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Yoruba Downloads
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Welcome to the Yoruba downloads page, featuring downloads of books, courses, software, and video for learning Yoruba! If you have any questions or can't find what you need, please e-mail us at .
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Download of the FSI Yoruba Course
The major language of Western Africa, Yoruba is spoken principally in Nigeria.

This West African language is the product of a number of experts in the field of Yoruba language. It will create a basic grounding in Yoruba, with pronunciation and grammar taught in extensive sets of drill material, both printed and recorded. The Yoruba Basic Course is divided into a number of parts. First, there are three series of tone drills that concentrate respectively on the tone patterns of short vowels in short utterances, the tone patterns of long or double vowels in short utterances, and the tone patterns of longer utterances.

Following the tone drills is a series of 49 lesson units. Of these the first 20 introduce and drill those aspects of the grammar that involve changes in tone and vowel length. Notes and exercises accompany each unit. A series of sentences in the style of a phrase book follows the lesson units. Many of the units include dialogues, notes, exercises, and supplemental material. This is the most intensive Yoruba course available.This digital edition is the equivalent of 19 CDs (18 hr.) and a 381-p. textk, with MP3 audio and PDF text, all available for download.
Download of FSI Yoruba Basic | $25 (was $49)!   

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