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Arabic Downloads
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Welcome to the Arabic downloads page, featuring downloads of books, courses, software, and video for learning Arabic! If you have any questions or can't find what you need, please e-mail us at .
Featured Download

Download of the FSI Saudi Arabic Basic Course - Urban Hijazi Dialect
This course teaches the Urban Hijazi Dialect, the most widely spoken and understood dialect on the Arabian Peninsula, and the one used for government and commercial purposes. This is a modern course, assembled in 1974 for use by diplomats, business people and serious language students. Upon completion of this course the student should have attained a working proficiency in the language. Students will be able to satisfy routine social and business requirements, be able to carry on conversations regarding a wide range of topics, and comprehend speech at a normal rate of speed. The book also provides students with the basic grammatical structures of the dialect enabling them to proceed to a greater mastery of the language. With the equivalent of 15 CDs and a book, this is a Digital Edition of the course, with PDF text and MP3 audio, all available for download.
Download of the FSI Saudi Arabic Course | $25 (was $49)!   

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FSI Saudi Arabic, Units 1-4 - Free Sample  

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Download of the Iraqi Dialect Orientation Course
This course presumes a rudimentary knowledge of Arabic, and is designed to supplement existing texts. Lesson 1 stresses pronunciation and Iraqi dialect sounds; thereafter Lessons 2 through 11 are grouped by topic. Typical situations include greetings, use of courtesy phrases, expressions of time and weather, and similar topics. Originally produced by the Defense Language Institute for the Persian Gulf War, it is now published by Multilingual Books. With the equivalent of a 117 page text and four audio CDs, this is a Digital Edition of the course, with PDF text and MP3 audio, all available for download.

Foreign Service Method Levantine Arabic (Introduction to Pronunciation)
'Levantine Arabic' refers to a dialect of educated Palestinians who have been long term residents of Beirut. This dialect is mutually intelligible with most urban dialects of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. This course is also useful for other dialects spoken from Iraq through North Africa. The material is arranged into 19 sections, which are ordered so as to take students from what they know or have learned into new material. 6 CDs (app. 9.5 hrs) and book.
Download of Foreign Service Method Levantine Arabic | $25  

Digital Download of the Linguaphone Arabic PDQ Quick Acquisition Course
This is an amazingly efficient course that helps you quickly get on your feet with acquiring a new language. This course is great for students, travelers, and businesspeople. You will learn how to communicate in a variety of situations from common situations faced by travelers and businesspeople, to everyday conversations in which you discuss yourself, your family, and your life. The key is learning to converse. With Linguaphone's PDQ course, you aren't just taught words and phrases, but you're coached on how to actually converse using your new language. They are a perfect on-the-go alternative to acquiring a new language. You can learn in your car and then reinforce your knowledge with the workbook/learning guide. Then, once you have a basic understanding of the language, you can dramatically increase your communication abilities through the acquisition of hundreds of phrases in our comprehensive 250-page phrasebook. Now download the PDF Quick Acquisition Course in a digital MP3 version, and get it today - and save $20 over the CD version! This is the same version, but without the phrasebook, and is great for the on-the-go lifestyle; learn on your iPod, netbook, or cellphone, wherever you are!