan and I learned Spanish here."
Juan y yo aprendieron español aquí.
Juan y yo aprendemos español aquí.
Juan y yo aprendíamos español aquí.
Juan y yo aprendimos español aquí.
Level 3
Sample Question
Translate: "What time do they close the stores?"
Cuándo hora cierran las tiendas?
A qué hora cerran las tiendas?
A qué hora cierran las tiendas?
A qué hora cierren las tiendas?
Level 4
Sample Question
Translate: "Rooms for rent."
Cuartos están alquilados.
Se alquilan cuartos.
Cuartos para alquilar.
Cuartos de alquilar.
Level 5
Sample Question
Translate: "[I] hope I pronounce well."
Ojalá que yo pronuncie bien.
Ojalá que yo pronuncio bien.
Ojalá que yo pronuncie bueno.
Ojalá que yo pronunciar bien.
Level 6
Sample Question
Translate: "For that price I could buy it brand new."
Por ese precio lo compro nuevo.
Para ese precio lo compro nuevecito.
Por ese precio lo compro nuevito.
Por ese precio lo compro nuevecito.
Level 7
Sample Question
Translate: "We were hoping there wouldn't be a test."
Esperáramos que no hubiera exámen.
Esperábamos que no hubiera exámen.
Esperamos que no haya exámen.
Esperábamos que no hubo exámen.
Level 8
Sample Question
Which of the following is correct?
Es conocido por su honestía.
Es conocido por su honestidad.
Es conocido por su honestez.
Es sabido por su honestidad.

Interpreting the results of the Platiquemos diagnostic quiz

Many language learners who come to Platiquemos are not complete beginners in Spanish. Given the length of the Platiquemos program, these learners often want to know if they can start Platiquemos at a higher level than Level I. In order to help you decide whether to start with Level I, and if not with which Level, we've produced a series of short quizzes (15-16 questions) covering the major issues in each of Platiquemos's Levels. Basically, if you do well on the quiz, and feel comfortable with the material, you might want to consider starting with the next higher Level. One of the most important issues in Level I is pronunciation; the quiz is written and doesn't evaluate your pronunciation. One way to evaluate your pronunciation might be to record yourself doing the exercises in the sample Unit 1, and have a friend or acquaintance who speaks Spanish evaluate you.

For those who have started with the FSI Spanish program sold by Barron's as "Mastering Spanish"; or with the "Habla" video program, the answer is easy. Barron's Volume I contains the first 15 units of the original program, and students should start with our "transition" Level III, which contains Units 16-24. The same applies to those who have used "Habla". Barron's Volume II goes through unit 30; and continuation begins with Platiquemos Level V.

For those who have begun their Spanish learning other ways, whether in school or college or through programs such as Pimsleur, the situation is more complicated. The Platiquemos program is structured, meaning that the elements of the Spanish language are presented in a sequence. Other programs or courses may have different structures, which means that things learned in the beginning of one may come later in another. Also, the Platiquemos program is focused on attaining primarily oral proficiency, necessitating an "in depth" approach.

We hope you found the quiz you took useful, and wish you all success in learning Spanish.