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Colloquial Uzbek
Kurtulus Oztopcu
This mini course in colloquial Uzbek features basic vocabulary for travel and day-to-day living, and emphasizes oral communication. Following a pronunciation unit, basic sentences and vocabulary of each text unit are based on a variety of practical topics: introductions, food and drink, accommodations, money, communications, transportation, key words and questions. The book comes with a section of grammar/situational based drills at the end, and also contains general information about the country and people of Uzbekistan.With three audio cassettes recorded by native speaker Komron Khakimov (4 hrs.), 54 pp. text, and reference cards.

Uzbek Textbook, Volume 1
Khayrulla H. Ismatulla
Volume 1 contains a total of 28 lessons and presents the essentials of the Uzbek language. To facilitate classroom instruction, three preliminary lessons are provided: Lesson A - An introduction to the letters of the alphabet, their pronunciation, and the common symbols used to indicate pronunciation; Lesson B - An introduction to expressions for memorization such as greetings, farewells, and forms of address; Lesson C - An introduction to classroom instructions. Each of the lessons, with the exception of the preliminary lessons, consists of the following components: (1) sample sentences; (2) dialogues; (3) vocabulary; (4) translation of the sample sentences; (5) notes (pronunciation notes, grammar, and vocabulary explanations); (6) exercises; and (7) readings. The preliminary lessons contain an additional segment on the transliteration of the phrases and sentences. The appendix contains an Uzbek-English glossary. 2001, 560 pages, hardbound.

Uzbek Textbook, Volume 1
Khayrulla H. Ismatulla
Volume 2 contains 25 lessons and 8 appendixes. Each of the language lessons consists of: (1) sample sentences, in which the new materials are given; (2) dialogues, in which materials are given in the form of a dialogue to promote oral practice; (3) vocabulary, in which a list of the new words and phrases that occur in Sample Sentences and Dialogues are given along with a number of helpful comments on the new material; (4) notes, in which grammar and vocabulary are explained and illustrated along with a systematic presentation of the new grammar; (5) exercises, in which a variety of exercises intended to develop aural comprehension and oral self-expression are provided with numerous exercises for oral and written practice; and (6) readings, in which complete Uzbek texts are provided for reading and translating. Volume 2 also offers the students extensive practice with compound verbs including verb conjugation, verbal constructions, and exercises requiring the use of compound verbs. 2001, 520 pages, hardbound.

Supplement to the Uzbek Textbook: A Key to the Exercises and Translations of Sample Sentences

Uzbek Islamic Debates: Texts, Translations, and Commentary
Allen J. Frank, Jahangir Mamatov
The aim of this study is to present a body of Uzbek-language texts with English translations selected from audio and graphic sources that represent an example of the Islamic debates taking place among Uzbeks since 1991. The text is divided as follows: Historical Introduction; Part I: Lectures of the Islamic Reformers; Part II: A Quasi-Official Response to Christian Missionaries; Part III: Political Polemics and Official Rebuttal; Part IV: Islamic Philosophical Thought and the Akromism Controversy; Part V: The Rhetoric of Exile and Insurgency; Bibliography; and Index. All four parts start with an introduction, follow by original Uzbek text that was scanned or re-keyed, and English translation. 2006, 482 pages, hardbound.

Uzbek - English Dictionary (Revised)
Karl A. Krippes
This dictionary (revised) contains over 20,000 entries, a 38-page grammatical sketch, and an affix list. 1996, 246 pages, hardbound.

Uzbek - English Dictionary of Phrases
Khayrulla H. Ismatulla
This dictionary contains approximately 8,500 Uzbek phrases, idioms, and expressions. Numerous examples of usage from Uzbek newspapers and magazines and other journalistic writing, as well as from prominent authors such as Abdulla Qodiriy, Cholpon, Fitrat, Usmon Nosir, Oybek, and Abdulla Qahhor make the dictionary especially useful. 1998, 181 pages, hardbound.

Disaster Preparedness Glossary: Uzbek–English English-Uzbek
Abdusattor Sharafiddinov, Thomas Creamer
This Disaster Preparedness Glossary is the first in a series of glossaries prepared by McNeil Technologies and Dunwoody Press to aid disaster relief workers and in the event of an international emergency. The some 5,500 entries in this glossary address the following subjects: arms control, biology and biological disasters, chemistry and chemical disasters, disaster management, export control, general disaster preparedness, medicine, military, natural disasters, nuclear energy and nuclear disasters, protection devices and measures, radiation and radiological disasters, and verification. For ease of use the glossary is divided into four main sections: Uzbek-English, English-Uzbek, Uzbek-English Subject Index, and English-Uzbek Subject Index. 2005, 474 pages, hardbound.

Dictionary of Central Asian Islamic Terms
Allen Frank, Jahangir Mamatov
This specialized dictionary defines some 2,300 Islamic terms as they are attested in each of the following nine Central Asian languages: Bashkir, Karakalpak, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tajik, Tatar, Turkmen, Uyghur, and Uzbek. The terms relate specifically to Islamic concepts, Islamic ritual and law, technical terms related to hadith, hajj, philosophy, Sufism, hagiolatry, and pilgrimage. The dictionary also includes proper nouns relating to names and epithets of God and prophets, as well as those relating to specific religious locales central to the Islamic faith and names of the suras of the Qur’an. The dictionary is based on material from sources dated 1985 and later. 2002, 400 pages, hardbound.

Global Writer Professional Multilingual Word Processor
Global Writer Professional is a word processor that lets you express yourself in 100 languages without learning a new keyboard layout or using stickers. It is very easy to use because it looks and feels like popular Windows applications. Global Writer's built-in and customizable spell checker and thesaurus make typing faster and more convenient than ever. Best of all, everything you need is included in the box, at an amazingly low price. Shipping weight 1 lb.

Global Office Language Support for Office 97/2000/XP/2003/2007
Now you can write in all major languages from your standard English Windows in Microsoft Office! Unitype Global Office is an enhancement to Microsoft Office that adds text entry and visual keyboard display in over 100 different languages to these Microsoft products: Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. It is easy to use, yet powerful enough to support the most demanding tasks of businesses, translation professionals, and academics worldwide. Best of all, the program is simple to install and everything you need is on one CD-ROM. Shipping weight 2 lbs.