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Xhosa Newspaper Reader and Lexicon
D. Julian Lloyd, Linda Murphy Marshall
This reader provides an advanced beginner or intermediate student Xhosa with 37 natural Xhosa language newspaper texts encompassing a variety of subjects touching the life and culture of Xhosa-speaking people. Each article is provided with all grammatical, lexical, and cultural information necessary to read and understand it. The reader includes an extensive Xhosa lexicon which includes a composite golssary of all the terms that occur in the selections and forms or patterns treated in the grammatical outline, as well as other vocabulary useful to the student. The book is intended for self-study, but can be used in a classrooom situation or with a native tutor. With audio recordings of the articles read by a native speaker. 2002, 482 pages, hardbound.
Book and 2 cassettes
Book and 2 CDs

EuroTalk Network Editions
Now you can run Vocabulary Builder, Talk Now!, World Talk, and Movie Talk through your school or college CD server or CD tower for simultaneous use of these titles on your network! You'll have access to permanent reports for all the activities done by each student in the class for such things as time and sessions spent on each activity, scores in the quizzes and games. These network discs operate on most networks that are in common use in schools and colleges, such as NT, Novell, and Macintosh networks. Students can select their names from classes, and run the program currently assigned to that class, and students may optionally also be allowed to join classes. Teachers can see at a glance which students are currently logged on and what they are doing, and they can add students to classes, remove them, or move them around. A reports facility allows you to display or print reports for entire classes, or for individual students. Student reports show the number of sessions, the time spent on each activity, and scores in the quizzes and games, and times and scores can also be displayed in chart form. The prices are highly competitive, and the price per unit goes down dramatically as one goes up in the number of users and units. With a configuration of 100 users and 100 units, which goes for $9,995, you pay less than $1 per unit per person!