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The Little Prince Series

The Little Prince

The Little Prince
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Equally loved by children and adults alike, The Little Prince is one of the most translated books on the planet - which is fortunate, as we are able to offer here editions in many languages for your (or your child's) enjoyment! With wonderful and whimsical illustrations by the author, this delightful tale straddles a world between adulthood and childhood, philosophy and fantasy, satire and fable, and reminds one not of great children's authors of the past, but of more unclassifiable writers like Carroll, Milne, and Tolkien, who seem to be writing as much for older as younger readers, and whose writings can be enjoyed on many levels. Written in 1943 by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who disappeared shortly after in WWII during a flying mission for the Allies in Northern Africa, it became an instant cult classic and has remained so ever since. Enjoy The Little Prince in the language of your choice, and check regularly, as we will be adding new versions as they become available.

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Languages Available (Page 1)

Little Prince in Afrikaans

Die Klein Prinsie (paperback)
Translated by André P. Brink

Little Prince in Albanian

Princi I Vogel (paperback)
Translated by Naum Prifti

Little Prince in Arabic

al-Amîr al-Saghîr (paperback)

Little Prince in Armenian

Pokrig Ishkhane (paperback)

Little Prince in Bengali

Khude Rajkumar (paperback)
Translated by Esha Dey

Little Prince in Bulgarian

Malkiyat Prints (paperback)
Translated by Constantin Constantinov

Little Prince in Catalan

El petit príncep (hardcover)
Translated by Anna i Enric Casassas

Little Prince in Croatian

Mali Princ (hardcover)
Translated by Goran Rukavina

Little Prince in Czech

Malý Princ (hardcover)
Translated by Zdenka Stavinohová

Little Prince in Danish

Lille Prins (hardcover)
Translated by Asta Hoff-Jorgensen

Little Prince in English

The Little Prince
Translated by Richard Howard

Little Prince in Estonian

Väike prints (hardcover)
Translated by Ott Ojamaa

Little Prince in Finnish

Pikku Prinssi (hardcover)
Translated by Irma Packalén

Little Prince in French

Le Petit Prince

Little Prince in Galician

O Principiño (paperback)
Translated by Carlos Casares

Little Prince in German

Der Kleine Prinz (paperback)
Translated by Grete und Josef Leitgeb

Little Prince in Greek (Modern)

O míkros príngipas (paperback)
Translated by Stráti Tsírka

Little Prince in Hebrew

Ha-nasikh ha-qatan (paperback)
Translated by Arieh Lerner

Little Prince in Hindi

Chhota Rajkumar (paperback)
Translated by Jagbansh Kishore Balbir

Little Prince in Hungarian

A kis herceg (hardcover)
Translated by Miklós Zigány

Little Prince in Italian

Il piccolo principe (paperback)
Translated by Nini Bompiani Bregoli

Little Prince in Japanese

Hoshi No Ojisama (paperback)
Translated by Aro Naito

Little Prince in Korean

Orin Wang-ja (paperback)
Translator unknown

Little Prince in Kurdish

Mirzaye Bicuk (paperback)
Translated by Husên Fawaz

Little Prince in Latin

Regulus (paperback)
Translated by Augusto Haury

Little Prince in Latvian

Mazais Princis (paperback)
Translated by Ieva Lase

Little Prince in Malagasy

Ilay Andriandahy Kely (paperback)
Translated by Roger Bruno

Little Prince in Norwegian

Den lille prinsen (hardcover)
Translated by Inger Hagerup

Little Prince in Persian

Shahriar Kudzhulu (paperback)
Translated by Asghar Rastegar

Little Prince in Polish

Maly Ksiaze (paperback)
Translated by Ewa Lozinska-Malkiewicz

Little Prince in Portuguese

O Principezinho (paperback)
Translated by Joana Morais Varela

Little Prince in Romanian

Micul print (paperback)
Translated by Benedict Corlaciu

Little Prince in Romansch

Pitschen prenci (paperback)
Translated by Peder Cadotsch

Little Prince in Romany

O cino krajoro (paperback)
Translated by Rostas-Farkas Gyorgy

Little Prince in Russian

The Little Prince in Russian (hardcover)

Little Prince in Serbo-Croatian

Mali Kraljevic (hardcover)
Translated by Ivan Kusan

Little Prince in Slovak

Malý princ (paperback)
Translated by Elena Smatláková

Little Prince in Slovenian

Mali princ (hardcover)
Translated by Ivan Minatti

Little Prince in Spanish

El Principito (paperback)
Translated by Bonifacio del Carril

Little Prince in Swahili

Mwana Mdogo Wa Mfalme (paperback)
P. Kruse, Walter Bgoya, translations

Little Prince in Swedish

Lille prinsen (hardcover)
Translated by Gunvor Bang

Little Prince in Thai

Jâau Chaai Nóoi (paperback)
Translator unknown

Little Prince in Turkish

Küçük Prens (paperback)
Translated by Nuriye Yigitler

Little Prince in Yiddish

Der kleyner prints (paperback)
text in Latin and Hebraic script
Translated by Shloyme Lerman